A Family Affair, the next morning

A Family Affair, The next morning

Barbara was in the shower when my sister and Paul knocked on our door. It was very early, only 5am, all of us only sleeping for three hours. They were wearing their hotel robes, and my sister’s long, jet black hair was still wet. ” Good morning, Tom, sleep well?” Paul asked as they entered. ” Like a baby, but not long enough.” I answered with a laugh. “Barbara’s in the shower, she’ll be right out.” I said nervously, not really knowing what was in store for this morning. ” Paul, why don’t you see if she needs any help in there,”
Kathleen said, taking my hand and leading me to the still disheveled bed. Paul left the room, and we could hear laughing coming from the bathroom. Suddenly the bathroom door opened, Paul had lost his robe in there, and he came into the room carrying my wife, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck, and her body still soapy and dripping wet!
Paul stood in front of us, my sister and I sitting on the bed, still in our robes, my wife’s back to us. We watched as Paul placed his hands on Barbara’s ass, lifted her up a bit, and said, ” A little help, please.” Kathleen reached out and took her husbands half-hard cock in her hand and held it still for him. Paul then slowly eased Barbara down onto it, his cock easily sliding into her, a gasp escaped her lips, ” Oh fuck!” she whispered, “What a way to start the day!”
My sister’s hand went from her husbands cock to mine, slowly stroking me as we watched Paul slowly work more and more of his now rock hard cock deeper into my wife. ” Look at her juices running down his cock onto his balls!” Kathleen said softly into my ear, her fingers wrapped tightly around my cock. It was true! What a sexy sight to see! My wife fucking another man, with me just inches away, all the while my own sister was jerking me off!  Barbara was moaning softly, hanging tightly to Paul’s neck, wanting to feel every inch
of his cock, and I think wanting me to see it in slow motion, her pussy grabbing hold of him, her juices dripping from her, her breathing hard and heavy, her moans deep.
” Put her down on the bed, baby” Kathleen said to her husband as she got up from the bed and dropped her robe to the floor. Paul gently laid my wife down next to me, his cock making a “pop” sound as it slid from her. Kathleen eased me down onto the bed next to my wife and climbed onto me, as her husband moved onto the bed between my wife’s legs. “We are going to fuck the two of you so you both get to see each other fucking!” my sister said, a look of lust in her eyes. Kathleen again took Paul’s cock in her hand as he moved closer to Barbara’s pussy. ” Nice and slow baby, my brother wants to see his wife get fucked by another man, and she wants to see him fuck his sister! ” Kathleen said in a deep, low, groan. As my sister took hold of my cock, ran it along the length of her wet slit and pushed it inside her, she leaned over and kissed her husband, my wife and I watching the two of them. They kissed long and hard, Paul slowly dropping his hips onto my wife, while Kathleen raised and lowered her’s onto mine. I turned to face my wife and we kissed, softly at first, but quickly deeper, longer, and harder. It was weird! It was like we were fucking, but each of us was connected to someone else. The four of us were fucking long and hard, moans and the smell of sex filling the room!
That changed quickly! I grabbed Kathleen by the hips and started to thrust quickly upwards with my hips, yet still kissing my wife. ” I think you want to see this!” I heard my  sister say, obviously she had broken free of her husband’s kiss. Kathleen now sat on top of my thighs, my rock hard cock in her hand, her fingers moving quickly up and down it’s
lenght, as she held it just inches away from her pussy. Paul and Barbara watched as my sister jerked me off, my cock exploding, long ropes of cum splashing onto her wet, pink, open pussy. Kathleen moving my cock along her open slit as gobs of cum splashed onto her! “Oh fuck!” Kathleen screamed out, her body shaking, her own orgasm taking over her, as Paul continued to pound into her. Paul let her ride his cock a few more times, then pulled out. I watched as my wife quickly wrapped her small hand around his cock and do the same to him as my sister did to me. Barbara ran her long red fingernails over his balls, and spread her legs as wide as she could. ” Yeah, cum for me baby! Cum all over me!” she growled at him, and he did just that! I watched as he emptied his sack onto my wife’s pink used pussy! Long spray’s blasting onto her! She continued milking him, and he just kept on blasting her with his juices, much more than I ever had! Cum splashed onto her belly, was dripping off her fingers onto her pussy! With one hand wrapped tightly around him, the other scratching his balls, she kept on urging him on,” Fuck Yes!”
Barbara took my hand and brought it to her pussy. Looking at me with half closed eyes, she moved my fingers over her well fucked pussy. ” Feel it? Feel his cum all over me? My god, I never felt so nasty! So used!” My wife pulled my hand away and bought it to her mouth, licking each finger like it was a little cock, running her tongue along each one, before sucking it into her mouth. ” Fuck! That’s hot!” I heard Paul say as his hand went quickly to his own wife’s pussy, scooping my cum from between her legs and bringing his finger to his wife’s mouth. Without hesitation, Kathleen opened wide, engulfing his finger and pulling the whole thing in with her wet lips.
” Well baby, there’s only one thing left to finish this fantasy of your’s.” my wife said to me with a sly smile after we had all caught our breath. I knew what she meant, and after a quick look at Kathleen and Paul, I knew they knew as well. Paul moved off my wife, as Kathleen got up from me. The two ladies laid close on the bed, on their backs and shared a soft kiss, as Paul and I knelt between our own wives spread legs. I looked nervously at Paul for a minute, a knowing smile came over his face. ” No, it’s not wierd, it’s fucking hot!”
he said, looking back at me. We both glanced up at our wives, who were lost in a deep kiss, their wet tongues swirling over each other, as we bent our heads to clean up the mess we had left on each others wife.

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  1. anal nympho

    O man that is sexy as hell. The women got to play around with each other when do the men get to?? Jw. I squirted more than the last story though keep them coming no pun intended

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  2. anal nympho

    My bad meant to hit 9 sorry

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  3. talltales

    that’s ok, thanks. have you read the others i have on here? give me a few days and i’m sure i can write one that fits the bill for what your looking for.

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