Tonight my husband and I will play that means pop in porn a get some ideas. I don’t understand why some women do not like porn I love it that’s how I lernd how to give him the best blowjob ever. A did you here about the one were you know why a br

What I Can Do

You know that little curved indention behind your earlobe? You know that spot. You feel your knees buckle from a soft kiss in that spot. Believe it or not, that’s where the perfect oral encounter begins. I should know…I perfected it.
You ar


Its July and we are both sweating under a heavy comforter. The sheets stick to my flushed body like a second skin. In the darkness I watch the slow rise and fall of your muscular chest, and your soft, pretty lips are parted in sleep. I reach up and t

Erotic Tales: The New Assistant

Sorry for the delay in this next installment. I had moved and it took a month for me to get my shipment. Now that I have my computer again, I can gat out the stories again. Here is another one for your enjoyment!

Fun on the Farm

Millie was finealy left alone on her parents farm. They were going on a 3 day weekend trip to hollywood to see her dads friends latest movie. She was 18 and incredibly hot with 36DD breast and the tightest virgin pussy that you could imagine. Millie

Part two

Well as I said here I was witha beautiful haed cock in my mouth. Not sure what to do next I just let nature take its course. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft as I slowly stroked it up and down. Soon I was rewarded with a few drps of sweet,sour p