This is what happened after claire and myself finished in the shower and i got dressed to watch the dvd.

Claire got dressed and ran down the stairs, while i went to my room to get dressed, i decided to put on a pair of jogging bottom’s as you can see the bulge of my cock through the material. When i got down the stairs they were all sprawled out on the sofa’s and the only place left was a seat between claire and cheryl not that i minded.

Just as my sister was about to start the dvd cheryl asked if they could get a quilt to cover there legs as they were alittle bit cold, so i went up and got one from the spareroom, i spread the quilt over there legs but as i was in the middle i had it over me too.

My sis started the dvd and it was a horror that i had been wanting to watch for ages. Half way through the film the two girls had moved and were leaning against me as the film was quite scary, a little while latter there was a love scene and i felt a pair of hands untying my joggers and felt two hands sliding into my boxers and stroking my cock just then there was a scary bit and they both jumped one sqeezed my cock and the other my balls and i let out a moan my sister heard but thought it was the film.

My cock was fully erect now and making quite a tent in the quilt my sister must have seen the hands moving under the quilt but was to engrossed in the film i slid my hands up the girls short denim skirts that they had changed into and felt that they had no underwear on and both there pussy’s were damp, i run my fingers through the soft strip of hair they both had at the top of the pussy before stroking both there clit’s claire’s clit was really sensitive and had her squirming in her seat in no time.

Cheryl was rocking her hips against my finger trying to push my finger into her pussy. Cheryl’s eye’s were closed and i noticed that both girls were holding there breath so they didn’t moan both girls were holding my cock but they weren’t doing anything with it, i think they were concentrating on their impending orgasm.

Claire was trying to build her orgasm then stopping me when she was close by closing her legs on my fingers, where as cheryl was just trying to get off as quick as possible as she brought her hand down and inserted two fingers into her pussy grinding them in and out slowly so my sister didn’t catch on.

Claire took her hand of my cock and started to tickle my balls with her nails this was making my cock head expand and contract it was good but my cock was painfully hard like steel and i just want to fuck someone but knew i would last about two seconds. It was so erotic doing this in front of my sister without her knowing.

Cheryl was close now and i knew she couldn’t hold it and we’ed get busted even though we had the tv loud you can’t mistake an orgasm groan, i felt her legs tense and her push her pussy right of the chair just a a scary bit happened so she bite the quilt and moaned into it her hips still bucking her orgasm receded but she kept her pelvis grinding as she was coming down from her high then she slumped against me smiling and wrapped her arm around me, my sister noticed this and said you,se three are getting a bit cozy are you’se not cheryl said it’s a scary film, claire couldnt say nothing she was to fargone but my sister never noticed and continued watching the film.

The film finished and claire still hadn’t let me finish her off. My sis had to run to the toilet and cheryl said she would make fresh drinks. Claire started bucking as soon as they left the room moaning and fucking my hand, i stuck two fingers in her pussy and rubbed her clit with my thumb, she was thrashing around like mad now moaning, she climbed onto my lap but not onto my cock and started kissing me and fucking my hand she gave a big buck and bit my shoulder and screamed into it. As the spasms slowed she was still fucking my hand she hugged my head to her neck as she relaxed and whispered thats the best orgasm ive ever had. I believed her i felt the cum running down her leg and knew you would be able to see it on my joggers.

My sis came back and said did anybody shout on me claire giggled and i smiled and said no ask cheryl. I ran to my room when my sis left the room, claire went to the toilet to clean the cum of her legs. I put on some jeans but my hardon wouldn’t go away, they shouted up to see if i wanted another drink i said yes and eventually my cock went down. When i got down my sis asked why i had changed i just said it was sweaty under the quilt both the girls smiled at me.

We drank for another hour then i said im off to bed, the girls said they would hit the sack too, my sis called us boring but went off to bed as well. I was all excited about cheryl coming through but thought maybe she wouldn’t come as she was sharing the spare room with claire but just as i was about to drop of to sleep without cumming thinking i should have just masterbated my door creaked and there stood claire in a short see through chamise and cheryl with french knickers and a satan top that just covered her breasts and nothing more. I felt my cock get instantly hard and could feel the precum sticking to the hair at my belly button i almost came just thinking about what was about to happen.

They both came over and removed the quilt and i lay there naked with my cock lying on my stomach, they both stripped naked i wanted to do that but didn’t complain, claire came over and straddled my chest and thrust her pussy to my lips where i sucked in a lungful of air and stuck my tongue straight into her beautiful pussy. I could feel with my tongue that her clit was still engorged even after about two hours since her amazing orgasm.

Cheryl run her hands up and down my legs all the way to my ball sack from my ankles, then started licking my balls while running her hands up and down my shaft, she crawled up my body and stuck my cock straight into her warm mouth and just held it there while she investigated it with her tongue, she lowered her mouth further down my cock, i felt the back of her throat on my cock head and felt her throat muscles grip my cock as she gagged a little but she never complained. She sucked away rotating her head around my cock as she sucked so it was a different feeling all over.

Claire had stopped me from sucking on her clit as she was close to orgasm again, she moved down my body and lowered her pussy slowly down onto my cock using the whole length of my cock she slowly built up a rythm. Cheryl lowered her head and continued to lick and suck my balls this felt amazing. I pulled claire down so i could suck and lick her nipples this was all she needed and she came down hard on my cock as she started to cum put her arms round my neck and squeezed hard as she her grinding slowed. She kept fucking me slowly as cheryl climbed in front of her to put her pussy on my face.

Cheryl ground her pussy down hard on my face demanding i make her cum as she was so hot for my cock i was licking and sucking her clit when i felt i was about to blow a load so i said im going to cum, cheryl jumped off my face turned around and planted her pussy back down on me, claire climbed off me cheryl sucked and wanked my cock she removed her mouth and both claire and cheryl got a big load straight in there faces there must have been about eight or nine big globs of cum burst out of my cock and the girl’s just lapped it up like cats at milk.

My cock was still hard so claire kept sucking and licking it clean then she climbed back onto my cock, cheryl sat up keeping my tongue against her clit and the two of them started to kiss each other i reached up and massaged cheryl tits. I felt cheryl’s orgasm coming on and redoubled my efforts on her pussy as i wanted my cock in her tight pussy she came and had to hold onto claire as she gyrated her clit on my tongue with my nose almost up her ass.

When she came down off the ceiling i decided that
it was time i done some of the work claire climbed of me i stood up and put she
ryl on her knee’s and stuck my cock right into her pussy from behind it was that wet it slide in real easy she started moaning straight away as i pounded her pussy long and deep.

Claire stood over cheryl’s back so that i could get to her clit with my tongue but everytime i touched her clit her legs gave way and she had to just rub my balls from behind as i fucked cheryl, she also reached around and started to rub cheryl’s clit which instantly made her cum as she came her pussy clamping on my cock pushed me to the edge so i pulled out and turned cheryl over and pushed her down and came over her body, i felt my cock start to droop after that but claire moved in front of me and started to lick the cum of cheryls tits and body, the sight of that had me putting my half hard cock straight into claire’s well lubricated cunt and pounding away for all i was worth. My cock head was sore as i had just cum but i kept going hoping i could get another orgasm out of her tired body but it was me that came again. I wasn’t expecting it but i came and blow half of it inside claire and the rest over her back, i collapsed down beside them and looked at there faces as they still shared the cum from cheryl’s body, they both rolled on top of me and kissed me in turn and lay there heads against my chest and slept. Just before i dropped of i thought i saw my sister at the door looking in but was to tired to do anything about it and fell asleep.


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