The Family Secret

I arrived home early that first day. The office had been closed due to a power failure where everything went off, and we were told to take the rest of the day off. I decided to go home and catch up on my studies for evening college. I was surprise

Just Groceries

She drove up and they were working on the apartment buildings. As she got out of her car, she could feel eyes on her and she looked up to see the two workers smiling down from the ladders they were using to reach the gutters. She smiled and waved.

WhenSandra Met Dick

When Sandra Meets Dick

Sandra was making finishing touches inside the building that she now owned, when she saw Dick coming into the building. She stopped to look at him. Tall, lean and all male from the confident walk to the way he looked

Clean and Dirty

I can see us in a bathroom….You are trying to take a shower and relax but I have different plans for you. I sit quietly and watch you shave. I find it arousing just to watch you. You are very slow and sure of every stroke of the blade. I someda

Sercret and desires

Secrets and Desires

You lay me down gently on the bed. Slowly taking off my clothes. Kissing every inch of exposed skin. You pause at my breasts, you circle my harden nipple with your tongue. I moan, you tease me more. Then you sl