Candi,Simon and Casey – Part 1

Hi, I’m Candi, and I’m going to tell you about the amazing experience I had one night.

Let me describe myself: I’m 5’5″, skinny with 40DD tits and a big ass. I have long brown hair and big brown eyes. This all happened on a normal Saturday night. My boyfriend Simon was over and we were getting a little hot. We started to fuck openely on the sofa as my flatmate, Casey, was out with some friends.

We were both completely naked and making out furiously. I could feel his 8 inch cock, hard as rock against my pussy.

”Oh,”I moaned,”Simon, I need to feel you inside me, fuck me, fuck me!”

He was so obviously getting turned on by my moans but still he teased me. He stroked my thighs almost, but not quite brushing the lips of my increasingly wet pussy. He gave me a peck on the lips, going down my neck, sucking my nipples, finally reaching my stomach. I was breathing heavy and lifted my hips in anticipation. Simon slapped my leg.

“Naughty, naughty, Candi!”He said. “Good things come to those who wait.”

I noticed his emphasis on come. I let out a soft moan.

He traced a finger around my dripping cunt lips. Then he softly put a finger on my inner lips which were poking out and tickled it. I gasped. Then he softly licked my slit putting extra pressure on my swelled clit.

“Oh, yes! Yes, Simon! Yes, lick it the- oh my god! Oh! Yes! Yes!”

He nibbled my clit making me scream and moan. Sucking and licking, oh it felt so good! The more I screamed the faster and harder he sucked and bit. I was getting closer and closer to cumming until -

“OH MY GOD! OH FUCK! FUCK YES! AHH!”I felt my juices slip into Simon’s waiting mouth.”I’m – cumming – oh yes, shit, Simon, yes! Oh…”

As I lay gasping for breath I noticed Simons huge erect cock and decided it needed some attention. Crawling over to a surprised Simon, I saddled his massive member. He groaned as I rid that hard cock hard and fast, pushing it as far as it would go then pulling away with amazing speed. My pussy was being stretched far. Simon was groaning loudly but not as loud as my screams of pleasure and pain (I’m a very loud lover). I was exhausted from riding so I slid his cock in and out slower. Suddenly he grabbed me, pulled me up and stood, furiously fucking me. I wrapped my legs around him moaning, nearing my second orgasm. Next thing I knew he threw me on the coffee table and pumped my sore pussy harder as I lay on my back moaning for more.

“Oh…Candi, I’m gonna cum…”Simon groaned.

“Oh, yes, Si,”I moaned, gasping for air.”Cum in my sweet little pussy, please, I need your juice!”

And just as he shot his load in me I reached my climax our juices mixing together. He lay still in me as we breathed heavy as we came.

“Oh my god.”Said a tiny voice.

We both turned our heads, still cumming, towards the door at the tall blonde with the tiny boobs and ass.

“Casey!”I squealed at my flatmate.”What are you doing here?!”

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