Marcy's Story (Part 1)

Chapter Thirty Six: Marcy’s Story (Part 1)

Dad finally had a group of prospective investors lined up for his new business venture. He had reserved a room at an upscale restaurant. He planned to treat them to a sumptuous dinner and then go in

At Uncle Frank's

Chapter Thirty Five: At Uncle Frank’s

My dad had an older brother, Frank. Frank had an eighteen year old stepdaughter, Marcy. Marcy had a body; as they say, “to die for”. Her breasts were large and the skin tight jeans that she typically

meeting a biker

It as late summer, and still very warm. I was wearing white short-shorts and a pink tank top with out a bra that I really need to wear to hold up my 36″ tits. I drive a GMC conversion van and I pulled into a stop &go to get gas and cigs. As I

Spring break ch 3

Kim was aching for Jeffs swollin cock as they entered Jeffs appt.And Jeff was just as eager to feed it to her once again.As soon as they got into the appt Jeff had Kim up on his kitchen table striping her down.Without giving Kim a chance to take off