A New Outlook

I have always been pretty much free spirited. Not quite out of control, just very independent. I haven’t ever really answered to anyone or had anyone keeping tabs on me. But one weekend this all changed.
I had moved to Phoenix and was living with


Even as I write this, I struggle not to hit the delete key. There is so much I need to confess to you. To have forgiven by you. But, we’ve gone over all this before and I am afraid. Afraid that you will not forgive me. Afraid that I am not worth ke

The Corset >>> Part 2

The Corset ………………….Part 2

She finds herself unceremoniously draped across his lap; his right leg comes up and secures her legs tightly in-between his. Raising her bottom even higher into the air. He adjusts her balance, so she is fir

kinky kuzins

there once was a guy named mike and he was realy hot for his cuzin lisa. mike would sneek in to her room when she was at work or out for the night. when he was in there he would sit on her bed and sniff all of her panties. she always got the panties