A Family Affair

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A Family Affair

My wife, Barbara, and I were invited to a relatives wedding last weekend. The wedding was being held at an out of state hotel, and the invitation included an overnight stay. Barbara and I were excited at the idea of getting away for the weekend as we both were working too much lately.
The wedding was fantastic! Great food, drink, music, dancing and beautiful people. Towards the end of the evening, I went in search of my wife to say our thank you’s and good night. I found Barbara sitting at a table with my sister Kathleen, and her husband Paul. Barbara saw me coming, stood, and took my hand saying, ” Let’s go, I want you upstairs now!” My sister laughed and added, “Hope to see you later” and waved goodbye. I didn’t know what to make of that comment, but with my wife dragging me towards the
elevator, I didn’t have a chance to ask. Once inside the empty elevator, Barbara pushed me against the wall, kissed me deeply and started to rub my crotch. ” I’m so fucking horny right now!” she whispered in my ear.
Once inside our room, Barbara backed me up to the bed, pushed me down onto my back, and quickly pulled my shoes off.  My wife tugged on the cuffs of my slacks as I quickly undid my belt and the hook of my slacks. Barbara yanked my slacks off and tossed them across the room, then slowly slid the thin straps of her tight, silky black gown over her shoulders. Reaching behind her, she pulled the zipper down and the gown feel to her waist. Barbara has small, but sexy tit’s, her nipples already rock hard. She pushed her fingers
into the gown hanging at her waist, and slowly pushed it over her hips, letting it fall to the floor. Standing in front of me was a sexy, horny woman. Her eyes glazed over, her tight stomach rising and falling with each deep breath. Barbara was wearing black, silky, sheer, high cut panties and black, thigh high stockings.
Barbara climbed onto the bed, kneeling over me, put one hand down by my head,and moved her face to my ear, whispering, ” I have to ask you something.” My wife reached into  my boxers and pulled my growing cock out, slowly rubbing it against her silk covered pussy. ” You want to fuck your sister, don’t you?”  ” What!” I said, my body stiffened, but my cock in her hand started to wilt. My wife and I often discussed our fantasies, but this was one I never admitted to. “No! I could never do that!” I said, but to be honest, there wasn’t much conviction in my voice. Barbara continued stroking me and whispered again, ” I watched you. I saw the way you looked at her, how you couldn’t take your eyes off her ass everytime she walked by. I saw you only danced slow dances with her, holding her close, your eyes looking down the front of her dress.”
I couldn’t answer her, I didn’t know what to say. ” You don’t have to answer me, your answer is in my hand.” She knew! My cock had grown rock hard again, her fingers wrapped tightly around it, moving the bulb of my cock fast and hard over her clit. Barbara licked, then gently bite my ear. ” Fuck! That’s so hot!”  “Kathleen and I were talking, she told me that when she was younger, she thought she lost the first pair of big girl panties she ever bought, a silky black pair. She went looking for them, thinking maybe they got mixed in with your things. She found them in the back of your drawer, all crumbled up, and covered in cum! Knowing you were jerking off into her panties, thinking of her, gave her many nights of  bliss rubbing herself off!”
That did it! I exploded! Splashing gobs and gobs of sticky hot cum onto my wife’s silky panties. Barbara, at the same time quivered and fell onto me. We both laid still and quiet for a few minutes, until Barbara continued, ” This is the deal. Kathleen and Paul are three doors down the hall. The three of us are all ok with it. They are waiting for you to knock on their door. If you do, Paul will come here to me in our room, and you and your sister will have time for the two of you to finally explore this fantasy of yours.”
“What!” No way!” I couldn’t!” I said kind of meekly. ” Listen, I’m ok with this, better than ok, I think it’s so fucking hot thinking of you and your sister fucking!  Just think, two in one, you get to see me right after I’ve been fucked by another man!”  That fantasy was one of my favorites, and got my soft cock stirring again, and Barbara felt it move between us. ” I knew you’d like that!” she laughed.
Barbara got up from the bed, leaving me there, went to the bathroom and came back carrying the guest robe, holding it open for me. She never looked sexier to me, allowing me, no, encouraging me to go have sex with my sister, all the while my cum was dripping slowly down her panties onto her bare thigh. She slipped the robe onto me and peeked outside  the door, ” All clear” she said. I walked to the door, nervously walked the three doors down the hall, looked back at my wife who gave me a big smile and wave, and knocked
softly. Paul answered the door, still wearing his suit, Kathleen deeper in the room, still wearing her sexy red gown and a soft smile. Paul walked past me without saying a word and I watched Barbara greet him at our door and pull him into the room. Looking back at Kathleen, I walked into her room and slowly closed the door behind me.
I stood just inside the door not knowing what to do or say. ” Are you sure….” I started to say, when my sister held a finger to her lip and “sssshed” me. “I’ve dreamt about this since I was fourteen, yes, I’m sure. When I felt your hard cock against my belly when we were dancing I wanted to grab it right there. My pussy was dripping! When I went back  to the table and whispered to Paul what had happened, he laughed and told your wife! I punched him! They both said they knew, the always knew, the way you looked at me, the way I looked at you, the way we always danced the slow songs together. It was your wife’s idea! I couldn’t believe Paul said ok, but then again he’s wanted to fuck Barbara ever since he met her at our wedding.”
Kathleen walked slowly towards me, her wide hips swaying gently, her body hugging, silky red gown was like a second skin. I could smell her perfume, mixed with the smell of sex. My sister put her hands on her hips, grabbed a handfull of the silky material of her dress and slowly pulled the dress up her legs. When it reached her hips, the material bunched up and hung there. My sister was wearing matching red panties, very sheer, her freshly shaved, smooth pussy, clearly showing, the pussy I used to jerk off thinking about!   ” I want you to have these.” she whispered as she hooked her fingers into the waistband, pulled them over her wide hips, and let them slide down her long legs. Kathleen bent down, hooked her finger into my present, swirled them on her finger a bit, then brought them to my face, gently sliding the silky material over my cheeks, then holding the wet crotch over my nose. This wasn’t the same smell I remembered, a young girl’s flowery perfume from the pair I had hidden in my drawer years ago! This was a grown woman’s smell, musky, thick, sexy! Kathleen held them to my nose for a minute or two, allowing me to breath her in, goosebumps forming on my skin, then slowly ran the silky pair down along my chest, over my  nipples, then lower to my stomach, and finally wrapping her hand, covered in red silk around my rock hard cock.
“You should have told me!” she whispered. “I would have done this years ago! Knowing you were jerking off into my panties back then, thinking of me… I wanted you to be the  first! I wanted you to sneak into my room and fuck me soooo bad!  I used to lay awake, touching myself, hoping that night would be the night, that my door would open and you’d walk to my bed, pull the covers off me, rip my panties off and take me! Just force your cock into me, pop my cherry, and fuck me long and hard!” That did it! My knee’s almost gave out! My whole body shook hard! My cock exploded! My sister’s hand was pulling on my cock fast and hard! The silky sensation of her panties wrapped tighly around my cock felt fantastic! I had to put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself!
Kathleen tucked those panties into my robes pocket, saying, ” something to remember this night, but I know this won’t be the last time.”  Three hours later, Paul and I passed in the hall again, a pair of black panties stuffed into his shirt pocket, again, no words, just smiles. I walked into my room finding Barbara on the disheveled bed, her hair and makeup a mess, blankets and pillows on the floor, her eyes half closed, a look of deep satisfaction on her face and gobs of dried cum on her chin, neck, and tits. I moved onto the bed with her, took her in my arms, kissed her deeply and said, ” I love you, you’ve never looked sexier to me than right now and thank you” We fell asleep in each others arms until the phone rang hours later. My wife answered it, listened, then said, ” Of course! We have a few hours before check-out time, come on over!”
I knew who it was, and what was in store, but that’s another story!

Please vote and leave any comments you’d like. Hope you enjoyed this story, Part 2 coming soon.

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  1. anal nympho

    Reading this I came all over my wife’s hair while she was sleeping great story can’t wait to read part 2

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  2. talltales

    thanks, part 2 is up, read it with your wife this time, i’m sure she’ll love it , your sister as well, if you have one. please remember to vote!

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