Lovely Wife Fiona

My Lovely Wife, Fiona

Fiona and I have been married for over 30 years. We met in High School but did not become friends until Fiona bumped into me a while after she had left our school.  Fiona was 16 and with her then current boyfriend at the time but I did manage to find out where she worked and, well things just worked out for us and now here we are.

She is now 49 years old with medium long brown hair, nice breasts and an ass that is very sexy. I love it when Fiona wears lacy knickers to show off her bum.  She has that slightly more conservative upbringing and is starting from different values to me.  Fiona really enjoys sex and is a sexy wonderful lover.   In a sentence, she loves me dearly and I love her dearly. She is not a prude by any means, but we are not wild either. She had only had the one sexual partner before me and I have had none.

I love the thought of exploring our sexuality, displaying our sexual wares and especially the thought of sharing Fiona with other lovers.  I am always fantasizing with Fiona when we make love, we whisper in each others ear, whilst I am buried, cock deep inside her or have my hands roaming her pussy, imagining and talking about all kinds of scenarios, teasing each other, spurring each other on, before I loose all self control and pump my hot semen into her wanting, open and lusting body.

Recently, as we were playing, Fiona looked me in the eyes as she laid half naked before me and said, “I need you to find someone to fuck me!”  I nearly  lost it right there and nearly pumped my load right there onto her belly, I was so excited.

Last March, we found a sexy guy on the internet, we have chatted to him extensively prior to our meeting, in fact the excitement of chatting and looking through all the men who have applied to spend a night with Fiona and myself has been a turn on in itself and Fiona and I have had many sex filled, exciting nights jumping into our bed, after looking through our contact applicants and some of their seriously hot suggestions.  We eventually settled on Richard after almost a year of looking, we have always not been in a rush, Richard seems to be a pretty nice guy, tall and lean and about 40 odd years old. We have swapped erotic photos, so we all know what we are getting.  He is a good looking guy and is not married, he definitely has excellent fucking potential.


What really kicked us into action, was when Richard flew into town for a local show, we, with excitement and immense trepidation had invited him out for a meal,  an opportunity to sit together, relax over the meal and get to know each other a little bit more closely.  Previously, when we first began organising this rendezvous, and considered a dinner together, Richard had invited Fiona and I back to his hotel if we all got on during dinner so that we could continue our sexy exploration night, he had suggested maybe we would all enjoy a spa together, relaxing in each other’s company over a couple more drinks and the spa bubbles.

Well, I can only say dinner went well, after some introductions and a little initial nervousness, we all settled in, we chatted, we laughed and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  Fiona and I were definitely on ease and as we chatted, Fiona and I knew from each other’s eye contact and constant touching that we were building a shared view that we would now really look forward to the rest of our shared evening with Richard.  Fiona and  Richard chatted easily and often I was able to see Richard’s appreciative eye cast more than a glance over Fiona’s curvy body and big 34D breasts and if Richard stood up Fiona’s eye would cast more than a appreciative glance at Richard’s heavy crotch. Fiona’s hand was constantly rubbing my dick through my trousers so I know Fiona was certainly getting hotter and hotter for sex.  Each time she leaned towards Richard I am sure her hand was on his thigh as she laughed, but I could not see if she had progressed to touching his cock.

The talk eventually settled on leaving the restaurant and returning to Richard’s hotel and we were all quite eager to leave.


Now my wife is not one to get naked in a spa with anybody other than me and tonight was no exception. She asked if it was ok, if we got in naked but that she was going to keep her suit on for now. Mind you, Fiona never turned her head away as Richard and I got in though, her eyes checking out our dicks as we lowered ourselves into the water. Fiona then entered the spa and we leaned back to chat reaching for our drinks. The drinks and conversation flowed and I could see that Fiona was having a good time. Since the spa jets obscured everything of our bodies I suggested that Fiona take off her suit like us. She paused and said, “Oh, what the hell…” In a few moments her wet bathing suit was on the spa floor. For a few awkward moments, nobody said a word, it was pretty strange, knowing Fiona was fully naked right there between us, But soon it was like nothing happened and Richard, Fiona and I were chatting again.


I guess the reason the awkward silence did not last was that everyone realized that even with Fiona nude in the spa, she was smaller than us and, thus, was submerged to her shoulders in water, and the bubbles created by the jets obscured everything else. A glimpse of her breast and nipples now and then was all we were getting.  We drank and chatted for quite awhile when Fiona said, “Honey, will you rub my neck for moment, I sat too long with my head arched against the edge here.” I suggested she let the jets do the work and she said ok. That is when moved Richard moved forward and said, “I’ll do it for you”. We were pretty much feeling game at this time but I was still surprised when Fiona said ok. Very carefully she turned her back to Richard while being careful not to expose anything. Richard, the gentleman that he was, did not take advantage of the situation and reached out and began to rub the kink out of her neck.


Fiona looked very relaxed as he rubbed her neck when Richard said, “Why don’t you get in front of me so I can get to you easier?” Fiona moved in front of him, but not touching him, so that her back was facing him. “Much better, he said”. For several moments he reached out and massaged her neck before finally moving down to her shoulders. I kept glancing between those two and the game I was sure Fiona was playing. As his hands kneaded her shoulders, I could face and see my wife with a serene look on her face, her eyes closed, enjoying the massage.


A few more minutes passed when, and I am guessing here, Richard used his hands not only to massage her neck and shoulders, but also to start pulling my wife back closer to him. Fiona moved her body closer to the point that I am sure that his knees, maybe even his submerged erection, were touching her back and or ass cheeks. It was at this moment that my wife rose slightly higher out of the water. She rose just high enough that I could see her breasts exposed. She caught my glance and knew that that I could see them. Richard, however, could not.

At that risqué moment, Richard pulled her back closer. Fiona did not offer any resistance and was now on Richard’s lap, her back to him and her legs on the outside of his. Her breasts were completely exposed and I noticed that her nipples were hardening. I enjoyed the view as she enjoyed the massage. I was now sure Richard was erect and pressing it against Fiona.  I was certainly bone hard. Richard was working her shoulders but Richard was also aware that Fiona’s 34D breasts were fully in my view. Clearly the mood was changing. Everybody in that spa felt a strong sexual tension. Fiona made no move to escalate matters, however, Richard’s hands were moving to her arms. He caressed down along her arms as Fiona kept her eyes closed. Then, as smooth as silk, his hands reached around my wife and fully cupped her breasts. Fiona drew a breath, leaned back her head and sighed, “….uhhhh…….” She threw her hands around the back of her head to touch Richard’s head. As she did I saw a wonderful sight: my sexy wife having her breasts massaged by another man! Watching Richard’s hands roam Fiona was just so amazing to finally see. Fiona was definitely enjoying the attention. One of Fiona’s hands slipped behind her, I was now sure it was to feel his erect cock. Fiona’s eyes were however closed and she was totally in the moment when she leaned her head back further and offered her open mouth to Richard. He kissed her. With open mouths, tounges exploring, Fiona lowered her other hand and moved it down below the water line, I could see Fiona move her arm and knew she had begun to massage her button. Fiona was masturbating as she was being touched up! it was so exciting to watch her, knowing that her lustful excitement was building. Gripping Richard’s cock, rubbing her button, having her breasts squeezed was turning Fiona on big time.  Richard had begun pulling her nipples, stretching them out to their limit. Fiona moaned out loud,   ..uhhhhhh…..uhhhh….., Fiona continued to masturbate even more strongly now.


Richard was pulling her nipples quite hard and I could see both her arms moving more rapidly. Then suddenly it happened, they both moved awkwardly for a moment and Fiona cried out, “oh no, oh no………..oh my……Oh My!!…”. Her hand immediately came out of the water and joined the other around Richard’s neck. . Fiona’s entire upper body was now in motion, undulating in rhythmic motion. It was happening, finally Fiona’s first fresh fuck in 30 years was occurring!  Richard’s movements were obvious. I could not see it, but I knew that his cock was pumping in and out of my Fiona and my Fiona had not only surrendered to Richard’s cock but she must have been so excited she had shoved herself willingly onto his dick and now buried it’s beautiful length into her own body.  Richard’s cock had finally entered Fiona’s body and Fiona was loving it, finally I was able to see another man fuck my pretty girl, my dick was so hard and I stroked it gently from top to bottom. As they continued their lovemaking, Richard straightened himself out from a sitting position by pushing his feet against the side of the spa which partially lifted his body, but more importantly, lifted Fiona almost completely out of the water. What I saw took my breath away. While he was nearly prone but mostly submerged, my pretty Fiona was mostly out of the water; her legs splayed wide, her calves still in the water, with her back lying on his nearly prone chest. Fiona’s open thighs were mashed tightly against Richard’s groin.  What I had imagined was happening underwater was now very open and clear. I could finally see Richard’s cock was fully inside Fiona. Then, like a fine timepiece, Richard’s cock withdrew, and then plunged repeatedly into Fiona. I could clearly see Fiona’s pussy stretch open to accommodate him, her pussy lips disappearing with each thrust and then reappearing as he withdrew, drawing along the length of his cock, Fiona’s spa.


They continued to fuck and I could not take my eyes off of this man’s cock plunging in and out of a pussy that had not had fresh cock, only being mine for over thirty years.. Not only was this man fucking my wife, my wife was clearly fucking him back. Then, Fiona suddenly lifted herself off of his cock and turned towards Richard. Her hand went back beneath the water, Richard closed his eyes… wife was tossing him off. As she masterfully tossed him, she leaned to him and kissed him with what could only be called lovers passion. Their kiss was slow, wet, and deliberate. I could see his hand also disappear into the water. Her sudden jerk and moan signaled that his hand had found her sweet pussy. As she tossed with expertise, his cock, Richard’s fingers plunged into and out of her open pussy.


By this time, I am sure that Fiona had forgotten that I was even there. Well, maybe not literally, but she was in her own heaven with Richard, that was for sure. As he continued, I heard my wife start to breathe much harder. I have heard that sound many times before so I knew what was about to happen. She strengthened her grip on his swollen cock, squeezing real hard, Fiona rolled and closed her eyes and opened her mouth in what was a glazed look of anticipation. She realized that this man was about to make her cum right in front of her husband. She was now nearly standing and she placed one leg up on one of the seats of the spa. She was spreading her legs more, in an slutty effort to give him more access to her aching and wet pussy. I could see his arm moving faster and faster, two fingers disappearing inside my wife. Fiona’s eyes looked over at me, then glazed over again, as she then looked up at the ceiling. At that moment, Fiona lost all control…. I listened to a low, building groaning sound escape Fiona’s lips,”…ahhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh……ahhhhh…”, she kept the wild groan up for what seemed like an eternity, her hips were violently humping back and forth as his fingers hurriedly pumped her pussy,………….Ahhhhhhhhhh, I watched Fiona cum hard, really hard.

I had just heard one of the most erotic sounds I had ever heard from my wife. I had just witnessed  one of the most erotic views of Fiona as she fucked Richards cock, nearly, I’m sure, right off his body.  Richard had then finger reamed Fiona to her orgasm, right there in front of me, Fiona’s orgasm clearly came from so deep within her body, right from her core and it was obviously so very, very intense.


Now came a real awkward moment. Richard had not come, we were all silent; nobody made a move or said a word.. After the pleasure came the guilt. She had never done this before and Fiona after her extreme high, started to feel terrible. Richard and I moved to console her, our erections touching her skin, I caressed her in a gentle manner saying that I loved her and I was thrilled at witnessing what had just happened. I told her that I loved her as much as ever and that I was a desperate keen participant also. Fiona said, I don’t know what to feel.” I asked her if she enjoyed it and she replied, yes, my god, it was stunning, I came so hard.” I told her that it sure seemed to me that she enjoyed it too. She gave a little laugh. Fiona was confused, Fiona could see we were both still fully erect and did not know what to do with us both.  By now, Richard was feeling like a third wheel and stood up to go. Fiona, who had now totally forgotten about her nudity stood up and said, “Don’t worry about it, it’s just me, first time jitters, she said.” She was fully exposed to both of us, we both took long looks at Fiona’s totally naked body. I bravely suggested that we go back to Richard’s room and have a nightcap, no use in breaking up the party this early.  Fiona agreed and grabbed a towel.


We went back to Richard’s room, We loaned extra robes from Richard and Fiona and I put on our robes. We had more than a nightcap; we had like two or three.


As Richard finally stood up to leave, we could have the room tonight, on him, he said, we both escorted him to the door. Fiona, who was naked, only in the robe, went to give him a hug goodbye. They hugged, then hugged some more. The hug continued as Richard’s hands moved to rub her ass through the robe. Fiona looked up at him. He looked at her. Slowly their faces moved toward each other. As their lips met, Richard moved his hands to the inside of Fiona’s robe. Just like in the spa, their kiss could have not been more romantic. Richard then pushed over Fiona’s shoulders to remove Fiona’s robe. She dropped her hands and in a moment, her robe hit the floor. Richard’s hands reached round the back of Fiona and caressed her round ass again. His finger dipped down and in one smooth motion, came round the front, grabbed Fiona’s cunt and slipped his long fingers back inside my wife’s pussy. Fiona moved her body and thrust firmly onto Richard’s delving long fingers.  As his fingers delved deeper inside my wife, Fiona started to undulate her hips as if she were fucking. God, it was an incredible sight. Fiona looked at him and managed to say to Richard, you had better go.”All the while her hand was on his shorts, feeling around his now again, erect cock.


Richard had better ideas for his erection. He picked up my wife and started towards the bed. He said, I am going to fuck you, I am so turned on right now, Ray and I really want to go through you, we want to fuck you all night long, just the way you have always fantasized about.” “Ohhhhh, Fiona whimpered, but then said, “ Uh, I don’t think that is a good idea, my god, I never imagined lusting a new man like this, will I do it? Fiona said looking at me, I smiled at Fiona “go for it, babe” I will be right back here and I certainly intend to fuck you! I called back.” Richard pushed her back onto the bed, dropped his shorts, out sprang his massive and beautiful cock and with his cock fully extended, Richard climbed on top of Fiona. Fiona, however, kept her legs together. Richard nuzzled her neck and her ears, which Fiona dearly loves, and then started moving his hips in circles running his hot dick across Fiona’s thighs. Fiona’s legs were still closed tightly, her eyes staring openly at the ceiling, yet Richard continued kissing her neck and ears. I thought about putting an end to it as it did not seem to be what my wife wanted. Then Fiona closed her eyes and her legs now slowly parted.  Suddenly with his hips pressed firmly against her pelvis, Richard rose up on his arms and looked down at my wife. “What do you want?, he asked.  Fiona replied softly, “… I don’t know,……I don’t know.” With that, Richard pulled his hips back slightly, his cock pointing straight out, but squarely pointed right at Fiona’s aching pussy. “I don’t know, my sexy, spread open, wife said again. Before Fiona could speak again, Richard suddenly pushed his hips hard forward into Fiona’s spread open body, his cock sinking balls deep into her pussy. “OHHHHH…..GOD!…..” Ohhhhh nooooo!……” my wife cried out loudly,  Richard started to fuck my wife hard, really hard. His hips started to pound furiously into Fiona; there was a very audible sound of skin slapping skin. “Oh no, Ohhhhh no, Ohhhhhh no, With each thrust into my wife, Richard would asked her again, what do you want???  she finally cried out, so loudly I was stunned!

“I want this fuck, Fuck I want this, fuck, I want your dick to pound, to ream me!” Then Fiona did something that she only does when she is really worked up…..she threw her legs high in the air. As she did, she parted them as far and wide as she could, Fiona looked and was acting like a crazed slut bitch on heat. I could see both their excited squelching genitals as clear as could be. His big cock slamming into her, her pussy, which was soaking wet and wide open for him, gaped widely back at his organ every time Richard withdrew for another plunge, Fiona was not wanting to be without his dick even for a second. Their bodies moved as one in a deep and violent carnal dance.

The odor of their rampant, raging sex was very strong in the room and I breathed it in deeply.  Fiona had surrendered herself completely to this sexy man. As they continued to fuck, Fiona’s moaning became louder and more urgent. I could hear Richard start to talk to her, whispering into her ear, Fuck me Fiona, I have stroked my fat cock thinking of you for so many months, blowing my load over my own belly now it’s finally going to be pumped into you, keep fucking me Fiona, keep fucking me.  Fiona’s mind rightly exploded, this was all Fiona could take, …Ohhh……ohhhh,  yes, I am fucking you, I will fuck you, she cried, pushing forward. Richard started to fuck her hard back, now pounding at lightning speed. Fiona, with her legs way up, her toes pointing and curling at the ceiling, wildly took everything he gave her. His hips rose and fell repeatedly into my ravished wife; Fiona kept herself wide open for him, allowing his cock to sink all the way to the hilt with each thrust. She was totally his and she deeply wanted him to keep fucking her. For this moment in time, she was in love, in love with his swollen sex organ, in love with the devastation and penetration of her body, the use and abuse of her body, when suddenly, Richard slammed hard into her body and froze, pressing his full swollen length as deep as he could into Fiona’s open sex.  He looked at her sexy face, eyes to eyes, He grimaced and let out a most guttural moan…”ARGGHHHHHH!”, he was actually cumming in her! This sexy man was pumping hot spunk into my pretty wife, his cock was washing the cunt walls of my very pretty wife with beautiful, thick, creamy sperm. Fiona was now also riding the beginning of her climax and although he was barely moving, she kept fucking him back, flailing her legs, throwing her hips up at him as he orgasmed, “Oh I can feel your spunk, I can feel you cumming, I can feel your heat Richard, Fiona wailed. Richard’s, body and cock was still pulsing, his cock shooting rope after rope of hot sperm, into and further drenching my Fiona’s spasming pussy and thighs. Knowing now that Fiona was cumming, his cock started to plunge into my wife hard again, you could hear wet sloppy sounds of his thick cock fucking Fiona’s sloppy sperm filled cunt. As he fucked her, Fiona’s legs, still up in the air, began to flail even more wildly. “Oh fuck me Fiona squealed,  my ..oh my…..OH …..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I watched, as the first man ever outside our marriage, continued to empty his havily loaded, big ball sack into my sexy wife and blow her to a screaming orgasm.  Fiona, extremely aroused, cried out to him, “Ohhhh…..Richard, Richard…..oh god Richard, ……I ’am cumming, ……I ’am cumming……….” Then her eyes closed tightly and her mouth froze open. She stayed in that frozen moment for a few seconds, holding her breath, her back arched, her legs trembling in the air, then one last retreating gasp, one last hip thrust forward,……..aaaaahhhhhhhhh…… and it was all over for them both.


They laid together for a few moments, their sweet, delicious sweat mingling, Richard had collapsed onto Fiona pressing her into the bed.  Fiona’s hands were gently caressing his back, occasionally down over his ass. As Richard eventually moved upwards and climbed off Fiona, there was a huge, no massive and I mean MASSIVE, wet flood on the sheets.  Fiona was laid there, legs wide open, not moving from the position she had taken on, as Richard had fucked and filled her.  I could see Richard’s cum oozing from Fiona. Her swollen pussy lips were still gaping open from the fucking she had just received. I smiled at Richard and said, fuck dude you must have saved that load for a month, look at your pumped load, Fiona was also smiling, like the sneaky cat who had swallowed the cream, she laid there silently grinning, then quietly got up and put on her robe. This time, she seemed fine, even renewed. Richard came back from the bathroom and started to pull on his underwear. Fiona stopped him and said, “It’s late, you should really stay, holding his arm. ” He looked over at me and I nodded in agreement, it will be fun, I said. He stayed fully nude and we all climbed into the bed.


Later that night, with all three of us in our bed, another first happened. My wife, for the first time in her life, had a threesome. Fiona sucked so much cock, I have never seen her so motivated to stretch her throat.  We both fucked her and sucked her most of the night.  It was a first for me to eat another man’s sperm from my wife’s pussy, but something I am looking forward to again.  We each fucked her separately, and then together, sometimes with me or Richard sliding our fingers or our cocks into her ass.  But the most erotic moment of the rest of the night was watching as Fiona climbed on top of Richard, reached her hand back, and guided his cock into her rear dark passage. She is not a big fan of this type of sex, but that night was different. She was different. She was very different. They stared into each other eyes, Fiona looking down at Richard and slowly riding Richard, his cock sliding in and out of her ass, until they both came. It was mesmerizing, watching the look on my Fiona’s face as Richard exploded the last lusting bolts of his male fluids inside her arse,  Fiona’s knees were high up, her hips grinding her arse down hard onto him, she leaned her head back herself and climaxed. Fiona climaxed without anything or anyone touching her sweet cunt.  Fiona finally recovered and climbed down off Richard, pulling his cock from her dark tube and then crawled over to my cock, Fiona knelt between my legs, applied her lips, looked me in the eyes and left no doubt that I was to come in her mouth, a final bout, I blew a final load thick onto Fiona’s tongue, Fiona smiled and swallowed, I had no more spunk in me and we all collapsed.


We all went to sleep in our bed after that. Fiona with her head on my chest and Richard tucked in behind her, his arm tightly around her waist.  What an evening it turned out to be. Sleep came easy to me after my final lusty blowjob. I couldn’t be sure, but later that night I could have sworn that I felt the bed moving and quiet moaning. After Richard left the next morning, Fiona fessed up. She had felt his stiff cock during the night against her arse cheeks, Fiona opened her legs to Richard and had him fuck her one more time as I slept on. It was quite a night. As Fiona spoke to me of our night she was again reaching for my cock, our night obviously was not over yet!

We did not speak of it much more after that, but every once in a while, recalling that night leads to a wonderful night of explosive lovemaking with Fiona. The night my pretty wife and our lover, explored a night of delicious carnal knowledge.

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