Candi, Simon and Casey – Part 3

Casey lay gasping. I joined Simon on the sofa. He was quickly pumping his hand up and down his hard shaft, his eyes closed. I silently motioned for Casey to join us. She sat on the other side of Simon, still madly stroking that 8 inch cock. I caught Casey’s eye and mouthed at her ‘Touch him’. Slowly her hand reached out and squeezed one of his balls. The positive feedback made her do it again and again.

“Uh…”Simon groaned.”Oh, Candi you’re amazing…”

I whispered in his ear. “No, Simon. It’s not me who’s doing that.”

Simon’s eyes flicked open. He looked at me, then at Casey and murmered, “Shit…”

I giggled and stroked his cock, that his hand had abandoned in shock. No sooner had I reached the end of his long shaft that he shot his cum from his penis.

Still cumming, he said “Lie down on the sofa…”

I lay down and Casey moved over so she was kneeling at my head. Simon stood over me and came all over my DD’s. I pushed them together and he came harder.

Once he had finished he ordered,”Casey, bitch, lick up my cum off Candi’s tits.”.

Casey sprang. She licked his jizz slowly off my sensitive nipples and breasts. I moaned softly.

“Oh yes…mmmm…good girl…”I stroked her hair. She continued licking my chest but now I wanted something else.

I sat down next to Simon on the floor and began stroking his floppy cock, trying to get him hard again. Casey joined me, squeezing his cock and giving him passionate kisses. But it wasn’t working.

“It’s no use Casey,”I mock sighed.”We’re just going to have to pleasure ourselves.” With that I went back to the sofa and sat, legs spread wide so everyone had a good view of my pussy. Then I slid a finger in my slit and played with my poor hungry clit. I closed my eyes and turned up the level of enjoyment in my voice. Next thing I knew, I could feel something pressed up against my back. I looked behind me and there was Casey, sitting behind me legs next to mine. She smiled and kissed my shoulders. Then, she took her hand and rubbed my pussy with it sliding a single finger in my hole. I started to act up my excitement.

“Oh…yes! Yes, Casey, yes! Oh fuck me, fuck me!”

I screamed as I felt Simon’s huge cock forced into my unexpecting cunt. I let out a few moans then giggled. This wasn’t what I was trying for.

“Simon, sweetie, stop!”I persuaded him.”I don’t need you to fuck me – yet. But I think Casey wants to be fucked. I think Casey wants to be fucked – doggy-style…”

Casey was shocked but went down on all fours willingly. Simon looked at me, then at Casey cute little ass. Then he slowly slid his cock into Casey. She moaned loudly. I watched, fascinated, as the full length of his shaft was forced into her. He then started pumping fast in and out of her as they both moaned. I wanted in on the action. I slid under Casey and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking and biting. Casey moans became louder and more frequent. About a minute later, I could tell she had reached her climax. Simon followed soon after, he told me the next day, and he said that he loved cumming in Casey’s ass. By the look on her face, I could tell she enjoyed it too.

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