On The Job (Part 4)

Chapter Forty-Eight: On The Job (Part 4)

Christine looked up at Hilda and said through clenched teeth, “God damn it Hilda, get out of here and you had better keep your mouth shut!”

“I’m afraid that isn’t part of my plan Miss C

Bar room Bathroom Ecstacy

I dont believe this has happened again!
I’m spending another Saturday night with Jack Daniels.
I’m suppose to be at the neighborhood bowling Alley with my bestfriend Crystal but as usual I was stood up.
Instead of being in my boring apartmen

Perfect Night

A small bead of sweat trickles slowly down my spine, as I caress his throbbing shaft back and forth between my soft, moistened clevage. HIs eyes seem to only briefly be able to leave the stare which is focused and locked onto my firm, luscious ass ch

Aunty Ko Choda

Dear Friends, This is a story that I would love to share with all of you . I know most of the readers of this site are real sex hungry people . You are all waiting and watching for a day when you will become lucky like the people who claim that they


I decided to do as I was instructed rather than face the harsh reality of his leather belt. Although I knew that I would be getting the belt anyway. I went to Victoria’s Secret the night before I knew you would be comming home from a 2 week business

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Candi was sleeping in her bed when she felt the mattress lower from the weight of another body.The springs creaked. She noticed she was cold and she realized the blanket was not on her at all. She felt the heat of another body press slowly up agains

Hot Fun And The Summer Sun

Hot fun in the Summer Sun

It was a nice hot Summer afternoon in the restuarant where three nice young people were eating dinner. A wife and her daughter and her daughters boyfriend were just sitting around eating lunch when the daughter had a

In The Animal House

As this story begins you can only imagine what goes on in a college animal house. There were seven guys who all lived in this house, and nothing really happening during most of my stay. None of us ever having any money, so normally we had to wait on

Cindy's massage

Cindy was laying face down across the width of our bed when I got out of the shower. I was standing erect as I had been fantasizing about her great body while I was showering. I walked into our bedroom and she asked if I would rub her back. I began t

Smokey The Bear Would Blush

Have you ever done somthing crazy and spontaneous? I sure did…I was walking through the woods one day when I walked around acurve in the trail and was surprised by a cute guy standing there with a long lens camera photographing something up in the

It All Started With A Kiss

One night my band had a show to do at The Pensacola Civic Center In Florida . It was a rock metal show. After the show we went to a back stage party and there were people who had bought back stage passes and little did I know one of my “biggest fa