Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me
So I come pulling into the driveway, and it’s just another day with my nose to the grindstone! Make that money so people can enjoy their lives!! I put my truck in park, finish listening to the tune on the radio, turn the switch to off, and step out of my truck. I walk into my house, where I see nobody, I look in the kitchen, nope. Living room, still nobody! So what the hell? I’m going to get me a shower and forget this day! I walk into the bedroom and there lays Carrie and two super hot chicks on my bed, naked!! And in their belly button was a birthday candle and they started singing Happy Birthday when I walked in the bedroom!!

It didn’t take me long to figure this scene out, and out of my clothes I got! Of course I had to make a wish and blow the candles out! Which I did, and then I started eating some cake! Scooping it up with my tongue! As they laid side by side, all three of them, and I would rotate from one to the other.

Then Carrie said, “This is your Happy Birthday, you lay down here and let us celebrate your birthday!”
So I laid down and I felt all three of the women rubbing and massaging my back, neck, and ass, I even felt them licking me all over! This felt so great, and so relaxing, but the hardness coming up was starting to become painful from laying on my belly, so I turned over onto my back, where the three of them started rubbing my chest, legs and my hard cock. Then Carrie leaned over and took my hardness into her mouth and started sucking as she played with my balls. I then felt her rubbing my asshole gently with her finger! The other girls were still rubbing and licking my chest, my legs, feet and toes. It just felt so great to be treated with this much attention!

Then one of the girls got up and straddled me as Carrie guided my cock into her cunt, she gently started pumping herself, then after a few minutes, she eased herself off of me, and the next girl eased herself on me, and she started humping up and down on my cock!

Then after a few minutes she eased off of me, and Carrie got on, she said “Now you’re going to fuck me, and fill me up with your cum!”

She started riding me hard as the other girls massaged and kissed me, sucked my nipples, and played with my balls as Carrie fucked me Cowgirl style! I started tingling in my balls and I felt an eruption taking place, then I exploded inside Carrie’s cunt as she kept humping me until my balls were empty! Then she got off and we all three laid there as they just rubbed, scratched and kissed me! What a Birthday this turned out to be!
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