It was a really nice fall night outside and Lee was over. We became bored with nothing to do, so my mom suggested we go to this Corn Maze about 20 minutes from my house. It sounded kinda fun, so we grabbed some flashlights and went.

The ride

Two Girls and a Pick-up Truck

Two Girls and a Pick-up

Becky and Natalie were two of the closest friends ever. Becky was a beautiful blonde, about 5’8″, with a perfect athletic build and dreamy blue eyes. The way her body curved drove every guy wild. Her hips were pe

Starting College

My Name is Chris. I had just started school at a community college about 20 minutes from my hometown. This had its ups and downs. The downside was that I had to get up early enough to have time to get ready for school, drive 20 to 30 minutes do ge