I was thinking about an amazing story….I need feedback from other authors.If you are interested please post story named Loveville….this is inportant as i am trusting others with my idea…please respect my trust, dont let me down.

Here it

tasty milk

At that time I was living nothern part of india with my family at the age of 18.We was live as a tenant.Our land lord have a single son,he was married.His wife’s who’s age was 22years.His wife’s behaviour was very good and attract me.One day my fam

money maid

Me and the Maid

I am a good looking guy from townside Bombay. I go to Jaihind college and doing Commerce. I have a maid called Nalini who was pretty good looking for a maid.

One day I came home from college as it was a day off. So

Free Rent 5 Poker night

It was a warm friday night. The air was thick with cigar smoke. I was sitting at the bar enjoying a cigar, secretly rooting for Shanell to win, and going over in my mind the game that had started many hours ago. The idea of the night started about

Hot Rain

We come home from dinner it is pouring rain. We don’t want to step outside because it is raining so hard. I look at you and I can feel the hunger for your body burning inside of me. I need you so much. I slowly prowl over toward you. I grip your face

Erotic Garden

“I wonder what Mike’s doing right now. He’s sooo hot” Brenda thinks to herself as she rollerblades along the small street towards his house. She plans on hooking up with this boy, whom she met down here at the beach. Brenda had been a local at this b

Well, he did ask us to.

After my wife showed my friend Bob in the workshop one night, he had mentioned that we should teach his girlfriend Andrea how to give good head. I guessed she was a head of cocksucker only. I figured it was time to hatch a plan and get my wife to par

working together

Hi, my name is Nick. I finally got a job working as a cook at some off the wall resturant. There is some good things that come from working at resturants, for instant I got to meet Tracy. Now Tracy is a girl I would have considered normally out of

beautiful stranger

early morning. i wake up very peaceful in my bed and look at my watch disoriented. i’m used to waking up to an alarm and come to think of it, as i get up, and look around, this isn’t my bed or my room! i start to remember that i had been very drunk

fuck in airplan

Fuck in Flight
By : tropicalman

I had quite a time in Asia to say the least! I had many sexual encounters on my trip but on the flight home I discovered I wasn’t finished, just yet. The flight from Singapore to Los Angeles was scheduled t