New Years Bash

Sprawled across the living room sofa, my best friend Lisa and I contemplated on how to bring in the New Year. In the last few months, we had split up with our respective boyfriends, and with tonight being the grand night, chances of finding good dates were bleak.
Then we remembered last year. We had double dated, and both our dates had got drunk, and took turns in puking on our shoes, ruining our hot New Year plans! Lisa and I had taken a cab to my place, and took turns relieving our sexual tension with my vibrator, and a little help from each other. We swore never to make New Year plans with any guy again!
Hey! The same idea struck us simultaneously. Why do we need guys? Let’s have a great girls’ night out! Guys strictly off limits! No sooner said than done!
We would go to the beach rave party, where we would not attract too much attention, and take care of each other. No getting high, I told Lisa strictly, because she had a tendency to experiment with stuff, and got her to promise she would not do it.
Not attract attention? Two pretty girls in short skirts walking in alone and not attract attention? Well, we glared and held on to each other, till the guys got the hint, never mind what may have passed through their minds! The party was rocking!
We worked up a sweat on the dance floor, and then decided to cool off a bit on the beach. As we walked off, I noticed a handsome guy with a well toned body, in a tight Tee and denim shorts and somehow I felt a gentle sense of arousal in between my legs as I stared at his shorts. Then our eyes met, he smiled, and I walked away. Lisa stopped, looking for a place to settle down when he walked up to us, introduced himself as Jake, and offered to buy us a drink. Well, I think it was a mixture of wanting to make love to him real bad, coupled with the frustrating knowledge that there was no way I could break our pact that made me snub him pretty bad. Lisa looked surprised, but kept quiet. As he slowly walked away, toned hips and legs powering him through the sand, I felt the wetness trickle out of my pussy, and the blood flow to my clit. His proximity had really turned me on!
Lisa offered to get drinks, but I went along with her. As she ordered, my eyes alighted upon Jake, on the dance floor with a blonde. I watched his toned body gyrate, holding her close to him, their bodies entwined as they danced, and the initial twinge of jealousy was replaced with a craving for wild sex. By now, my panties were soaking wet, and to top it all, my clit was fully erect and the bare head was rubbing against my panties feeling real uncomfortable! I have a larger than normal clit, two inches erect, which made me pretty worried while I was growing, but now seems to be the best thing a girl can have! With it, orgasms are a way of life, never mind the mode of stimulation!
Hoping to take my mind off it, I chatted with Lisa as we walked back with our drinks. I looked suspiciously at her drink but she smiled and told me that she doesn’t break promises. Her smile should have told me all, but preoccupied as I was with my sexual problems it slipped past me as we sat down on the sand.
As the wintry breeze hit our sweat soaked shirts, a shudder ran through my body. I felt my nipples react to the draught as they erected, and a glance at Lisa showed her nipples poking out through her shirt.
“Cold?” I asked as I playfully gently pinched her nipple.
“Same as you!” she giggled as she pinched mine, much harder than I had.
Her touch sent a current through my body, starting at my nipple, racing through my whole body, and ending as a dull ache between my legs. I decided that I would finish my drink and then masturbate in the ladies room. Luckily, the cold was slowly softening my clit, and I knew it would soon go to sleep. Lisa huddled up close to me, and I reciprocated, letting the combined warmth of our bodies thaw us. Three quarters of an hour left for midnight. The beach was dotted with drugged couples in different stages of copulation, and I wistfully remembered Jake. I was sure he was thrusting deep inside the blonde at that very moment.
As the sexual feelings that were suppressed by the cold awakened with a vengeance, I felt the warmth of my fluids dripping from my pussy, and my clit began throbbing with desire. I was feeling light headed, and suddenly I really did not care about who would see, as I reached under my skirt and eased my panties away from my clit. Lisa smiled, and kissed me on the cheek, and sliding a hand under my shirt caressed my breasts, gently pinching and rolling my nipples. My nipples aroused by her touch responded rapidly, erecting, not with cold, but sexual need. I reached under her shirt and fondled her breasts too, tugging at her nipples, feeling them grow hard and erect. As she brushed her lips against my cheek I turned and our lips met. Feeling dizzy, and horny like never before, I kissed her on her lips. She looked stunned for a moment, and then kissed me back with a hint of a smile. I needed no further invitation, as I kissed her passionately, our tongues entwining, and she responded just as hotly. She ran her fingertips up my thigh, driving me into an ecstasy. Having masturbated each other exactly one year back, I knew she would know what to do next, and was trembling with the anticipation of feeling her fingers caress my clit. I would orgasm within seconds of stimulation. My head was spinning with desire as I pulled her shirt up and sucked at her nipple, when she jerked away and covered herself.
Then a hazy reality struck me that we were in the open, and that I could normally never feel so sexually aroused as to lose all reason! Lisa had laced my drink! That explained the sly smile! I pushed her away, staggered to my feet, and promptly lost balance, only to be held by strong arms and be drawn into a bare chest with a strong smell of masculine sweat. I looked up. Jake! I could resist no longer. I crushed his lips with mine, and kissed him like I had never kissed anyone before. His hand explored my body, squeezing my breast, playing with my erect nipples. I slipped a hand into his shorts only to encounter a huge erection. Somehow I easily unzipped and had him out in no time. As I stroked him I felt a slimy feel on the head and shaft. Now I knew he had fucked the blonde, and the thought made me even hotter. He put a hand up my skirt and pulled my panties down a bit as I gripped his dick hard and stroked it. He slid his hand down my clean shaven pubis rapidly making his way to my pussy. I guess he had never seen a large erect clit that protrudes, because in his haste he brushed, or rather hit my now hypersensitive clit so roughly that I nearly passed out from the intense unpleasant sensation. I think I cried out loud, because I felt Lisa who had been watching us till then, push us apart and tell him to stay away from me, helping me sit.
Through the haze I could hear them arguing, then there was silence, just the distant music playing. When the haze cleared a bit, I looked up, to see them kissing vigorously. Lisa’s shirt was off, her breasts and nipples crushed against his bare chest, his hands squeezing her buttocks, and her hand on his dick, as they gently knelt down next to me. This was too much to bear. I pushed her hand away, gripped his dick and slid it into my mouth. He groaned and involuntarily thrust, almost gagging me. I continued sucking, tasting the salty mix of dried semen mixed with female secretions on his thick penis. He lay on his back, allowing me full control over him. Lisa stood, whipped off her panties, and squatted astride his face. Oh my god! That is what I need too. I desperately need someone to suck and lick my clit! As she rocked and moaned while straddling his face, my own clit was now massively engorged. It would now give any pre-teen guy a complex! I ripped off my panties, mounted Jake, placed his dick-head against my opening, and gently slid it in easily. My ex-guy was bigger, and right now I was wetter than I had ever been. I heard Lisa moan and saw her shudder as her orgas
m hit her hard.
As his dick
slid all the way in he jerked, thrusting even deeper into me. That sent my vagina into spasms, and I thrust hard and fast, riding him like my life depended on it! My orgasm built up rapidly, and exploded, sending my body into spasms. It wasn’t a very big one, just the appetiser. I reached out and pinched Lisa’s nipples the way she liked them to be pinched. Leaning forward brought my erect clit into better contact while thrusting, bringing me closer to my next, which I realised with disappointment would be another small one. At that moment Lisa tensed, arched her back, and as I pinched her nipples hard, came with a massive shudder and groan. Watching her, set me off, the rhythmic spasms smaller than the first. It made no difference to my desires! I guess she must have been too sensitive from that one, because she got off his face. But no, she got on again, this time facing me. She bent over, and ran a tongue over my clit. That was what I needed! Jolts of electricity shot through my clit, to my spine, putting my back muscles into spasm. She looked at me and smiled a knowing smile. I would be satisfied soon!
She caressed my breasts and nipples, making them hard. My thrusts increased in pace and depth, while she kept pace, licking and sucking my clit. As the feeling intensified, my thrusts became jerky, slowing down, and finally stopping. She continued sucking at my clit, sending me into ecstasy. I was now feeling dizzy from the sexual stimulation, and not the laced drink! It built up higher and higher, with me impaled onto Jake, who helplessly lay under me waiting for my thrusts to resume, till I was on the verge, moaning uncontrollably. Yet it would not come. I hung onto the edge, waiting for that push, waiting!
Just as I thought I had reached the plateau, Lisa ran her tongue around my clit in rapid circles, taking me to new heights, as my vagina spasmed from the heightened stimulation. As I felt Jake’s dick throb in response to my spasm, I thrust hard onto him. The thrusts brought me closer to the edge, and I realised what was missing. With Lisa now sucking really vigorously at my clit, I gently shifted position so as to allow Jake’s dick to hit my G-spot with every thrust. The slightly leaned back position gave better access to Lisa who renewed her assault. I thrust fast and hard, my spasming vagina gripping him tightly. Every hit on my G-spot brought me closer to the big one, and soon I was on the edge! Then I felt Jake throb, arch his back, and his dick became thicker. All signs that he was about to come. I thrust harder, because I was on the verge myself, and I knew that once he came, it was over, and my big one would never be reality. Oh my God! No condom, I’m not on the pill either! The thought vanished the moment I felt Jake’s next throb and his dick hardened even more. This was it! He was coming! I thrust in desperation, only this time, the harder dick did the trick. I felt Jake spasm, jerk, and shoot his semen into me a fraction of a second before I exploded. The spasms racked my whole body, I could not breathe or move, not even to push away Lisa, who realised and stopped. Within moments of the orgasm subsiding, my clit and vagina turned numb. I collapsed onto Jake who was still spasming in me from time to time, and faintly heard the crackers announce the arrival of the New Year.

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