The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 9

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 9.

I put the mirror in place, pausing a few moments to admire myself in it and then went to my closet. I knew what I was going to choose the first time I saw it earlier with Kori. The pow

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 8

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 8.

The enema was a strange procedure, but, not altogether unpleasant. Once we were finished Kori started the shower and we got in together. She washed me with a big sponge and some specia

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 7

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 7

“Okay, Matty, here is our schedule for this evening: First I’ll show you your wardrobe and all your new things. Second, I will administer an enema so you’re squeaky clean. Thirdly we’ll

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 6

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 6.

“Here’s the deal, Matty. I need about an hour, maybe a little more in our suite to organize today’s purchases and ready the room for tonight’s festivities. Perhaps you could grab a sna

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 5

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 5.

A taxi stood waiting. We got in and the driver took off immediately without directive. I almost said something then remembered my promise.

“You look refreshed, Matty.” She touched

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 4

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 4.

Once again amongst the throngs upon the sidewalk I was in a state of utter amazement.

“Kori, you didn’t even pay the man, uh, Sergei.”

“Darling, it’s all taken care of. You should

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 3

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 3.

Kori was in the bathroom fixing her hair while I got dressed and readied myself for the day.

She came out presently in her white panties & matching bra. She was so damn pretty my hea

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 2

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 2.

I heard the shower, woke with a start and sat up bolt straight. My head throbbed and I felt like death warmed over. I fell back onto the bed.

“Kori, where are you?” Oh, yeah, the

The Bonds of Trust

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 1.

“Deeper, Matty, much deeper. I can take more. It’s ok. You can do me deeper. Please, Matty, deeper.”

“Yes, baby, however you want it.” I held her hips firmly, and pounded her goo

Kinky girl's dream

She is blonde; well… not really, she is actually a brunette. She is young, skinny yet she has large breasts and a well-rounded bum. I stared at them, completely speechless, with lustful eyes. And yet she pretended as if she did not notice. Realizin

Those kinky Spanking Phonecalls

Those Kinky Spanking Phonecalls.


On Susan Major’s desk the telephone rang.

She glanced at it with a frown. That was all she needed. Didn’t the world and their ape know that she was up to her eyebrows in work and with a never-endi

Ass Master's All Black Gang Bang

Somebody was asking me what my neighbor’s name is. And I was like, “Why would you even care what that whore of a pig’s name is?” Hell, I get to do whatever I want to him from pissing in his asshole to fucking his pee hole with a cotton swab.

Ass Master Meets the Sister

Some of you know my neighbor and his dumb ass wife from my first story. Like I said, I like to abuse that guy. It’s more fun than you can know. And I like doing it as often as possible.

So his wife left town for a week and he asked if him and

Ass Master

My slutty neighbor’s wife thinks he’s totally straight. Of course, she’s a stupid blonde. He leaves the blinds open so I can watch when he’s fucking her. Hey, she’s a trophy and I’d return the favor, so try not to judge.

But he likes

Controling Boyfriend, Innocent Virgin

He calls ” im in my way home now get ready where going to the movies tonight,”
Ok i just gotta shower 1st, the house is already clean
Ok just dont take too long, i’ll be there soon
Ok, i’ll try

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me myself and i

All day every day I think of sex. Sometimes I wait to be alone to masturbate. To feel my pussy getting nice and warm while reading a good fuck story is so hot. I’ll finish the entire story and then go back and reread the parts that turn me on a lot

Yes, Sir

I had only taken a $20. The people I nannied for had a whole wad of cash in a kitchen drawer and I planned on returning it before anyone noticed. Apparently someone did.

“I’m so sorry Sir.” I told him for the four hundredth time. “It won


I hadn’t seen him in a long time, months since I’d had any, and I was horny as hell. The moment he called me up to tell me his hotel number, I felt the crotch of my black lace panties get soaked. I pulled on my high heel boots, and ran out the door