Julie Marie Wilson Chapter 1

Chapter One – Julie Alone

Julie was 22 years old and a month ago had moved back in with her parents, Walter and Wanda. She had lived in an apartment the first year out of college but she didn’t like apartment life. She had dropped her co

Lady Latex

Jessica woke with a start, automatically glancing at the bright red numbers on the alarm clock. Damn! She’d napped until six again! She had to stop doing that, or she’d never sleep well at night again.

With a sigh, she slid her sock-clad

Samantha Parker's Story

Chapter: Sixteen

Burt got home around 4:00 AM. He was completely exhausted. Allison Chambers had left him limp as a wet rag. That was one woman who would never get enough, no matter how good it was. But Burt had to admit, he’d really enjoyed

Phone Sex

Story number : 20

Phone Sex

A few weeks after Tim and I had our first sexual encounter together at his birthday party, he had to go on a ski vacation with some friends . Since that birthday party, we were a couple. I was so muc



She is foreign in this land. She seems lost but thank God her aunt is there to accompany her wherever she wants to go. It was only a week after she had landed on this country. She is hoping that she can adapt to the environment



Once again he told her that he had imagined the pubic hairs touching each other in every thrust that he makes. She voluntarily replied that she can feel the hardness and she is welcoming every inch of it. He told her

Lines of Love

She turned the page and the sun went below the horizon. She could wait no more. Inspite of telling herself every five minutes that he would be here any minute now, she knew that Roger was coming no more. No more would she see his beautiful, yet manly

Samantha Parker's Story

Chapter: Thirteen

Anna decided that it was time to do some detective work. A couple of days after Samantha showed up, Anna did a search on the National Missing Persons data base. She didn’t spend a lot of time, because she wasn’t even sure