My African Dream

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Bathing in a cool pool on a hot summer African day, I was feeling quite refreshed and quite excited. It was to be my 18th birthday and I knew my parents and most other members of my tribe were going to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  It was times like these I felt so happy and vibrant. In our tribe there were many children of my age and there were always games to play. My name is Tiwanda and I was small for my age and was always at a disadvantage to the larger children when games were played.

I was so proud when my dad called me into his hut and told me that I was a big girl now and that he was to make me a woman.  I really didn’t know what he meant at the time but I was soon to find out. My dad was a high chieftain in our tribe and his hut was very beautiful. He told me to get naked and sit next to him. He started to rub my slit between my legs with his big hand. Every now and then he would lick his fingers with the wetness I was secreting. Daddy laid me back onto his bed and began to lick my little slit. After a few moments my mother came in and sat at the head of the bed and took my arms by their wrists. Another two tribes woman came into the hut and held my ankles and spread my legs apart. I didn’t have any idea what was going to happen to me only that other girls in m tribe went through the same thing on their 18th birthday.  I just wanted to be brave.

I watched as my dad was rubbing some sort of oil on his long shaft. From talking to other girls in the tribe, my dad was going to penetrate me with it. It was so big and so thick; I began to shake with fear because I knew it was going to hurt. Dad walked over to me and began to rub his large shaft over my lips. It had a terrible odor and I wanted to throw up. My dad would only say to me, “Tiwanda, today I make you a woman.”

With pressure being applied to all my limbs, my dad began to guide his shaft between my legs. The pressure was great as his large bulge tried to squeeze into my little slit. The pain grew worse, and I started to cry and begged my dad to stop. It was as if I was talking to the air. My dad seemed possessed wanting my slit to be his. I closed my eyes tightly and gritted my teeth as the pain did not let up. My dad pushed harder and harder. I heard my mom tell him to go slower because she’s ripped. I felt a warm wetness flow towards my inner thighs, I later found out it was blood flowing. It seemed to lubricate my dad’s shaft as he moved faster and faster deep inside of me. My dad let out a loud moan and I could feel his big shaft pulse inside of me.

My mom and the two other women ran to my dad and began to clean his shaft with their tongues. I remember being carried out and placed on a pile of blankets under a shade tree, still completely naked for other men of my tribe to look at. A line of about 25 young tribesmen lined up in front of me. They first would go up to my dad and give him some sort of gift and then they would be allowed to have one lick from between my still bleeding slit. I later understood that this was a tribal ritual.

I healed up fine. As it turned out I was the most beautiful woman in the tribe but also the most used.  My beauty spread to other tribes in the area. Deals were made concerning my body. I was 22 and there was a young boy from another tribe whose wealthy father wanted him to experience sex at a very early age. He wanted me to be his lover. My dad told me it would strengthen the relationship between our two tribes. The agreement was made and he was taken to my hut one night. He was only 18 years old. I was in shock.  His father watched. He wanted me to put up resistance for his son but probably for himself. Also as he jerked off watching this event. The little man boy boy pushed me back to my bed. I begged him to stop. His lips pressed against mine as he ripped my gown off and began to slap my face.  Please stop, please stop I begged as he rolled me over face down in my bed and started spanking me. Oh my god it felt good. I’ll be good; I’ll be good I yelled to him. He smiled and yelled back “I know you will” For 18 yrs old his cock was big. I spread my legs wide for my 18 year old master that evening. He put his seed inside of me at least 5 times.  I did become pregnant with his baby and as our tribal rules say I had to marry him.

My head started spinning, I felt dizzy, and lights were above my head. I heard dozens of voices speaking over me. I could make out some of what they were saying. “She’s going to make it” She’s very lucky”.  I saw a sign on the wall, Harlem Hospital-New York City. Men with uniforms saying police were there. For some reason I could read there strange words and understand their language. The men had informed me they found me in an alley. I had been gang-banged for over an hour by 6 black men. They had walked an older suspect by me to see if I could identify him. I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. He looked just like my dad, my tribal dad, I couldn’t turn against him.  I told the police it wasn’t him. I laid in my hospital bed in shock. I was exhausted, my pussy felt so sore. A nurse had gotten me a glass of water. When I reached out for it I dropped it quickly. Oh my god my hands are White.

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