Strangers in the night

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The most amazing cyber ever happened to me last night, it was late, I was bored and couldn’t sleep. Usually a bit of self stimulation and imagination can tire me out, but last night I needed help. So logging onto an adult chat site I soon myself flooded with private requests. I tried chatting with some, but a lot of them just couldn’t get me horny.
It is funny, you can tell usually how old someone is (despite what they tell you) and how mature they are from what they type. I can’t stand chat lingo (wna sk mi hrd cck babe?) and most guys want you to do all the typing and role playing so they can just sit there wanking while you struggle to stay interested (oooh yes baby thats making me so hot – she says watching tv in her PJ’s).
Anyway, I had almost given up hope of any body rocking my cyber world until He came along. Tell you the truth – it was his opening line that got me, and no – it wasn’t some hardcore “wanna f**k?” type request… he didn’t even as the age old (asl?) even though we know that at some stage we all lie. His opening line was along the lines of – ‘how would you like to chat to a mature 41 m, who is tall, blonde, articulate, smart and can SPELL!’
He had me at that. Being an educationally minded person, I appreciate the art of typing full english words during my chatting experiences – sure I might occasionally switch to ‘u’ and ‘r’ but that is just easier to type with one hand haha!
So, FlirtyProfessor became my stranger in the night. After a little bit of chit chat, setting the tone (and so thankful he wasn’t into the slutty talk!) we flirted. It was subtle, it was mature and it was making my stomach flop. The scene took place in my imaginary bedroom (my real one was just so unromantic!) I invited him in (after he politely asked) and we began this amazing encounter.
He was a little dominant, but not rough… he led the encounter, but allowed me to respond. The perfect cyber gentleman.
Prof began by taking my hands and leaning me up against the wall and kissed me. I could just see this noface giant (6’3″) blonde man leaning over me, his height and strength making me weak at the knees. I never like to go down the yahoo or msn line where guys expect an exchange of photos and webcam etc, I don’t even tell them my real description (apart from hair and eyes) because I want them to have a fantasy creation just as much as I want one in return. I don’t care if in real life they are hairy, ugly and short.. in this cyber room he was gorgeous and just wonderful and totally anonymous.
I swear it was right out of a Mills & Boon ‘Sexy’ story, the right amount of heat, teasing, his descriptions left me breathless and this was only 5 minutes in. The guy, whoever he was – lived up to his screen name.
He slowly undressed my from the waist up and cupped my breasts, kissed my neck and whispered what he wanted me to do to me… I ran my hands up his warm chest, under his tshirt and felt his breathing getting faster. He removed his tshirt and pressed me up against him – chest to chest, the touch was electrifying, my nipples were getting so hard and I could imagine the feel of his hot skin against mine with no trouble at all…
‘Turn around and don’t move’ he whispered… O…M…G!
He proceeded to slide my pants off and knelt down behind me, caressing my arse and running kisses down my spine. I asked if I could turn around to see him, he said not yet and then began to tell me how his tight jeans were coming off. He leaned into me, pressing me up against the cool bedroom wall and began to part my legs with his hands, running his fingers down to my moist spot and guiding his now hard cock into me from behind. I was melting, online and offline, this guy was driving me crazy and I loved every moment of it!
We began a slow cyber love making session, him in control – me out of control. Back and forth he explained exactly what was happening, I couldn’t do much apart from enjoy as he wouldn’t let me “turn around” to do anything to him. I encouraged him as best as I could and pleaded to turn around so I could grab his neck and hair and kiss him fiercely (FYI: a lot of cyber guys don’t enjoy the kiss – they go straight to the hot and heavy, but for me – that is the hottest part.. the kiss).
He allowed me to turn around after he had entered me with so much intensity and passion from behind. I reached up and pulled his hot mouth onto mine, wrestling tongues and breathing in sharply with every thrust. I suggested moving to the bed.
Prof left me then to lay on the bed.. asking me to join him. This was my chance to take a bit of control back! I told him how I was going to take my time getting to him, I bit my bottom lip and ran my hands down to my clit, it was so swollen and wet I rubbed my juices up my stomach and just waited for him to respond. All he could manage was a ‘oh my god I want you’ and I laughed to myself.. this was crazy hot.
I walked over to him lying on the bed and leant over to kiss him, scratching my nails down his chest and running my other hand through his thick blonde hair.
Enough teasing, I climb on top of him and slowly lower myself onto his cock, squirming in real life over the ache that was escalating inside me, and began grinding cyberly around and around, lifting myself off him slightly then sliding all the way down again. I was driving him mad and I LOVED it!
He began to respond as I did, a moan, a groan and an o.m.g as he held my hips and thrust into me. It was truly amazing sex and yet it was all in our heads. I leaned back and arched as he lifted me up and down and grinding on his cock. At this moment I slid my well loved dildo into my aching pussy and held it there – it became him, it was filling me, teasing me, making me crazy to come.
I reminded him of the time here (by now it was about 1.20am) and even though I wish it could last forever, I couldn’t and so we finished together, coming together, typing each wave and quiver of lust that flowed through us both. I hadn’t yet quite come, but I wanted to make sure he was all good on his end first…I was so close though.
I had to let out an expletive – there were no other words. He was silent on the other end for a good couple of minutes, I asked if he was ok – he told me he was, and was having trouble seeing. Laughing to myself – this was a good sign. I slid my laptop to the side and worked myself to climax. My dildo needed no lubrication tonight, my fingers sopping with juices that made me shiver.
We parted ways, we didn’t chat the ending, we never got dressed or left without another word. He said he wanted to do it again sometime, I told him I would have to try and find him again.. but for now, I must sleep.
.. and sleep I did. That’s what the most amazing cyber can do for a girl. And now that I’ve retold that story to you… I’m all squirmy again, might need to do something about that *wink wink*

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