Five days had passed since Marla and I had enjoyed a sensual session on my leather couch. We had enjoyed it so much that we had impulsively expressed love for each other and had agreed to meet again very soon. She had insisted that she should call me instead of the other way around since she was the one who was married, so she didn’t give me her phone number or address. That seemed to make sense at the time, and I thought she was sincere. Now I was beginning to wonder.

A man starts to doubt himself when a woman drops him cold after one date, especially an introspective guy like myself, which is what a writer has to be. Of course, Marla WAS married, and perhaps she still wanted to hold that marriage together. But why? Her husband was a lazy loafer, there were no kids, and he didn’t even attend to her sexual needs very well.

The situation troubled me. Still, I had broken through my block and was writing again. Sexually I was saving myself for Marla. I had a modest collection of phone numbers but hadn’t used any of them. I hadn’t even jacked off. Consequently I was waking up with a boner every morning, even sleeping with one most of the night. That isn’t good for a man. The balls get heavy, and he seems to be living his life on edge. Then something totally unexpected happened which solved at least part of my problem:

I had just taken my morning shower during which my cock had stood up, taunting me. In fact, it didn’t go down even as I toweled myself dry. Throwing on a light robe, I walked to the front door to get my paper, figuring my boner would subside if I ignored it. I was wrong.

Of course, it didn’t help that when I opened the door I was presented with the spectacle of the college girl who lived across the way bending to pick up the family’s paper, her flimsy wrapper coming loose and her titties pointing down in full view. Though not as much fun to play with as the more pliable tits of a mature lady, there is something artistically appealing about an 18-year-old’s set, so firm and creamy-smooth with pink pencil-eraser nipples. My boner popped through the front of my robe, and there we stood, staring at each other, her jugs and my rampant dick on display.

“M-Mister Harding!” my young blonde neighbor exclaimed as she gazed goggle-eyed at my tool.

“Good morning, Miss Clark,” I husked, and fumbled my robe closed. I still pitched a tent, however.

Britney Clark, who looked very much like the pop tart with the same first name, was slow to cover up her boobies which incidentally looked even better when she was standing. They jutted right out there as only teen-aged boobies can do.

Britney smiled and walked up to me. The young women of today are bold and brassy, and they scare me a little. Britney had been coming on to me ever since my wife moved out, but I had spurned her advances because I figured it wasn’t right for a guy my age to mess with a school girl even if she was legal. However, right now I was thrilled to my toes when she looked me in the eyes and purred, “Jesus you’ve got a big cock, Mister Harding! May I suck it?”


Her hand snaked through the front of my robe and grasped my boner. “I want to suck it…please?”

It was like a fucking porn movie come to life, with me as the starring stud, but I swear it happened just that way. I badly needed a quick and uncomplicated release, and a blow job would do nicely. Although Marla was the woman I had fallen for and had been thinking of 24-7, somehow I forgot her when that blonde hottie stood in front of me, looked beseechingly into my eyes, and started stroking my dong.

What I didn’t forget was that we were in the corridor of a respectable apartment house whose well-heeled tenants would probably not appreciate a public sex display. “Come in,” I croaked, grabbing Britney by the arm and backing into my apartment, hauling her with me.

The door had no sooner closed before things began to happen: “I’ve gotta get to school,” Britney said as she dropped to her knees on the carpet, “and my folks would shit if they knew what I was doing.” She threw my robe wide open and exclaimed, “But man, I just have to get my mouth around that whopper…if I can make it. I never saw a dick so fucking huge!”

A wave of pure pleasure coursed through me as the young blonde carefully fitted her pink lips around the fattest part of my pecker, which stretched her small mouth to the max. Then with a gobbling motion, she gradually encompassed the rest of my cockhead, clamping her lips in the groove just behind the ridge. Her blue eyes were glassy as she gazed up at me, but I could tell she was proud of herself and pleased. I had seen that look on women’s faces before and I always enjoyed it.

Britney’s lashes lowered and she went straight to her task, gingerly working her warm, wet mouth down and up on my thick column, going a little further with every lunge, and she gave appreciative groans which came out like “uuunnnh”, “uuunnngh” and “ghaaah”. She managed to take enough of my pole (bless her hottie heart!) so that my hairy balls bumped her chin as they swung. Saliva drooled from around her clasping lips, hanging in a glistening strand from my shaft.

As luck would have it, I had a dual view of the action because the full-length mirror in my entry hall gave me a side perspective to augment the delight of looking straight down and watching the girl’s eager mouth gobble my dong. I gazed into her hot eyes which were once again turned up to me.

I petted Britney’s silky hair and let her cocksuck me to her heart’s content. She was getting accustomed to the size of my equipment (which incidentally I take no pride in; I’m just a lucky sonofabitch) and was even able to think about massaging my nuts as she pumped down and up on my cock. The steam was building in my boiler, but I wanted to do something else with that little tart before I exploded in her face, so I eased her back off my dick, and she released it, gasping for breath. She seemed grateful that I had broken the spell for her. I hoped she would continue to be grateful over what I was going to do next.

I let her down onto her back on the carpet, spreading her robe and finding she was without panties. She mewed, “Oooh, Harding…!” as I hunkered down into the vale between her slender, smooth thighs. I perceived that she hadn’t yet taken her morning shower, but that didn’t stop me. It didn’t even slow me down. She was teenaged prime and pretty as a picture, so what if she was aromatic?

I attacked her sushi feast with gusto, slathering my tongue up and down the delicate small labia, wiggling her tasty flesh and suffusing it with excitement so that it opened up to reveal her pink little center. Did I say that Britney had narry a hair on her quim, following the fashion of 21st century youth?

I licked and sucked at her velvety pussy-lips and tugged them with my teeth. I swabbed my tongue up her soft and wet little trough again and again, stroking the pea-like protrusion of her tiny clit-head, then clasping it between my lips and sucking hard as she squealed and panted and shook herself against my face.

When I was sure she had enjoyed a really good cum, better than she was getting from the college boys I bet, I raised my head and scrambled to my feet, drawing her back up onto her knees. She resumed sucking my cock.

I had kept my hard-on because I had thoroughly enjoyed everything that had happened, and now I was ready to cum without much further delay. I needed the release. My balls were bubbling.

Britney worked smoothly on my big dick now. After a little while, I helped her by taking hold of her head and moving it exactly as I wanted, letting her blonde hair swing and her taut titties tremble. My throbbing dick pumped in and out of her sucking lips, and my steam rose higher and higher, until finally I pushed her away. Gripping my dick, I a
imed it right at her face.

This obviously was not the first time that a guy came on her
in that fashion. She shut her eyes and let her mouth hang open, catching a couple of spurts of my thick white cream on her tongue while another hit her on the end of her nose and two splattered on her cheeks. The rest dribbled down. She swallowed and, when I was through, smiled up at me.

“Wow, Mister Harding,” she murmured, “that was wild,”

“Did you enjoy it, Britney?” I asked because I had a feeling she did.

“Man, yes!” She swiped some cum off her face and sucked it from her fingers. “It was sooo good.”

I pulled her to her feet and kissed her, scouring her mouth with my tongue. If my stuff was good enough for her to take on her face and to swallow, it was good enough for me to eat, as well. Anyway, I like all the flavors of sex.

Not long after Britney left, I resumed thinking of Marla. It would take more than a romp with a neighbor girl to get that fascinating woman off my mind.

I still had hopes that she would call me…

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    i didnt care for the whole sushi feast thing,also it wula been better if it said she was like 13…….thats so hot,like me!

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