Erin Loves Her Mum

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Sitting at the dining table drinking coffee in my bra and panties, I contemplated what had happened to me over the last few years and what I had achieved. In that, I meant, my ambition to be a girl and, moreover, being a transvestite. I had come a long way with my Mum: in particular, getting to wear girls’ underwear in front of her. Strangely enough, it was not my idea to put on a bra, or panties in front of her. Mum had noticed that as I grew, my boobs were growing also. Even my bum had blossomed and my body shape was more like a girl then a boy. Mum commented on this many times and said that I looked like her when she was my age. In many conversations, she would suggest that I should have been a girl instead of a boy. Now, after two weeks in my girly underwear, which she had brought for me, I had decided to tell Mum what I wanted to be. I was not sure how she would take it, but I knew that I had to do it and to hell to the consequences.

Anyway, Mum was so open and relaxed with me as I was with her, and I believed that my sexual orientation would not be a problem with her. After all, I don’t think Mum had any misconceptions about me. This was because all my life she had seen me naked, not only naked but we bathed together nearly every day. We encountered a little problem as I went through puberty, but I soon over came it and, as ever, Mum helped me understand that being naked was not a bad thing but a good thing. Now talking to my Mum while I am naked is not a big deal, and she was the same, but I would quite often start to get excited seeing with nothing on.

One time while helping wash up, I went hard and I could not stop myself. She looked at my cock and then at me, saying she understood me having an erection and it was nothing to hide or be embarrassed over. Mum, for me, was what all want-to-be transvestites needed: a mum who encourages and understands your needs as a teenager. So I waited for her to come in. She was later then she normally was and I got a little worried until I heard the key in the door. Then I felt better.

“Hello, darling,” she said putting her keys and handbag onto the table.

“Hi, Mum. Good day?” I asked. Then I noticed her beaming.

“Yes, very.”

“Please tell,” I asked with interest.

“Well, my son, I have just been promoted to-wait for it-area sales and marketing manager!” she cried out in delight.

“Wow, that is good!” I exclaimed to her.

“You can say £20,000 more for us.”

“Wow” I said again, “that means that we have some new things coming.”

She paused, “But there could be a down side to it. It is in Bristol and we would have to move if I took the position.” We pondered for a while. “So we would have to move and make a new start?”

“Yes, but it would be good for us.” She said, “I will only go if you feel happy with it.”

I said, “I am. I think it is what we both want and life will be much better for us both.” She remarked. “OK,” I said and she came over to me a gave me a loving hug, “Thank you” she kissed me.

“Before we get so carried away I need to tell you something that might change your mind.” She stepped back looking worried.

“What have you done?” she asked.

“Nothing, but there is something I need to tell you.” I took hold of her hands and just said it, “Mum, I love you and you love me, but for some time I have had these feelings, feelings that will not go away and I need to explore them. I want to be a girl, no, more a transvestite. I want to wear a dress and put makeup on.”

She put her hand on my face, “I knew you was going to say it someday, yes, have my blessing.”

I was a little taken back, “So, you are ok with me being a girl?”

“Yes, I thought that you was going to ask that question a couple for weeks ago when I brought you your first bra and knickers. I have known for some time that is what you wanted. I am pleased for you.” she kissed me again. “Well, Bristol here we come” We hugged once more just to reassure each other.

I made her a cup of tea while we sat there talking about the events that would be unfolding. Mum said that we should go out to dinner. I agreed, but she made a concession that I dressed as a girl and she would not take no for an answer.

“I have nothing to wear that remotely resembles girl clothes,” I said.

Mum smiled, “What about that little black dress you wear now and again?”

“Black dress?” I said, feeling a little uncomfortable.

“Yes,” she smiled. “I know you have been wearing it and my underwear; I have seen the movement of my underwear and the rest of my clothes come to that.” I protested and she held her hand up, “I am not worried. In fact, I am pleased you do. Now that you have told me you want to be a girl it makes it easier for me.”

“How?” I asked.

“Well, now we can get you all the girlie things you desire and you don’t have to wear my clothes any more. Well, not after tonight anyway.”

I sheepishly went to her and cuddled her, “Sorry Mum. I wanted to tell, but I was too frightened.”

“I know sweetie, but now it is out in the open and I’m willing to see you transformed into a girl.” She took my hand. “Let’s take a bath and then we can get ready together.” Mum led me upstairs to the bathroom. She started to run the bath and I stripped off. “You do have a lovely girl’s body even though you have a cock,” Mum said, looking at me in-depth. “And your breasts…as I have said before, you have a lovely shape and size.” She touched my arm, “Yes, you will be a good looking girl the time we have you dressed up.”

“I do hope so. I cannot wait.”

She smiled, and looking down at my hard cock said, “I can see it excites you.”

“It does. How many times I had wished for this, and now it is going to happen.”

Mum stripped off as I slipped into the bath, standing there naked, she asked, “And sweetie, you don’t know how many times I wanted you to be dressed as a girl. I have always said that you should be a girl, and now I am going to have my wish come true.” We bathed together, my cock was still hard and erect, but neither one of us felt uncomfortable or embarrassed at my erection.

“So how long have you been wearing and dressing up in my clothes?” she asked.

“2 to 3 years.”

“And you always get turned on?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“So what do you usually wear of mine?”

I pondered for a while, then answered, “Normally white, your stocking and suspender belt with the sexy white bra and thong.”

I watched Mum cup her breasts as she washed them, “What else?”

“I love wearing your skirts and dresses. When you are at work I get all on. What I mean is, your underwear, dress make up, false lashes and nails, and I put on that blonde wig you have in the back of your cupboard.”

“So you don’t do it by halves?” she asked.

“And then I stay as a girl; I do the washing and hovering for the whole day ‘til you come home.”

“I didn’t realise you were so into dressing up,” she said.

“That is why I needed to come out. I wanted to tell you some time ago, but it was not right. Anyway, I didn’t want to keep wearing your clothes. It is not fair, and I want my own clothes.”

“And rightly so, sweetie. We will go out tomorrow and buy you a whole wardrobe of girly things.”

“You are too good to me, Mum.”

“I know, but I love you.” We got out together and dried each other. Mum finished first and sat down on the small bench seat, sitting there with her legs open so I could see her slit. “If you don’t reduce your erection, you are going to attract a lot of attention,” she remarked.

“I know, but I am so excited, it just won’t go down.”

Mum held her hand out and I took it. “Come sit between my legs, and we will see if we can’t release the tension in you.” I sat down facing away from her and she whispered in my ear, “You can relieve yourself if you like.”

I lifted my head up a bit then I realised that she meant for me to masturbate. I took hold of my hard cock and slowly started to go up and down on myself, Mum gently caressed my body as I did so. “That is nice,” I said as the feeling started to take over my body. Her hand came under my arm and cupped my soft breast. “Oooo,” I whimpered out, but didn’t recognise my voice. She went from breast to breast fondling them.

“You have the most gorgeous tits I have ever seen,” she whispered in my ear, while one of her hands slid down my body. I let go of my cock. Mum didn’t hesitate, and she took hold of my erection and gently wanked me. I feeling was so electrified as I watched her hand pulling at my foreskin. “Ho Mum, that is so…”

“Nice,” she said kissing my neck. I leant back and looked at her, and she kissed me, but it was not just a peck. I responded by putting my hand around her neck and pulling her to me. Then she responded by opening her mouth; it made me so horny and excited that I knew I was going to come shortly.

“Ho, Mum, I am going to come.”

She stroked me and remarked, “That is ok, sweetie, Mum would like to see you come. Just let it all flow for your Mum.” I took hold of her hand and we both wanked me. Then it was there, sperm erupted from the end of my cock, covering my breasts and flowing down my belly. More came out going across my leg and covered Mum’s. We both carried on pulling my cock ‘til all the sperm had come out. “Wow, sweetie, you come a lot. I loved watching it coming out, it is so exciting and makes me horny.” I took her hand and put it to my mouth, then I licked my sperm from her hand and she let out a little scream of pleasure. “Now that is so horny, sweetie.” She tasted my love juice from the back of her hand, and told me, “I have not tasted sperm for a very long time. Yes, I can gladly say I have missed it.”

We sat there for a little while ‘til my erection subsided, “I think we need to get dressed or else we are going to be late,” she remarked. I agreed, I got cleaned up and Mum took me to her bedroom. I sat on the small chair as Mum started to go through her drawers.
“What colour is best for you?” she inquired.

“I love white or black.”

“Hum, if you are wearing a black dress, then matching black underwear will be right.” She took out a pair of black stockings and passed them to me. Then she produced a suspender belt, lacy knickers, and a bra.

“That will be a start.” I stood naked in front of her.

“You have a lovely pair of breasts. It reminds me of when I was your age,” she said as she looked at me. “How many mums get to dress their boy into a girl?” I slipped on the stocking and Mum clipped the suspender belt about my waist. “Not many. How does that feel?” she asked, clipping up the stockings.

“Sexy,” I replied, but she could already see that.

“Here,” she passed the lacy knickers and slipped them on me. Mum had the bra and I put my arms through the straps, she also clipped this together for me. “Let’s take a look,” she said.

I turned around, “Yes, a little adjust here.” She pulled the straps up a bit.

“Now.” She stood back. “Yes, very sexy indeed.” This sent me into a surge of excitement to which my cock went hard as you like.

“Now look what you have done to me,” I said.

She giggled. “Well, you can’t say that I am not broad minded, having my daughter keep going hard on me while I love it so much.” I didn’t reply, but I knew that sooner or later it will come to Mum and I having sex, which, I could not wait for it because it was something that I wanted for a long time. She produced a lovely black and grey dress flecked with white with a silk waist tie and flared skirt. I had worn this dress on many occasions so I knew it fit very well.

“Here, try this on,” she said as passed it to me. I smiled. “You have worn this before?”

“Yes, and I love it. It makes me so womanly.” I slipped into it and Mum zipped me up. I turned to her and asked, “Well, what do you think?”

“Lovely, just lovely. It was made for you.”

I paraded up and down the bedroom, “I feel so much, a girl now, more than when I dress by myself. I think it is your presence that make me feel it is the right to be a woman.”

Mum sat down and said, “Well, now that you are dressed, I need to get some clothes on. Can you manage putting on your makeup?”

“I most certainly can,” I remarked, getting stuck into her makeup. I put on the false eyelashes and false nails, followed by some lipstick and a good covering of foundation. Every time I did this, I looked into the mirror. Once I applied the short haired blonde wig, I knew that I had arrived at my destination in life: a girl. Not just a girl, but a sexy looking one to boot. “Well, my lovely Mum, what do you think?” I stood in front of her, she looked me over from top to bottom.

“Well, if I didn’t know better, I would have asked you who you are.”

“You like what you see?” I asked.

“Yes, you are amazing! You are truly a girl like I have always said.”

“Thank you.” I went all girly. Mum continued getting ready as I went downstairs and waited. When Mum come down, she looked so beautiful. “Mum, you are lovely. I think I fancy you,” I admitted.

“Now, don’t get carried away.” She paused as she adjusted her lemony dress. “Well, not yet anyway.” I took that as “yes but not just at this moment” since it was obvious that Mum had at least thought about it.
An hour later Mum and I were sitting in the restaurant. “Ho, by the way,” she said leaning forward so nobody would overhear her, “try and leave the talking to me, your voice is a little deep.” She paused. “We will have to work on that.” She smiled and I knew what she meant. We had been there eating for about 20 minutes when a man stood just to the side of me.

“Chloe, I thought it was you. Out celebrating?” He looked at me.


“That was great news, thoroughly deserved,” he remarked.

“Thank you kindly. I am looking forward to the challenges.”

“Nothing you can’t achieve.”

Mum nodded as he looked at me and said, “This is my daughter Erin.”

“Pleased for your mother?” he asked me. I nodded and smiled at him.

“We must go,” he announced.

“OK, lovely to see you,” Mum replied. As he walked away, I asked “Who was that, and where did Erin come from?”

“My big boss, and Erin…well, if I had a girl I would have called her Erin.”

“Wow,” I said looking after him.

“Well, he didn’t seemed too concerned about you,” she remarked, but I had totally forgot about my girly get up.

“No. Do you think he realized?”

Mum smiled and replied, “Not in the least.” We had dinner and then returned home. It had been quiet exciting being someone completely different, and I loved it. It was something I had wished for over many years and now it had happened and I was so grateful to Mum who suggested I come right out to show the world that I can be a very convincing girl. Mum asked me to make a cup of coffee while she changed down. She was a little while and I was sitting on the sofa as she walked in, dressed in a very short lingerie nighty. She sat down beside me. “Well, what do you think?” she asked about the see-through garment.

“What do I think? I think is very sexy, indeed.” I did not tell her that I had worn this nighty only the day before. It was one of Mum’s sexiest undergarments.

“That is good. I need you to like it. Have you worn this before?” she asked.

I didn’t lie and said, “Yes, and I found it more than sexy.”

Mum touched my arm. “Do you know, when you tell me you have worn my underwear or my dresses, it get me all tingly inside? It is so nice you have also worn my clothes.” We sat there talking for a while when Mum said that she was going to bed.

“I will join you shortly, I will make sure all is locked up.” She turned at the door and was going to say something, but then she went.

As I got to the top of the stairs, Mum called to me. I went into her bedroom and she was lying naked on the bed with one leg arched and slightly open. She looked so horny just laying there. I knew she wanted me now, but I didn’t have the balls to come out and say it. “Come in,” she beckoned me. I stood at the end of the bed looking down on her beautiful naked body, “Do you know that I think you are a lovely girl, so lovely in fact I could make love to you?” I blushed. “And you just wearing a dress and my underwear to match has just heightened the fact that I would love you to make love to your Mum, like I want to make love to you.” I sat down on the end of the bed and she opened her legs wide and freely. I was going hard very fast.

“Ho Mum, I want you as much, and I have wanted this day for a long time,” I said, gently caressing her smooth leg. “You to me, are so sexy. I love you,” I said. She got up and knelt next to me, with her breast pressed against my dress, taking hold of my head she kissed me like a lover should, long, hard but very passionately. The she sat back, nipples hard.

“Now, let’s get you out of those clothes and we can enjoy each other like we need to.” Without a word, Mum started to undress me, “This is making me feel so horny,” she said softly.

“Me too,” I whispered. Once she had me down to my bra and panties, she dropped back onto the bed and opened her legs wide.

“You look ready for me,” she said, looking at my bulging cock in my panties.

“I am,” I replied,

“Have you ever made love to a woman?” Mum asked, but she already knew I had not.

“No,” I said a little shyly.

“Well, Mum will be soft and gentle with you, love you, and help you get the pleasures that can only come from making love.” She held her hand out and I took it. The she pulled me onto her naked body and kissed me. While she kissed me, she unclipped my bra and took it off me. Mum started to caress my breasts which made me feel so sexy.

“Ho Mum, I love what you are doing to me,” I cried out softly. She sucked my nipples in turn, tasting every centimetre of them. I continued to put my breasts into her face as she took hold of my panties and slipped them from my hips to revel my throbbing manhood.

“Come sweetie, it is time to join with your Mum and make us both happy.” She took hold of my stiff cock and gently wiggled it in her slit. “OMG, that is so nice!” she cried out. Slowly, I felt my cock penetrate her, feeling a little tight at first then I slipped all the way in and she softly screamed with delight. “Now my lover, we are one.”

I kissed her. “It feels so good, Mum,” I said in her ear. Mum softly, but very deliberately stroked my naked body where it gave me maximum pleasure. Slowly I start sliding my cock into her, back and forth, making sure my rhythm was not too erratic. As my pleasure mounted, so my speed picked up. The feeling of my cock in her was so nice and pleasurable. It certainly beat masturbating, that was for sure. Mum also was feeling horny as she held me tighter and tighter, then out of nowhere she screamed, which made me jump and stop.

“Don’t stop sweetie. Go faster. I am having an orgasm.” I started to pump her hard and fast and that made her more excited. She cried out-once, twice, three times as she was in the spell of her own orgasm, and this movement and soft screaming didn’t go unnoticed by my cock. I had also had been taken over with the moment and I cried to Mum that I was coming inside her.

“OK, sweetie, make your Mum your lover,” she held onto me as I felt the ultimate feeling of making love erupt from within me. I pumped and pumped her lovely pussy, filling her with all of my sperm.

Then I lied there, still inside her, savouring the moment of our lovemaking. Mum was also doing the same, but caressing my body as well. She look hold of my head and kissed me, “Well, sweetie, that we some sex we had. I really needed you.” I kissed her back.

“Mum, I love you, and thank you for giving me something so special.”

“My pleasure, Erin.”

“No, my pleasure, Mum.” I sucked on my mum’s nipple for a while. I was still inside her and I started to go hard once again. I looked up from the nipple and she was smiling.

“I know what you are going to say.”

“What is that?” I asked.

“You want to make love again.”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, sweetie, we can make love all night if you want.” I kissed her again and started to thrust away at her pussy. Mum and I made love most of the night and into the next day, it was as if a fire had started and it could not be put out.


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