My Aunt And The Dream

My aunt came to see my mother one day when I was home and I saw her in a different way than I have before. She was wearing a short skirt and her top was tighter than anything I’d seen her wear before. She looked amazing for a 62 year old.

Me being 34 meant that my hormones were running high and I could not stop looking at her. After about 2 to 3 hours of talking and drinking, everyone seemed to get louder and loosen up; shoes came off and legs were kicked up on seats to relax. That’s when I noticed that my aunt (her name is Dorren) was wearing hold ups; this made me dribble, so I sat opposite her so I could admire her. I noticed my father looking, as well. It got to about 1 in the morning and my aunt had to go home but she was a little worse for wear so I offered to make sure she got home safely.

On the way to her house, which was 15 mins from my parents house, she was talking rather dirty to me, telling me she was gonna jump my uncle when she gets in. I was wishing it was me instead!

We reached her house and all the lights were off, so I opened the door for her and walked her in. She told me to be quiet and we walked into her front room and I sat her on the sofa and said I would make a coffee for her. I was gone 5 mins and when I returned to the doorway I could see my aunt with her skirt hitched up, her legs open and she was playing with herself. I was in shock! I think she had forgot I was there. I watched for a while, rubbing myself until I was hard. I walked in a few minutes later with the coffees and my aunt just looked at me and carried on playing with herself, so I put the coffees down and sat opposite her in a chair. The sight of her playing and seeing her pussy for the first time made me shake, so I bit my lip and got my cock out and started to wank right there in front of her. She just smiled and watched me wanking.

We must have been there watching each other for 20 mins when I finally got up and walked over to her. I didn’t know how she would respond, but to my surprise she grabbed my cock and started to suck it while looking up at me! I was in heaven! She sucked like her life depended on it, only stopping to say that I was a lot bigger then my uncle, whom I’d forgotten was still upstairs! I pulled away and got to my knees, as I wanted to see and taste her pussy. I licked and dipped my tongue in her pussy but she was getting loud and I worried about waking my uncle. But I so wanted to fuck her so I lay her down and eased my cock in her pussy which felt amazing! I started slowly, but she was holding me and pulling me in. It seemed like we fucked for ages before I heard a noise and looked up to see my uncle standing there naked with a hard on. I was in shock as he came over and got my aunt to suck his cock while I fucked her! We went on to fuck her all night, swapping back and forth and taking her in every hole!

When I woke in the morning my aunt and uncle were awake and dressed. I was still naked and felt strange so I went upstairs and showered. When I came down my uncle said that my aunt needed what we did last night and that I was not the only one in the family that had joined them. I couldn’t believe it! He went on to ask me to come over again when my other aunt and my pretty female cousin are there. I cant wait!

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  1. evlcocksckr74

    I like the short and to the point stories! Awesome as far as I am concerned. Would like some physical details about the aunt. But I have no complaints!

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