MOMMY’S MAN chapter 3

Mom and I were sitting side by side with pillows propped up against the headboard. We were facing each other at an angle with her sitting on top and our legs one over and one under the other. We were watching my cock easing in and out of her hairy pussy.  We would sit there and poke and prod at each other randomly until we discovered a little sensitive area and then slowly work on it for fifteen, twenty minutes.  There was a position we found where my prick would cause a little air bubble and we could work it back and forth.  It was hard to find and maintain but after an hour or so we were good at it.  We fucked comfortably that way for over two hours after perfecting it, often she would massage my balls and we would twist our crotches and bang them together.  I was not accustomed to having my balls worked on and with the soft supple silkiness of a cunt I was getting close to blowing inside of it.  I said, “Mom, I just can’t take it anymore, maybe its wrong but I need to cum.” She said,” Honey, its just a cunt go ahead.” “Ejaculate in it.” I lost my guilt and fired about six squirts of baby formula into her.  After we had separated she said she would buy if I wanted to go out and get some burgers and fries.  I was kind of thrown off guard when she said, “Afterwards we can come back and screw around some more if you want.”  I replied only, “Thank you.”

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