Cyber Pleasure

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Note- This story is entirely true and nothing has been changed except the names of the people involved. These names were changed to protect their privacy.

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Cyber Pleasure

Me the girl: boo
Him the guy: hi
Me the girl: how are ya
Him the guy: im ok u/?
Me the girl: I’m good
Him the guy: thats good
Me the girl: hows life
Him the guy: its ok
Me the girl: what have you been up to?
Him the guy: u?

Him the guy: nothing really
Me the girl: life good, and not alot got home 30 minutes back
Him the guy: whered ya go
Him the guy: ?

Me the girl: shopping
Him the guy: for what?lol
Me the girl: eh, just browsing. got a new halter top, skirt and necklace
Him the guy: nice what kind of skirt?
Me the girl: its just a nice fitting black one
Him the guy: nice hehe
Him the guy: *licks your lips and sits next to you*
Me the girl: *cuddles* hehe
Him the guy: *rubs your neck* hehe
Him the guy: whats up baby?
Me the girl: nothing
Him the guy: watcha doin right now/
Him the guy: ?
Him the guy: *slides hand on your lap and lays head on your shoulder*
Me the girl: *rests head on your head, running her hands through your hair* nothing, just looking at the tv everynow and again
Him the guy: I see *falls over on your lap and faces you running his and down your back*
Me the girl: *giggles, and leaning forward kisses your cheek lightly*
Him the guy: *smiles kissing you back and licking your lips sucking on the lower one*
Me the girl: *kisses you back, running her tongue along your upper lip, as her hands grip your shirt*
Him the guy: mmmm *smiles tonguing against your tongue his fingers running through ur hair as he wraps the other around ur waist kissing you passionately his eyes closing slowly*
Me the girl: *kisses you back passionately, her eyes closing as yours do, he hands now moving to the rim of your pants, touching along the skin just under the rim*
Him the guy: *kisses you more sliding his tongue slowly into your mouth keeping your head in that position with his hand as he caresses your neck his other hand running down your back* mmmmm
Me the girl: *moans softly against your lips, wrapping her tongue around yours, and sucking in gently as her hands move along the front of your pants, rubbing your cock through your pants*
Him the guy: *squirms in surprise his eyes opening wide, as he slowly closes them in an obviously pleasured manner, his tongue feeling sucked by yours while he squeezes your hair alittle more feeling his hands rubbing down the rim of ur pants through the back rubbing ur butt softly*
Me the girl: *continues sucking on your tongue as she smiles against your lips at your reaction, rubbing against your cock with more force now*
Him the guy: *squirms more his legs moving around as he feels you sucking his tongue harder wiggling it helplessly in your mouth while his fingers slide through ur hair passionately his other hand squeezing ur waist tight feeling his cock starting to grow under ur hand its length starting to appear under his boxers*
Me the girl: *grins again agaisnt your lips, sucking harder on your tongue, and moving her tongue with in, as she runs one hand along your lower back and teh other moves around the area of your cock, as she continues to smile at the reaction her hands seem to be causing*
Him the guy: mmmph *moans into your mouth squirming more feeling his cock start to stick up against the boxers making it look like a tent is being risen, his eyes closing tightly as you suck his tonguein deeper, practically melting in your lap as he whimpers in pleasure from your touch*
Me the girl: *letting your tongue go, she move back looking into your eyes, before leaning back down to kiss you again, all teh while rubbing her hand against your cock through your boxers, her hands moving faster*
Him the guy: *shudders slightly as he whimpers in your mouth feeling a slight orgasm hit him from the anticipation and cums in his boxers biting his lip as he feels himself spurt cum against himself while you rubbed against him his eyes rolling back as he moans into your mouth* mmmmm!!
Me the girl: *moves her lips off yours again and smiles at you, moving her lips to your ear, whispering ‘this really driving you crazy?’ as she then starts to lick at your ear, her hands moving our your boxers, smearing your cum along your cock through the boxers, as she continues to rub harder*
Him the guy: uhhh fuck mmm I didnt mean to cum soo quick mmm *feels his cock and lower abs smeared in cum groaning slightly feeling you rub the rest out of him his boxers wet with cum some of it seeping through the fabirc as he squeezes your hair gasping as you whisper in his ear*
Me the girl: its ok, i like to know I can make you cum in short time, wonderful to know *continues to grin as she nibbles on your ear, flicking her tongue out at it continuously, while her hand finds the head of your cock through your boxers and starts to tease it with her fingers the fabric moving against the every tip of your cock*
Him the guy: *gasps feeling some of his left over cum seepthrough the fabric in a droplet, feeling u press the part just under the head which is what causes most pleasure and feels his body jolt as he spurts a light spurt out of him his eyes closing as he grips you tightly to him feeling your tongue licking his ear making him shiver in pleasure his cock still slightly stiff* mmmm
Me the girl: *continues to rub her hands against your cock, now moving slower and more gently, as she whispers in your ear ‘did you enjoy that?’*
Him the guy: mmmmm yessss *shudders feeling his cock starting to stiffen again slightly his hands running through ur hair sliding your face to his kissing you madly as he slides his tongue deep in your mouth massaging yours, his other hand rubbing gently against your breasts squeezing it lovingly his breathing sparatic as he feels ur hands still rubbing him* mmm
Me the girl: *kisses you back hard, matching your mild kisses as she quickens the pace of her hand again, rubbing teh head of your cock teasingly*
Him the guy: *shivers feeling the pressure obn his tip causing a familiar sensation again while he kisses you more and more his tongue swirling in ytour mouth as he squeezes your breasts more his hips jerking as he arches his back alittle * mmmmph mmmm
Me the girl: *standing up she pulls you up, and pussing you onto the counch she sits on your lap with her legs on each side of you, then quickly reaching for her top she pulls it over her head throwing it aside, also taking your shirt and and removing it, before she returns to kissing you her hand automaticaly sneaking between the two bodies to start massaging your cock again*
Him the guy: uhhh mmmm *watches you sit on his cum drenched boxers kissing you lovingly as he rubs his hands over your bare chest playing with ur nipples pinching them softly, breathing loudly as he feels your hands* mmm
Me the girl: *gasps as your hands come in contact with her nipples, and moans as you pinch them, while her hands continue to rub along the frame of your cock through your now wet boxers*
Him the guy: mmmm arent your fingers sticky baby? *giggles kissing you gently as he squeezes your breasts twisting your nipples teasingly as you rub his cock more his cock pulsating again feeling like its going to burst* mmmm
Me the girl: hehe, what to you suggest i do? *takes a shark intake of breath as you twist her nipples in your finegrs causing them to tighten, while her hands find teh head of your cock again, rubbing against teh very tip, teasing it with her fingers*
Him the guy: uhhhh fuck uhh your irresistible *groans loudly gripping your chest as he spurts cum over your hands his cum seeping through the fabric entirely whimpering as he fee
ls wave after wave of pleasure hit him making him cum again too soon his eyes closing as he kisses your neck biting it* mmmmm fuck uhhhh
Me the girl: really now? and why would you say that? *continues to tease the tip of your cock with her fingers as yoou cum, and then bringing them to her lips each looks at you and slowly cleans each finger clean, while grinding her hips to yours*
Him the guy: uhnnnn *looks at you biting his lip his boxers soo wet wiith cum as he squirms feeling you grind into him, his cock still stiff kissing your neck* mmmmm you make me cum soo much baby mmm
Me the girl: is that a bad thing? =P *after licking geach finger clean, she leans down kissing you again, moving her tongue into your mouth, as her hands move back down to the previous position and continue rubbing along your cock. This time slightly teasing your balls with the other hand through the boxers as her other hand moves up and down the length of your cock*
Him the guy: ohhhh mmmm yess it is mmmm I cant please you if I keep cumming *smiles sweetly as he kisses you gently rubbing his hands up and down your stomach and breasts squeezing them softly* mmmmm *stands up and slides his cum drenched boxers off and sits you on his naked lap, putting the boxers on ur lap and giggling rubbing his fingers along your butt softly squeezing* mmm
Me the girl: you know that I don’t mind at all, I love knowing I can make you cum so much *giggles, and getting up drops yours boxers and removes her jeans and panties and then sits down on your lap entirely naked, kissing you hard as her hands move back down and start massaging your balls and her other hand runs along your cock, teasing the head of your cock every time her hands moves up to it*
Him the guy: mmmmmm my cock is like caked in cum baby *snickers and kisses you softly hearing the slushy sounds of your hands against his member, his fingers sliding down to your butt cheeks squeezing them hard and rubbing them biting gently on your lower lip*
Me the girl: nice *Licks your upper lip as you bite down on her lip and then getting off you she sits next to you on the couch, leaning downward she licks the head of your cock with her tongue, her hands still moving up and down its length as she twirls her tongue around the head of your cock*
Him the guy: mmmmph *gasping as he feels your tongue licking his tip tasting him, his cock covered in so much cum as he runs his fingetrs through ur hair leaning forward to rub ur butt more slowly spreading ur cheeks and rubbing his fingers against your pussy lips* mmmm if you pleased me orally in real life as much as you do here, I think id marry you haha
Me the girl: *reddens an extreme red blushing* urmm.. umm. *her hands continue to move up and down your cock, as she puts teh head of yoru cock into her mouth, tasting your cum around it and on the tip, as she moves her tongue around teh very tip, without touching it teasing*
Him the guy: mmmmm *bites his lip sliding a finger inside you as he rubs his tongue down your back feeling your tongue twirl around his cock tip making him super hard again, feeling you lick off some of the cum on the tip, his stomach and base and balls are still wet with it as he smiles feeling pleasure run through him* mmmm
Me the girl: *gasps against your cock as your finger enters her and she wriggles her hips slightly against it while removing her mouth from the head of your cum, she moves slightly, licking along your stomach, licking up the cum as her hands continue to move up and down you cock*
Him the guy: mmmm you must really love my cum baby mmmmm *squeezes your butt alittle harder feeling you tease him as he fingers you alittle faster biting his lip as he feels his cock throbbing getting wet again and wanting more his fingers moving faster into you* mmmm
Me the girl: *then she moves down to teh base of your cock, licking around it, and biting gently against the skin as she slightly licks around your balls, teasing them with her tongue, her hips moving against your fingers*
Him the guy: mmm baby mmm cleaning me up good uhnnn *looks into your eyes as his balls are in your mouth his fingers sliding more and more into you adding 2 more fingers as he slides his thumb over ur clit breathing harder and harder* mmmm yes baby mmmm your so good to me mmm
Me the girl: *smiles up at you and puts your entire cock into her mouth, moving her head up and down on it, sucking it hard as she watches you from the corner of her eye, moving her hips against your fingers, her head continues to bob up and down your cock faster as does her hips against your cock*
Him the guy: uhhhh mmmmm im gonna uhhhh *shakes uncontrollably as he squirms under your lips feeling you sink all the way down his length feeling warmth and wetness cover him whole and pauses his fingers letting you pump into them letting out a long moan as he feels his orgasm a stroke and a half away*
Me the girl: *feeling your cock warm up in her mouth she removes her mouth from your cock and smiling up at you, moves over you and slowly moves your cock into her, her eyes closing in pleasure as your cock moves fully into her, and she stays still for a few moments before starting to moves her hips against yours and then slowly moving her hips up and down against the length of your cock*
Him the guy: mmmm my cock fits you now baby? mmmmm *feeling you slide down his length he almost cums, his eyes closing tightly as he grips your butt hard groaning loudly* mmmmm fuck you feel soo good around me mmm
Me the girl: i hope so *leans down kissing you as she lightly bites down on your bottom lip, her hips moving up and down your cock, clowly moving faster, she drapes her arms around your shoulders, touching the nape of your neck gently*
Him the guy: mmmmm *feels your butt slam against his balls making him whimper as he thrust into you meeting your hips with his as he lets you bite down his lower lip his eyes closing tightly as he breathes heavy squeezing ur ass more pumping into you* mmmm I would love it someday if I got to unload a batch of my semen into you baby
Me the girl: i wouldnt mind….. but as you know i’m not going to seeing as I dotn want to get pregnant *moans loudly as your cock thurst into her harder as she moves faster against you, each time your cock thurst against her g-spot making her move faster, while she continues biting your lip, biting down on it a little hard as your cock thrusts into her harder and faster*
Him the guy: *lets you bite down as hard as you want thrusting into you deeper pounding into your cunt his balls slapping hard against ur butt as he moans his eyes closing* mmmm fuck your soo tight baby mmmm *grips your ass harder*
Me the girl: *sliding her tongue into your mouth, she massages yours with hers as she continues to move against you, her breathing getting faster as she moves faster against you and your cock slams into her harder*
Him the guy: mmmmphhh uhhh I want to stretch this cunt soo bad mmmm *fucks you harder gripping your chest now squeezing it softly as he kisses you passionately sucking on your tongue thrusting into you deeper as he holds onto your butt and holds you up and keeps slamming into you while he walks over to a wall and plants your back against it and continues fucking you harder feeling the juices run down his cock* mmmm
Me the girl: mmmm… god! *leaning against the wall she moans loadly feeling your cock moving in and out of her harder and faster, as she tightens her legs aroudn your waist pushing your further into her, as she moves her hips against yours, moving with your speed*
Him the guy: mmmm you like that huh? *pounds into you as he feels his cock inside you completely with each thrust, he presses even harder into you trying to force more in his eyes closing as he starts to sweat fucking you more and more pounding into you harder as you tighten your legs on him fucking you into the wall*
Me the girl: *wraps her legs around you tighter, pulling you into her further, her hips moving with yours with each thrust, and she moa
ns loudly as she leans her head against the wall her eyes closing in pleasure*
Him the guy: *puts pressure in his thrusts and moves his hands to wrap around ur upper body and up to your h
ead squeezing your hair running his fingers through it as he impales you over and over again fucking you faster, his cock sliding all the way in and sliding almost all the way out as he fucks you more and more his balls hitting your ass harder* mmmmm
Me the girl: mmmm *moans again, her insides tightening around your cock as you pump into her and she moves her hips faster against your, as she grips your shoulders tightly*
Him the guy: mmmmm fuck I could fuck you all day baby mmmm raw of course *smiles sliding slower into you teasingly as his hands grip your hair more making your head tilt up as he kisses you hard and passionate thrusting into you deep every second his lips are pressed to yours, his pumping sooo much harder and forceful then before* mmmmm
Me the girl: I would love that *groans as you start to move slower, her hips moving against yours as she kisses you hard with passion and she moans loudly as you thrust into her harder with more force, her hips instantly moving with yours*
Him the guy: mmmmph *breaks the kiss sliding you down him as he positions you facing the wall his hand lifting 1 of your legs up soo he can slide himself in and begins pumping you from behind* mmmm
Me the girl: *groans loudly as you enter her from behind, as she closes her eyes adjusting to the new position*
Him the guy: mmm *puts his hands over your shoulders and starts to thrust into you in long hard pumps his breathing and moaning getting louder* mmmm im gonna cum sooon mmmmm
Me the girl: soo am i *moans loudly as you thurst into her harder, her hand moving down wards and starts to stimulate her cilt by moving two fingers in and out*
Him the guy: mmmm its sooo good baby mmm *feels you squeeze him and starts to fuck you harder moving your hand away as he slowly vibrates his fingers over your clit rubbbing it lovingly as he thrusts into you deeper* mmmm
Me the girl: *moans again loudly as her inside tighten against your cock and fingers, moving her body against yours, as she moves her hips against your fingers and cock, her breathing getting faster* i’mm sooo close i’ll come by next message
Him the guy: mmmmm *fucks you harder and harder feeling his orgasm hit as he thrust deeper and deeper into you fucking you madly his cock spasming inside you throbbing as it feels the coming orgasm girpping you tightly fingering ur clit more* mmmm
Me the girl: *moans loudly, arching her body, her head resting against your shoulder as she feels herself cum against your fingers fast and hard*
Him the guy: *groans shooting load after load into you cumming harder and harder fucking you faster as he gasps thrusting into you more and more*
Me the girl: *sighs out in pleasure after cumming and feeling you cum inside her*
Him the guy: *groans and leans into you still inside you* mmmm damn that was a nice one =)
Me the girl: mhm
Me the girl: nice and long
Me the girl: but unfortunately, I cant stay
Him the guy: mmmmhmm
Me the girl: I gotta go
Him the guy: awww okay =/
Him the guy: *hugs* night night baby
Me the girl: buh bye
Me the girl: take care
Him the guy: bubye baby
Him the guy: you too =)


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  1. Kenneth

    Wow That was a great storie, I enjoyed reading it and even became aroused , siice I am a believer in cyber pleasure.

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