gran loves her grandson

I was trawling though the web, porn web that is and I got onto wanking over grannies, I could not believe that there was so many Grannies who are absolutely gorgeous, it is not true when I hear people say saggy and wrinkly because I can tell different, as I went from grannies picture to picture I noticed some way down the page a face that I thought that I knew, clicking on it the old lady came up and my heart jumped, not only did I know her but she was my gran, pictures started off with her in a dress and ended up full frontal and naked, omg, she was sexy, horny and had a great body for someone who was at least 60 years old, but was it her, I had to find out.

My gran opened the door to me and invited me in, “what do we owe the pleasure of” she said smiling, “I thought that I would come around and see you, I have not been here for some time and I thought you might want to see me” “ho, come here” she took me in her arms and kissed me on the check, I was tingling all over, “let’s take a look at you” she looked at me and then I noticed that mole I had seen just in the picture, the one just on the side of her neck, it was her and my heart raced, “I am going to have tea, do you want some” she asked, “yes please” I replied, I wanted to ask her if she was into having pictures taken of her naked but how do you do something like that, we talked for some time, all the time thinking how to say something to her, then by chance she happened to mention about her arm and how there has been some bumps coming up, not like the bump that was coming up in my pants, “ho yeah” I said, “and you have a mole there on your neck” I said, she looked at me, “I have seen a mole like that “ I remarked and she let out a laugh, “ho, now I know, you have seen something that you think is me” she asked, “yes” “do you know, you are the first person who has mentioned it since I had those pictures taken” “so it is you” I asked in sheer delight, “yes it is me” “omg, you look so” I hesitated, “old, saggy” “no, no, you look so sexy, horny and you have such a lovely body, I cannot believe that you how turned on I became” “so you liked them” she laughed, “liked them, I loved them, I could not stop myself having a wank every time I see you” she smiled, “so you are wanking over me then” she asked, “ho yes, I can’t leave myself alone at the sight of you” “what bits did you like the best” she asked, “everything, particularly your tits and pussy” I said excitedly, then I realised that I was talking to her in a way that I had never ever thought so, “tits and pussy” she said smiling, “yes, was I getting to ahead of myself” I asked, “no sweetie, you are ok with it, you was about to say you wanted to wank over me” “would I love to” I said, “then why don’t you, I am fine with you getting your cock out and having a wank” she moved over to me “first we need to get you out of your clothes, then sweetie we can have some fun if you like” “ho, yes please” I begged, “she stripped me naked, “wow, you have a lovely cock” she said sliding her hand up and down the shaft, not saying anything she pulled me to her and kissed me full on, “now my young grandson, you wait there and I will get ready, and I do not want you shooting your load till I am ready” I nodded, “ok, back in a minute” several minutes passed and I played with myself till she appeared from around the door, “gorgeous, just gorgeous, you look so horny I could eat you” she moved over to me, “I will hold you to that” she remarked smiling, she had on a see through negligée and a pair of panties which hide nothing at all, “so you like what I have on” she said, “yes, but I want to see you naked” “as you wish” she undid the bow of the negligee and slipped the panties from her body, “omg, you are as beautiful as I can remember, no, actually more, you are so sexy” she smiled and came over to the sofa where I was sitting, “I was overwhelmed at the sight of her naked, she had the largest nipples I had ever seen and her slit was smooth and hairless, I brushed my hands down her silky body around her bottom then back up to her beautiful tits, she leant forward and I took her huge nipple into to my mouth and sucked greedily, her let out a soft whimper of pleasure as I sucked her nipples, she eased my lips from her breasts and climbed over me, straddling my cock, “fuck me” she asked quietly, I put the tip of my cock into the folds of pussy and wiggled slightly, she was gently doing the same and when I looked down my cock was fully immersed in her waiting pussy, “nice” she asked, “yes” slowly I started to pump my cock deep in her and she was responding with gentle bucks of her buttocks, taking hold of both her tits she threw her head back in sheer delight, “O, that is good” she cried out, by now our rhythm was getting faster as we fucked each other, then she stopped and somehow she pulled on her pelvic muscles and it was like she was sucking me into her hole, “wow, whatever you are doing keep it up” she carried on sucking in my cock into her pussy, she really knew how to get the best from a cock, I just let her continue to use her fucking of me, “you are so horny” she said panting a little, “so are you gran, this is so nice you could do this all day and night” “I just might yet” soon I could feel the love juice climbing up my cock, “I am going to come” I said to her, “wait” she slipped off my cock and laid on her back on the floor, “come here and shot your load over my pussy” I didn’t need to be told twice, I knelt down between her legs and wanked as fast as I could, then I came with such force the first load shot over her naked body, then it came again and again, this time it covered her pussy lips, I quickly slipped my cock back into her and pumped away till my cock started to die away, when I came out of her there was a sticky mess of sperm all over our best bits, “wow, that was so incredibly horny” I said rolling on to the floor next to her, “you fuck well my young stud” “I am pleased that you think so” I said out of breath.

Gran was one hell of a fuck, she knew when and how to get the best from me, particularly my cock, we fucked so many times of the day that I lost count how many time I had my cock in her but we both loved every minute make love, I stayed for several days more with my gran, it was two days later she call me and asked if I could give her old boiler a service, we I went around there and gave it to her good a proper, then she asked if I would like to have some shots of us both at it, next time if you are interested?????

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