Jermey brings a friend

Jermey emailed me and said same location honey, and this time I will be bringing Mike along. I said who the hell is Mike? Jermey said just a friend who can’t believe the good blowjobs you give Sue. So I said you might do him. Jermey I don’t think so.

It happened one night part 2

Well it’s been about a week since that eventful evening and it was time for Kim’s visit. She showed up one night with several of her friends and told us she could not keep what happened to her self. Her friends said they did not believe that we d




when I married my ex wife some years ago she had a daughter around ten I was a petite short little man maybe 5’3′ and I might have tipped the scales at 100 pounds though I was referred to as the 98 pound weakling ,s