My wife Maureen 3

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When I arrived home after my first nightshift I went straight up to bed and Maureen said it is a good job that you did not come home half an hour ago.” “Why what happened.? “John has been here all night and about half an hour ago I was on top of him with his cock stuck right up me and I was squealing with pleasue as I had about 4 or 5 orgasms all close together.” “So you have had a good night then,” I slipped into bed beside her and she got hold of my cock and rubbed it gently.”he fucked me twice last night and both times he lasted ages before he cum up me, the second time it must have lasted over 40 minutes it was great I have never enjoyed sex so much. Any way before he left I asked him,”would you like to sleep with me every time Baz is on night shift?” He was over the moon he said,”that would be really great and can I still take you out on Saturday nights?” “Yes of course you can and it would be nice if we could  out one night during the week.” “Oh yes I would like that. Does that mean that we are having an affair?” “Well if we are going out together and you are sleeping with me I suppose that it does mean that we are having an affair.”  “That’s great, wait untill I tell all my mates that I am having an affair with a married woman, they are always on about girlfriends and they make a big deal of it if they get their leg over with someone. Will you mind if I tell them your name so they know that it is true,” “no I don’t mind, it’s ok and if we go out regularly some of them are bound to see us together sooner or later.” “How old is he?” “only 19 but I am only 20 even if we have been married for 3 years and you are nearly 7 years older than me.”Is that why you fancied a young man?”” “I am not sure but I did fancy him the first time he tried to chat me up and now I love being with him, he turns me on when he is kissing me, he always kisse me for ages before he starts to feel my body. I am ready even before he starts to feel my breasts and last night when he slipped his hand between my legs I told him,”hurry up John, I want you to fuck me now. But there is something else I want to ask you, when John takes me out I will want to bring him home to bed, so will you sleep in the spare room so that he can sleep with me in our bed?” I had big hard on so I said, “yes of course I will if that is what you want me to do.” “Good I will tell him tonight and then tomorrow is Saturday so I have asked my Mum to baby sit so that John can take me out for the evning before we come home to bed together.” On Sunday morning I got home from work and as I went upstairs Maureen opened the bedroom door and poked her head out. “You can’t come in, John is still here and I think that he will want to fuck me again before he goes so you go in the spare bedroom.” A few minutes later I was in bed alone when I heard the sounds of love making from our bedroom, the bedsprings were creaking my wife was panting and moaning and after quite a long while she started to shout his name, John, John, oh John I love you, then he was grunting loudly and I knew that he was cuming up my wife.

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