MOMMY’S MAN chapter four

When we returned to the motel room, first I checked to make sure the door was properly locked and the windows secure.   Mom was lying on her back on the bed.  I went over to her and we kissed and felt  each other up like we were two lovers cheating, having an affair.  Mom asked, “Are you ready to fuck again, naughty boy?”  Her hand was on my crotch and my dick wanted to bust out of my pants practically.  I answered,  “Willie seems to think so.”  Mom said “OK, but first I need to get a clean towel and freshen myself up a bit.”  She stripped down completely naked and turned towards me flashing her beautiful body a few seconds before she went in.   I heard the shower running and polished my dick while waiting for her return, as I was doing this I had sneaked over and gotten her panties, holding them to my nose as I jerked on myself.   A few minutes later the shower stopped and I remember I was just in time pulling my pants up and placing the panties back on the dresser the way she had left them.  I didn’t have time to make it back to the bed so as she came out wrapped in a towel I hugged and kissed her, our tongues working in and out each others mouths.  I said I needed to pee and rinse my body in the shower.  I removed my clothes and went into the bathroom, with my cock half hard from masturbating, looking like, I guess a B grade miniature porn star.  I hoped mom saw that as I walked, at least the shadow of it.    When I finished with the shower I wrapped a towel around my waist so mom couldn’t see how much Willie had shrunk.  There was mom laying in bed watching some chick show on the TV, wearing her bra and panties.  I turned off the bathroom light, grabbed the remote and turned the stupid thing off.  It was dark in the room now except for the diminishing light coming from the television screen.  About a minute or two later we were at it again.  Kissing each other passionately while I was trying to remove her bra, was difficult, so she helped me with it.  I got my mouth on a nipple working on it with my tongue.  Her nipple got hard but then she said that tickles.  I found smaller women to be more sensitive sometimes so I ran my hand down close to her pussy and slowly worked my fingers over to where her clit was, that worked.  Her panties were getting a wet area down there even before I could get a finger in her.  She rolled a little bit out from under me and we got her panties off.  Even though it was already a sure thing, you have to mess up pretty bad if you get the panties off and your dick stays dry.  She spread her legs apart and said, “Get that big thing in me!”.  When I slipped into her it felt obscene.  In fact the dark room added to the thrill as her wet vagina spread apart to form around my aching hard erection.  Fucking her this time, I knew what to expect and this was going to be fun.  We banged into each other hitting each other’s pubic area, softly at first and increasingly harder until the bed noise being overheard in the adjacent room would have been embarrassing.  It felt so nasty that all the bed noise we were making was just fueling our lust.  We had been fucking like this for about ten or fifteen minutes and I was too close to a ball implosion into mom’s cunt that I couldn’t stop.  It came soon and as I emptied into her she also had a female ejaculation, or whatever they call it.  Exhausted, I rolled off as she crawled over me to clean up.  As she did she said,  “Here is a little souvenir honey.”  She slid down my leg leaving a slimy trail of fuck juice, laughing about it.

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