Naughty Cousin

Back when I was 20 years old my cousin had just turned 18; let me describe her as my way of looking at her changed forever the night of her birthday. She is 5 foot 7″, nice long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, nice smile, sexy lips, and a body that will get you hard just by hugging her–she has big fucking breasts, an hour glass shape, and a big Latin booty.

It’s the day of my cousin’s 18th birthday and she calls me on my cell and says, “Hi cousin what you up to?” I said to her, “Hey, what’s up sweetie.” She then asks me about my day and I tell her, “Nothing much. Why; what are you up to?” She tells me she is cleaning around the house, getting things ready for her party. She asks me, “Are you coming to my party tonight?” I said “Yeah, I’m going. I want to get drunk!” She giggles and says, “Me too, but can you come over and help me clean please?”  I said ,” Yeah, no problem cousin. You’re lucky its your birthday.” She giggles and says, “Ok, cool. Thanks cousin. Just come in when you’re here, the door is unlocked.”

So I get to my cousin’s house and I walk in the front door to find my cousin in black leggings and a tight white tank top. She turns to look at me and I notice she isn’t wearing a bra she smiles and says, “Hey primo, my face is up here.” I laugh and say, “Oh sorry; I’m a deer caught in your headlights.” She laughs and says, “It’s because its hot in here and my boobs were sweating.” So as I’m helping her clean around the house I cant help but to keep checking out her sexy body. I notice she catches  me looking a few times but didn’t say anything, instead she bends over harder as if she enjoys me looking at her booty and down her big  breasts. Then, as I start trying to control myself she notices my cock getting firm and so she “accidentally” bumps into me and says, “Eeww, what the hell cousin? Ehy is your dick getting hard?” I said to her, “Come on cousin, really? You’re going to ask me that when you’re walking around looking all extra sexy. I cant help but to notice your body.”

She then looks down at my hard cock and says, “Well, I am 18 now so that makes me legal.” I fight the fact that I just want to tear her tank top off and suck on her boobs. But the more I think about it, the more I want to do it. She tells me, “Come on, let’s take a break. I made some fresh lemonade.” So I follow her to the living room and she pores me a glass; by this time I feel hornier than anything and she starts a sex conversation with me, asking, “How many girls have you fucked?” I ask her why she wants to talk about this? She replies with, “Because I was wondering if you liked me enough to fuck me!” I suddenly feel my dick getting rock hard once again. I then put my glass of lemonade down and ask her if she really wants to fuck. She doesn’t say a word, she just gets up and tears her tank top off herself. So I then stand up and just grabbed a hand full off tit and I pinch her baby toe size nipples. She moans and pushes me back on the couch. I look up at her and bite down on my bottom lip as she drops to her knees and pulls my basketball shorts down. She grabs my dick and balls and says, “Damn! Cousin you have a big fat cock!” and continues jacking me off. While she has a firm grip on my dick, she licks the tip and starts to try to put my whole dick into her mouth as far as it will go; to my surprise she has a deep throat. I moan and hold the back of her head down as she makes a gargling noise and begins to choke. She then pulls my cock out of her mouth as she moans while taking a gasp of air. I stand her up and pull her leggings down; I sit her on top of me and slowly shove my cock in her tight, now dripping wet pussy! She moans and begins to bounce up and down on my shaft; as she moans louder and louder, I enjoy the sound and sight of her big breast jumping up and down! I then lay her on the tile floor in her living room and begin to fuck her senseless! At this point she is moaning and screaming, “Oh, so sexy!” while telling me to make her cum like the slut cousin that she is. So I continue to pump harder and faster, she tells me she’s about to cum; I pull my dick out to make her wait to cum. So I position myself on top of her torso and as I fuck her big, perky breasts, she licks my dick every time it get close to her mouth; I then pick her up and lay her on the dinning table, jamming my dick back up her tight, wet, barley legal pussy. I fuck her hard and fast as she moans and tells me, “Oh, fuck! Make me cum, cousin, with your fat hard cock!” I keep going at the same pace as I tell her, “Oh fuck, sweetie, I’m about to cum.” She moans as she runs out of breath, “Lets cum together!” So I’m pinching her baby toed nipples as I fuck the shit out of her, then she cums all over my hard ass cock as I release my warm baby gravy deep inside her tight, wet pussy.

After we finished cooling down from our hot sex in the living room, we get dressed and finish our cleaning. And as I am getting ready to leave she tells me, “Hey, cousin, when you come to the party tonight get ready to get drunk and hopefully we can do this again!” I look at her and say, “Oh hell yeah, we will.”

It has been a long time since I have had sex with her as I am now 25 going on 26 in 4 months, and she is 23 turning 24 soon. Maybe she would like some cock for her birthday! lol

If you enjoyed my story ladies, and get turned on and live in the h.p. area feel free to contact me. wink wink ;)

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