MOMMY’S MAN chapter 2

Sliding my dick in and out of mom’s hairy cunt with my balls tingling put me on the edge of the urge to blast away my gooey sludge into it.   But if I could just hold back I knew I might be able to prolong the fucking for a long time.  Since we were of similar stature I was able to poke her in the cervix, which I found out.  This just served to make everything even more nasty and forbidden.  We went at it for close to an hour and a half, we were bathed in each other’s sweat and fuck juices, but my nuts were still fully charged.  When we stopped to rest for a minute, mom said “Intermission”.  We slowly helped each other get up and headed to the bathroom and shared a shower.  The shower was refreshing and mom said “Let’s just go back, lay down on the bed and put our underwear back on and have a short rest or even a nap.”  I said, “Sounds good except skip the underwear.”  “When I wake up its coming off anyway.”  That made her laugh but its what we did.  “Oh and I want to sleep with my head between your legs so I can fall asleep and wake up looking close up at that beautiful thing you have there.”  She said,  “OK if that’s what you want pervert.”  It lulled me to sleep and with her, gently holding my dick in her hand I was sure to have a nice nap and wake up still thinking I’m dreaming.  It was around four o’clock in the afternoon when I was awakened by mom gently working on my balls and penis, I don’t know how long she had been doing this, but my penis was plumped up.  At about the same time I found myself between her legs looking directly at her pink and brown pussy area.  It was surrounded by dark kinky hair.  I didn’t ask, I just got my face closer to it and slowly and gently began licking it.  She pulled my face into her with her legs and arms clutching at my hair and head.  I though it was kind of like she was raping me and I wasn’t trying to get away.  I was glad that I had shaved close  because she was pulling my mouth right into her freshly washed pussy.  She was thrashing around and had a couple of climaxes where all I could do was swallow all of it and breath through my nose.  After a few more minutes of that, the fumes I was inhaling was exciting the hell out of me.  My cock was hard as a pickle and aching to be inside her so I broke our “embrace” and entered her, as we assumed a scissors position.  Mom was slamming back into me and we were slapping our pelvises at each other hard, even the bed was getting beat up as it squeaked and thumped, headboard smacking the wall.  Mom had her tits flattened against my chest and was whispering some very nasty words right into my ear,  some of them were words I didn’t even know she knew.  She was opening her legs wider, probably to allow more access so I could bang her in the back of her vagina.  I hit her some more in the cervix with my prick.  Finally getting breathless we slowed down and got comfortable for some long term slow fucking. It was very nice and we had a nice feeling that was nasty and lewd.

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