My Boss, Jack (Not To Mention, My Wife)

My wife Karen and were recently married and financially alright, if not exactly flush. I earned £18k in accounts for a private but flourishing company owned by Jack. He was late 50’s or early 60’s and a bit on the heavy side but tall and that allowed for the extra pound or 3.  He was definitely rich. And could be a bully.

Karen is gorgeous. Slim, petite, strawberry blonde and boobs which nicely filled a 34B cup bra. Very intelligent, but that’s not recognized in her salary as a secretary. She gets paid £15k; we get by.

I am tall and slim and nothing to write home about. I wouldn’t say boo to a goose.  I utterly love and adore Karen.

Karen and I are in our late 20’s and married for five years  or so.  Our sex life has settled into a bit of a routine but no one is complaining. Life’s good.

One day, Jack stopped by my office. “I need a word about the Hadley account,” he said.

“OK,” I replied.

“This is new,” he said, picking up a recently framed photo of myself and Karen on holiday.  Karen’s bikini had caught his eye.  She did look fit. And the bikini was small.

Jack called by the next day, this time closing the door.  Picking up the photo, he said he had been thinking.  He needed me to move to a more senior position which double my salary.  Happy days. But to make that work he would need (no explanation of the logic has to be offered when you are the boss) Karen to be his personal assistant.

Otherwise, he would have to let me go.

Not such a happy day after all.

“Look Chris, speak to Karen, her salary would be £50k, and if she is interested in applying see me tomorrow with some more photos of her.”

He got up and left with a simple clarification, “Intimate photos, you understand.”

At least we wouldn’t be having to prep a CV.

“Darling,” I started cautiously, “Jack wants to promote and double my pay.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic. Well done Chris, let’s celebrate.”

“There’s more.”


“He wants you to work for him as well with a salary of £50k.”

“No way! Doing what, for crying out loud? I can’t type that well!”

“He saw our holiday photo.”

“Well, what of it?”

“You do look good in it…”

“Not £50k good though!”

“If we, you, are interested then he would like me to show him more photos of you; intimate ones.” 

“He wants me to prostitute myself, doesn’t he? Oh my God!”

We got the wine out.  We neither of us wanted to say what we thought for fear of upsetting the other.  We danced around the subject. The money would change our lives. But Jack wanted my wife as a very personal pa.  Finally, exhausted from talking and a little drunk, I confessed that the thought of another man with Karen excited me.

“So, this Jack gropes me and fucks me and what? You don’t mind?”

“I don’t want you hurt or upset, not for the whole world. Never mind £90 lousy thousand pound a year, but how would you feel?”

“Give me your hand,” she said. I did and she took it under her skirt and placed it on the front of her panties.  She was very damp.

“That answer your question?  I want to be used for sex, because I am a dirty little slut.” We kissed deep and long. “Photo shoot, then?”

The photos were good.  A shot of one of her boobs in quarter cup bra, an upskirt shot and one of her panties so wet from her love juice they clung to the outline of her lips. Finally, a shot of the neck of a wine bottle entering her. Then, I fucked her.

Jack said the photos were the best CV ever and he would interview us both the next day at a local hotel. We should meet him in the bar. I should take the morning off to help Karen get ready.

Karen never wore bright red lipstick. Karen put her makeup on for Jack with bright red lipstick. A hint of slut. Her best undies; half cup bra, matching silky panties and suspenders. A sheer blouse and short leather skirt.  Heels. Very hot.

Driving to the hotel, she said she was nervous and excited and more alive than ever before. And she asked a thousand times if she looked alright.

Jack was at the bar and got up to greet us. A peck on Karen’s cheek.  Jack moved to a sofa and indicated Karen to sit next to him.  I sat opposite.

Formalities over and drinks ordered, Jack set out the employment terms.  Karen would basically do all he said when he said it and I wouldn’t mind.  Agreed?

We agreed.

“Good, so down to business.”  Jack’s hand went on Karen’s knee and moved up and down as he continued.  Each upward move was slightly higher. Karen didn’t resist.  But what was she thinking?

“I will tell you what to wear each day and if you need to buy clothes I will give you the money.” Generous. “I may ask you to take some clothes off during the day, such as now for example, I might suggest you go to the ladies room and take your bra off. And by the way, Chris, your wife is soaking wet between her legs.”  His upward groping had reached their purpose and I had noticed Karen move her legs apart to provide him with access. He continued rubbing her. “Always wear stockings. Now go and take your bra off and meet us over there by the lift, we are going to my room and Chris can watch while I fuck you.”

Karen leaned towards Jack and kissed him on his lips, her red lipstick leaving its mark. Not long after, Karen walked towards us from the ladies.  Her leather jacket was gaping open to disclose her pert boobs to anyone looking.  I was.  Jack was.  Another couple were who had joined us just as the lift arrived.

Jack put his arm round Karen’s waist and pulled her jacket more open leaving her utterly and hopelessly exposed.  The couple with us in the lift certainly noticed Karen’s naked boobs through the sheer silkiness of her blouse and her stiff nipples couldn’t be hidden.

Out of the lift Jack removed Karen’s jacket and passed it to me and we attracted stares from maids and guests as we progressed down corridors.

“But I felt so alive and so sexual,” Karen said later. “I loved being so vulnerable; I so wanted it badly.”

Inside his room, Jack indicated I should take the chair in the corner as he faced Karen. “Tell me to stop and I will,” as he cupped one of her boobs. “Chris, just unzip her skirt.”  I did and it fell to the floor as Karen and Jack french kissed and their tongues wrestled. I no longer existed for my Karen and she was lost in this passion and lust.

Jack rubbed Karen through her silky panties.  Then slipped fingers inside her panties and inside her and Karen gasped and moaned. This rubbing and fingering brought Karen to the edge, but Jack was an expert.

“If you want more, take your knickers off.”

“God, yes!” She did.

“Give me them,” Jack ordered and he briefly smelled them before throwing them to me.

“That’s your slut wife, Chris. Bet you never got her so wet or musky.”

“Christ, just fuck me please,” she begged.

“Get on the bed and open your legs.”  She did and Jack slowly removed his clothes revealing his erection. Moving to her her continued rubbing her naked mound, fingering her, kissing her and sucking my Karen’s tits.

Not before time, with Karen moaning so loud I thought we might get complaints, Jack eased his erection into her fuck hole.  Three long slow strokes and he came out of her to rest while he went down on her and ate her fanny.

I smelled her panties, as some form of compensation.

“For fuck’s sake, fuck me!” she demanded.

Jack got back on top and my wife guided his cock into herself and she came on his first stroke. Loudly.

Jack got to it and fucked her fast and hard and shot his white stuff into her, while Karen gasped and screamed.

Getting off, Jack ordered me to clean my wife. “Lie on the floor Chris, and Karen you squat over his mouth.”  She did and I swallowed his cum seeping out of her. She lowered herself and I licked her clean, tasting the mix of his cum and her love juice.

“Get to my office at 9 and wear a tight mini dress and what else?”

“Stockings and suspenders, right?” She breathlessly asked.

“Yes Karen, that’s right.  Tomorrow you will entertain a client and seal me a deal. Now wank Chris before he bursts, and he isn’t to fuck you ever again without my prior permission.”

I haven’t had intercourse with Karen since, though she lends me her panties to smell and wank into.

But we do have money in the bank.









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