From FM to FFM and finally FFFM

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I am living in Mumbai with my wife. We have 2 BHK flat. We both are extremists as far as sex is concerned. In home we are always in our undergarments only. Everytime fully excited and fully charged. About 3 months back my wife’s friend arrived in Mumbai for a career in modelling. She was very beautifull and hot. Her body was so hot that I used to watch her whenever I used to get a chance. My wife informed me that she was her rommate in college days. As she was new to Mumbai we told her to stay with us until she finds any suitable accomodation. One day I retuned from my office early. I always carry the duplicate key with me; I opened the door and entered the house. When I was about to enter my bedroom; I saw a awsome scene. My wife and her friend were sleeping together; boths legs were crossed and boobs touching each other. Both were in thier undergarments. I just ignored the seriousness but watched them for a long interval as liked that scene very much . I ignored this incident as both were roommates during their college days.
One day I was surfing on net. I read an article on lesbian relationships. I got disturbed as immediately the thought came to my mind that may be my wife and her friend are lesbians. But my wife was in very much love with me and I was fully satisfied in sexual needs.
I decided to check once again. I left my office early once again and reached my home. This time I saw was really shocking. In bedroom; my wife and her friend both were in bed and completely nude. Both were kissing each others all parts of body, rubbing each others boobs. Also they were rubbing each others pussies. I sat down on the sofa near the bed and kept watching. Within minutes I started feeling sexually charged and soon lost the control. I undress my self and joined them. Within seconds both accepted me and soon we all three were kissing each other passionately. We all three performed French kiss at a time. We all were feeling like we were in heaven. My wife’s friend was so excited that we all three then make physical contacts as well. When we exhausted we were fully satisfied.
From the very next day this became a regular part of our life. We all three used to be in our undergarments in our home and keep on kissing and other physical contacts. Sundays used to be the whole day dedicated to sex. Full day we used to be in bed / bathroom fully undressed. I used to so excited whenever my wife and her friend used to touch their boobs.
As we all working; we were looking for one good cook. One Sunday one lady approached us. My wife finalized her. The cook was about 22 years of age and owner of a very perfect and good body. Her breasts were inviting everybody.
One day the cook was in kitchen. I was kissing my wife’s friend and my wife was kissing me in the drawing room. We were in sofa. The cook came with coffee cups. When she saw us she was shocked to see this act. My wife told her not to worry. She immediately understood. Now we used to perform such actions in front of her everyday. She was also enjoying.
That was Sunday. We were having our breakfast. The cook was serving us. I kept one small piece of apple on the lips of my wife and we started eating together. Cook asked my wife ” Madam; how it feels?” My wife replied ” It’s the sweetest experience.” My wife’s friend get off from her seat and kept one apple piece on cook’s lips and started eating. Cook also responded positively. My wife told cok to sit on sofa with us. I remove the t-shirts of the cook and her biggest assets were in front of me. What a scene it was. After this I repeated with cook by keeping apple on her lips and eating together. My wife told the cook to took off her other clothes also and join us. She immediately joined us. Now this was FFFM. I was thrilled and so were all four.
The very next day when I returned home alonwith with my wife’s friend the cook was in the kitchen alone. The cook took off her t-shirt and bra and so was done by my wife’e friend. I told them to touch their boobs and rub. I started kissing their boobs. I asked the cook to stay with us for that night also. She agreed.
That night was a unforgettable experience for all four of us. You all can just imagine how we enjoyed. The cook started French kissing with all of us and very soon we all were fully charged.My wife’e friend started rubbing boobs with my wife and cook. I was so excited that I joined them and kissed their boobs desparately. My wife slept on cook and both started rubbing their pussies for a very long period. After this foreplay it was turn of intercourse. I penantrated all the three cocks about 3 times. We all had sex from 10 PM till 5 am in the morning.
Now every Sunday full day we all four are involved in complete sexual acts. We are taking showers in our bathroom. We perform soap massage in our bath tub. I just can’t imagine that I am enjoying company of three most beautiful and hottest ladies in the world. Cook is so hot that she can perform the French kiss non-stop for 5-6 minutes. My wife and she are so many times lip locked for 3-4 minutes. My wife’e friend is always charged and can get rubbed her boobs for hours. My wife is so excited that she can rub her friend’s and cooks pussies with her pussy for continuously 15 minutes. I perform intercourse with them one after one continuously for almost 45 minutes. We are just mad for our sex lives. If any fifth lady is ready to join us please mail me. We will accept after checking the suitanility.
Thanks for reading my story.
I am waiting for your responses.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice story Pl write few more Navin Pune

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