I slept with my neighbors wife

I went to my neighbors house again, becoming a daily routine it seems.
My neighbor Jim had some horses and we’d ride horses. We had an age differance.. I was 17 and they were in their late 40’s early 50’s.
I knocked on the door and his wife answered, she todl me to come in and have a seat she had something she wanted to tell me.
So I sat on the couch and she sat beside me and told me that Jim’s sister passed away and that he went to go see what he went to go tell the rest of his family, and to just take a drive to think.
Mary-Ellen then started to cry.
I put my right arm around her and pulled her into a hug and started trying to comfort her.
Mary then took my left hand and put it on her breast.
I pulled back a little and looked at her and she took her shirt off and threw it on the floor, for the first time I noticed she didnt have on a bra.
I was really surprised because I hadn’t thought of Mary-Ellen as anything other than a friend. I started to get up but she jumped on my lap and said, “Please Tom, I’m so depressed, I need this to cheer me up,” as she reached down and felt my cock through my jeans which at this time was now straining to get out.
I then reached my arms around her and pulled her into our first kiss. She was really into being in charge, she started pushing my back into the couch and shoving her tounge way into my mouth.
After a few minutes she broke the kiss, and when she did I bent down and grabbed a tit in each hand, and started sucking on her left nipple while rubbing my thumb over her right one.
“Mmnn,” Mary moaned. I then switched to her right nipple took it into my mouth and sucked it hard and then took both hands off of her tits and slid them inside of the rear of her pants and squeezed her ass cheeks.
Mary pulled my face back up to hers and kissed me again before getting up off my lap and taking off her pants.
She had on a yellow thong and she slid her hand inside of her thong and rubbed her pussy for a few seconds before sticking her fingers her mouth and sucking the juices off.
I pulled my shirt off and threw it on the floor, stood up and kicked off my boots and took off my jeans.
I walked up to Mary-Ellen and knelt down in front of her and slid her thong off very slowly.
“Mary-Ellen,” I said, “back up against the wall.”
“Okay.” Mary said.
I walked over on my knees and told her to lean against the wall and I took her left leg over my right shoulder and then the right leg over my left shoulder.
She looked down at me and I gave her a wink before diving into her pussy.
“Ohh my God!” she screamed as she grabbed a handful of my hair.
I sucked on her clit for a couple minutes before leaving her on the verge of an cumming.
She looked down at me and said, “I’m going to get you for doing that to me.”
I placed her legs off my shoulder and stood up and simply told her, “Mary, I don’t want you to cum to soon and ruin the moment of me making you beg.”
I kissed her and grabbed her by her ass cheecks and lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me, and guided my cock into her dripping cunt.
“Mnn, shit.” she said, “I’ve never done it like this.”
I just kissed her and started thrusting my hips into her slowly at first. She came soon after I plunged into her.
I just shoved my cock into her as deep as I could go gave her a second pulled back and shoved into her again.
After a few minutes of this Mary broke the kiss and told me go to the couch and that she’d be right back.
I didn’t want the moment to end, so I walked to the couch her still in my arms and my white cock buried deep into her black pussy.
I got to the couch and turned my back to it and pulled out of her and set her back on her feet.
“I’ll be right back,” she said as she kissed me again, “I got a surprise for you.”
I grabbed ahold of her hand and said, “Baby it can wait.”
“No you made me wait, now I’m going to make you wait.”
I followed her into her bedroom, and she told me to lie on the bed, I did.
She then crawled on top of me and stratled my waist.
She then laid down on top of me and started kissing me then before I knew she had me cuffed to the bed.
“Mary..” I started to say but she put her finger to my lips and shushed me.
She kissed me again and slid down and grabbed my cock in her hands and then shoved my cock into her mouth.
All I could do was moan.
I raised my head up and was watching my white cock go all the way down into her black mouth. She was a really good cocksucker, she took all 8.5 down and was even licking my nuts while she still had a mouthful of cock.
“Mn, baby.” I moaned, as she gigled.
“Mary!I’m about to shoot!” I yelled.
She then nibbled the head and took me all the way back into her warm mouth.
“Ah, shit.” I moaned as I shot my load into her mouth. I looked down at her again and could see her mouth expanding.
“Mmn,” Mary moaned, “my first taste of a white man’s cum.”
Mary got up and started to undo my cuffs. “Hey wait.” I said. She looked at me.
“Recuff that.” I said, “Then climb up here and slid that cunt back down on my cock.”
Mary looked surprised. “You want more?” she asked.
Jim can only shoot once and he’s to tired.
“Baby,” I said, “put those lips back on it for a minute, I’m only half hard. that talented mouth of yours it wont take much.”
Mary smiled and did like she was told.
I laid there for a couple of seconds before I told her to swing her leg over so we could 69 for a bit, she did.
I leaned my face up and licked her cunt while she was sucking my cock.
about a minute later I was fully hard and she climbed up on top of me, held my cock and guided it back inside her pussy.
I was thrusting my hips up as she was slamming down, she placed her hands on my chest as she was riding me.
“Ohh, baby, I said, play with your tits.”
she grabbed both of her tits and were rubbing them as they were bouncing all over the place.
She then leaned down over me and I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth.
We were both moaning very loud, and neither of us heard the truck pull up into the yard, or the bedroom door open.
I seen something move out of the corner of my eye though, and slowly looked and seen Jim standing there. So I said, “Ohh, God Mary-Ellen, I’m so glad I could help you from being depressed, I just hope Jim understands.”
“Mnn..” Mary moaned, “Me too.”
I then glanced over at Jim and pointed at him then toward her ass.
Jim started to strip, being very quiet. and when he climbed on the bed I started thrusting even harder so Mary was thinking it was us moving the bed.
Jim got lined up with her ass and I had her stop riding me for a second and told her to lean down and kiss me.
As Mary-Ellen was kissing me she shoved her tounge in my mouth and I was rubbing the tip of my tounge undernearth hers, not wanting to put my tounge in her mouth and have her accidentally bite down on it.
At this time, Jim shoved his cock into Mary-Ellen’s ass.
“AHH! FUCK!” she screamed and turned to see Jim behind her.
“Honey!” Mary shouted. “I..I..”
Jim shushed her and said, “Baby, it’s alright, you told me years ago about your fantasy about being with a white guy, so me and Tom had this planned.. and my sister isn’t dead.. we just had that as an excuse to get me away for a while.”
Jim leaned down and Mary turned her head so that he could kiss her.
Then Mary leaned back down on top of me and I begin to thrust into her pussy as Jim pulled out her ass. Then I thrust into her pussy as Jim pulled out her ass.
Mary-Ellen was moaning very loud, looked down at me and mouthed the words, “I love you.” I mouthed the words, “I love you,”
back to her as she kissed me I shot my load into Mary-Ellen’s pussy.

This all happend about 6 months ago.. Jim still lets me fuck his wife, sometimes he joins, sometimes he watches.
Mary-Ellen told me about 3 weeks ago tha
t she’s now pregnant. Something a 48 year old black woman, pregnant by a 17 year old white guy.
But looks like another of my fantasys can come true. Ha
ving a pregnant lady suck your dick and fucking a pregnant lady especially when she’s about to drop. *wink*

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  1. Missy

    Liked it but sum parts were unnecessary like the – ‘his sister wasnt really dead’ (thats a bit sick) and the pregnancy! Why!? Went well up til then though

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  2. Was somewhat stimulating, mostly downright disgusting, grammar and punctuation absolutely horrific. Conclusion, A WASTE OF TIME! Do yourself a favour; don’t read it!

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  3. Perky Tcode

    Well a little bit good

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