Learning Who I Am Part Five

It was early Sunday evening, I had already put off Robyn as she had called wanting me to stop over. I told her I had some plans with friends. I showered shaved and planned to leave at 7 to meet Nikki at 8. I figured the drive from San Bernardino to Riverside was 35 minutes or so with traffic. I left the dorm at 7 and I had made it there in 30 minutes. I found the Adult bookstore she told me about, I drove passed it twice to scope it out first before stopping. I pulled in and sat in my truck; I smoked a cigarette before heading in. I was dressed in my camo shorts and black tank top as I had advertised.

I walked in and found the place to be pretty busy. It was all men minding there own business, searching for what tickled their fancy. I walked straight to the shelves with VHS tapes. I hadn’t been here before so the selection was different, not near as big as in Rialto though. I looked down at my watch numerous times waiting on it to hit 8. It was 7:55 when I seen a man and woman exit the video booth hallway. I looked up not wanting to stare but wondering if it was them. The woman was skinny, blonde wearing a mid thigh sundress. They walked in the other direction as headed for the door. Then I heard a voice behind me, “Steve?” I turned around to find that was the woman and man from the hallway.

“Hello, I’m Steve.”

She held her hand out and introduced herself and her husband to me. His name was John. He was 6’1″ and burly, the scary kind. He didn’t do any talking at all. He just shook my hand. Nikki was older looking than her late 40s, she was way too tanned, almost orange and had a shit ton of make up on. Her eyes were blackened with make up.

“If you’re interested, follow us to the park up the street where we can talk.”

I nodded in agreement and followed them out. I watched them get into a Ford Rancharo. I climbed in my truck and pulled up behind them at the exit to the street. They pulled out and I followed right behind them to the park about 1/2 mile up the road. They pulled into the parking lot and were getting out as I was still parking.

I walked towards there vehicle. She smiled and held her hand out for mine. “Come follow us, we have a quiet spot we hang out at when its night time.”

I reached out for her hand, she grabbed it and we walked up the sidewalk into the park. She was still holding my hand, John was just walking on her other side. We walked out of view of the street and towards a covered picnic area. “Are you interested, Steve?”

“What do you have in mind?” I replied.

“I just want to see what your like first before we make any kind of plans.” She stared down at the bulge in my shorts, “Can I see what you have?”

“Is it safe here?” I asked.

She walked towards me, bent over and began undoing my buttons from top to bottom as I watched John undoing his jeans. He had his cock out and began stroking it and then walked behind her. He flipped her dress up onto her back and grabbed her hips on both sides as he penetrated her. Nikki now had me out and grabbed it with her right hand and steadied herself on my stomach with her left hand. John was pounding her pussy as she took me into her mouth. His rhythm was all that was needed as she sucked my cock sliding back and forth. She did her best to suck, lick and stroke me as he was pounding her. I heard John grunt as he forced himself deep into her. As soon as he was done, he pulled out and began putting himself away.

She then dropped to her knees as he stood and watched her pleasure my cock. I was so nervous with him watching that I couldn’t even cum. Finally after 20 minutes she stopped.

“Wow, you have some stamina! Would you be interested in stopping by our house tonight? The girls are home though, so we can’t do anything.”

I told them I couldn’t and that we could make another date when we had more time.

“Ok how about tomorrow evening around, I will send the girls off to their friend’s houses.” I agreed that would work. “I will call you tomorrow and give you our address. We said good byes and then left. I wondered if I would even hear from her, since I couldn’t even cum.

I got back home after stopping to grab a bite and found I had two more messages. I played them. “Hi this is Nikki, thanks for meeting us, here is our address as I promised.” She rattled off an address in Riverside. I then played the next one, “Its Nikki again, when you stop over tomorrow, I want you to fuck my pussy and cum in it.” That was it. I guess I knew what was going to happen without a doubt tomorrow.

I got off work Monday and cleaned up. I headed out to Riverside. I arrived and knocked. John answered the door and was cheerful and welcomed me in. I wondered if this was the same guy who hadn’t said a word last night. I walked in and John told me Nikki was in the bedroom getting dressed and I should just go in. He pointed the way to the bedroom. I walked towards the door and seen Nikki putting lotion on her body.

“I just got out of the shower,” she explained.

Her entire body was tanned and her skin was loose. She had large nipples on her saggy tits. I really didn’t care about looks, I was wanting the pleasure, so I was still interested.

“Glad you stopped by. I have been waiting to see you all day.”

“Thanks for inviting me over,” I said, feeling a bit awkward.

She turned and looked at me, “You better get those pants off.”

I took the hint. I pulled my shirt off and then slipped out of my shoes followed by dropping my shorts and underwear. Now naked but socks and a rock hard cock, she looked at me and smiled. She was still putting lotion on her hands and rubbing it on her legs.

“I want you to fuck me right here.”

She bent down and put her arms straight out on the dresser with her upper chest touching the top. I walked up behind her. She grabbed my cock between her legs and rubbed the head at her pussy lips. When I could tell I was where she wanted me I slid into her. Her pussy was dry and hard to penetrate. She pulled forward and then put a handfull of lotion on her pussy. Then she guided me back again. I grabbed her hips as John had the night before and pounded her pussy for a good 15 minutes. She was yelling out how she loved my cock fucking her pussy. I was ready to cum and I let her know.

“Cum inside me,” she said loudly.

I pumped a load into her pussy and it got wetter than it had been the entire time. I continued fucking her until I began to soften. When I stopped, she called out, “John, come here.”

I was puzzled. I watched her lay back on the bed and he walked right in and buried his face into her pussy, licking and sucking while eating her out. I wandered off to the bathroom and began dressing. When they were done, I was sitting in the living room.

Nikki walked out first, “Thanks Baby, I enjoyed that.”

I nodded and said me too, even though I didn’t. I let them know I needed to get going. I walked out climbed in my truck and out loud said, “What the fuck just happened?” I didn’t think at the time I was interested in creampies. A relationship with them wasn’t what I was looking for at that time. I drove away and I never answered their calls again. I was wanting more than what they were looking for.

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