I needed money for college

I just wanted to make some money before college. I was short on money before I even got to college so I answered and ad in a local paper stating “Hot girls make fast cash acting at parties!!!”

I figured it couldn’t be that bad and called. A woman named Angie answered the phone and explained that if I looked like I said I did then I could make $250 a night or more if I was willing to turn some guys on. I told her the $250 would do fine and she invited me to her office to look me over.

I’m almost 19 but look 15 at the most. I’m 5’7″ 110 lbs but I have a cute face and my tiny body makes my 34 D boobs look even bigger, which is tough to do. Angie explained that I would need to wear really skimpy outfits to adult parties and serve food or drinks on a tray. I’d leave with no less than $250 and could make a lot more if someone there liked me and I could negotiate my own deals from there.

I figured it would be enough to earn the $250 as I only needed $3000 or so and that would only take about 12 parties. I was surprised that people started grabbing my butt and touching my arms almost as soon as I arrived. One lady said she was the hostess and escorted me to a room off the kitchen to explain my duties.

“Angie told me this is your first time so I’ll be blunt. The more you let people touch you the more money you’ll make here. Do you understand?” I told her I did and she handed me a tray of food and then kissed me. I was shocked. The kiss was a deep French kiss and I had only fantasized about other girls and masturbated with my friend when we were drunk once.

I knew I was blushing when she pinched my nipple really firmly and told me to go serve the food. Women and men were both touching my titties before long and when the tray was empty I went to the bathroom to adjust my top. A particularly tall woman entered the bathroom and asked if I needed help. I said I was ok and then tried to leave. She told me to feed her my finger. I put my finger in her mouth and she said “after you finger yourself with it sweety.

I told her I could not possibly do that and she told me she’d give me $50 if I did. I was already horny from all the grabbing so I put my finger inside my pussy and started moving it really nicely when the hostess walked in and caught us. She pretended not to notice and the tall lady sucked my finger. She paid me and we wend back to the party.

After 3 more trays of food, I had been fondled and fingered so much that I dropped the tray and started cumming. I had fallen to my hands and knees during my humiliating orgasm. Everyone was staring at me and then a man asked if I’d let him fuck me for money. I asked how much and he just smiled. I hadn’t moved and he ripped my skimpy outfit off and I heard a woman say “wow, her tits are huge. Let’s watch her fuck and see if she’s any good.”

The next thing I knew a huge cock was ripping me apart and I was having my hair pulled back. The lady who said she wanted to see if I could fuck told her husband to see if I could suck him while being fucked by a huge cock. A cock much bigger than any I had even touched before was now fucking my face as the massive boner in my pussy started spurting cum all over my back.

I was flipped over then and as the cock in my mouth entered my pussy a lady came and sat on my face. I licked her to orgasm as the cock in my pussy squirted all over my tits. I was laying there dirty and a man with a smaller cock came toward me. I smiled glad that he wasn’t as huge as the rest. But then I realized his cock was still growing.

He left me on my back and started fucking me really hard as my tits bounced all over and I begged him to make me cum again. I was getting really close and my tongue was hanging out of my mouth and then he picked my back up off the floor and started fucking me on his knees. My tits were flopping uncontrollable and he grabbed one and told me to suck my own nipple. I could barely get it in my mouth but it felt incredible.

I was starting to feel an orgasm start and then all of the sudden he pulled my legs up in the air and started fucking my asshole. I begged him to stop but my orgasm betrayed me and I fingered my clit while he fucked my ass and my nipple was in my mouth. I was really hot.

A lot more happened that night but all you really need to know is that college is paid for and then some and I still host parties when I’m on break. The best was that first time….or maybe it was when the bachelorette party tied me up and took turns using my mouth, tits, pusy, ass, toes etc. but that’s another story.

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  1. Bullshit

    You are a goddamn guy mother fucker so quit lying!

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  2. Elminster

    That’s a nice story. Very nice.

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