Arena of Pleasure: Sarah Silverman

Its me again, Tom the Facility Liaison for the local entertainment complex. Its not always music that we get here, it varies from all types of music, freak shows, trade shows and in this case comedy shows. My job was to look after the head liner in the tour. In this case it was Sarah Silverman who was in the building for a three night stand, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. She was a woman whom I have been attracted to for years. She was even sexier in person. I was expecting a rude, crude and slightly bent person based on her show. But she was more delightful than I am use to dealing with in this job. She was polite, well spoken and dressed like a normal person.
She did her first show on the Thursday and afterwards she came to me dressed in her street clothes a red tank top covered by a black dress shirt undone down the front with a pair of hip hugging jeans and red sneakers with her hair tied back and she wasn’t wearing a bra as her not quite hard nipples were subtly outlined on here red shirt. She asked where she could get a good pint of dark ale. I directed her to a bar not far from the hotel where she was staying, a nice British style pub. She asked me to join her to which I had to tell her I was AA but I would gladly be her designated driver. She smiled and said she like the idea of me driving her if she got into trouble I could bail her out.
So we went to the pub it was later in the evening and there weren’t many people around. I watched her down a couple of boiler makers then a third pint while I nursed a ginger ale. As she drank more she became very touchy feel and asked me to play pool.
After a couple of games (one of which was mostly spent with her bent over the table shaking her cute little ass) she looked at the clock and said she felt light headed and needed to be taken back to her hotel. As we drove she sat close to me in the truck and she put her head on my shoulder in a drunken haze she kept asking me questions about my job, and kissing my neck.
“You like yer job Tommy?”
“I do……… most days”
“why most days, why not all days? She asked as she slowly ran her hand up my leg slowly towards my cock
“well there are some stars who tend to need treatment like they were gods”
“that is pretty shitty, all I need is beer and a little dick once in a while” she purred into my ear as she began to rub my crotch. “But there have to be great days, cute guy like you I bet the girls hit on you like crazy.”
“There were a few ladies who showed interest……. and a couple of guys”
“yeah, you like cock Tommy?”
“No but they tried”
“what about the girls ever bed one of em”
“a couple”
“Who?” she asked unzipping my fly
“I won’t say it is not nice to kiss and tell”
“ain’t you a gentleman, I like that, does that mean you won’t tell people you nailed me?”
” you bet”
“I do like it, I like you, you turn me on”
“yeah I wanna fuck ya” she said as she began pulling on my dick. She continued to jerk me until we pulled into the parking lot of her hotel (the same one where I fucked Ms. Osbourne) she led me to the elevators and as we rode up we made out as she probed my mouth with her tongue. All the time grabbing my ass.
We tumbled into her room and with in seconds she was on her knees and pulling down my pants. “Suck it hard baby” I moaned.
She quickened her pace making my rigid dick very happy. I grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet and pushed her against the wall and tore off her clothes exposing her rock hard nipples and firm beautiful breasts. I dropped to my knees and began licking her hairy pussy. She put her left leg over my shoulder and gabbed my hair for balance as I slurped away at her pussy.
“Aha fuck, oh god hew whew that feels so fucking awesome. You have a nasty tongue baby”
I gave her a little more tongue lashing to get her to come, and then stood up and rammed my tongue down her throat as I kneaded her tits and rubbed her areolas.
“You ready to be fucked like a dog?” I panted. She just bit my lip and smiled as she fondled my balls.
“Yeah take me from behind” she said as she let go of my balls. I grabbed her arm and threw her across the room to the bed and she landed face down. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to all fours at the edge of the bed as I stepped up to the bed, and placed my dick at her hot wet slit.
“Don’t be gentle with that fucking thing bitch”
“yeah you like it rough you little tramp” I asked as I slapped her ass and pushed into her all the way. She yelled in pain at the very first, but within seconds she was pushing back against me in a vigorous flesh slapping fuck. Her hair now out and flailing wildly as I gripped her ass and hammered her away feeling her cunt constrict as she was on her second orgasm.
“How’s that you hot little slut”
“I am so fucking happy with this fuck baby”
“yeah you wanna get it rougher babe?”
“Yes oh JESUS yes hard fast and intense, do whatever you need to!” She moaned slowing the pace to a crawl.
“Brace your self for the big finale” I said as I pulled out of her dripping pussy. Then started running it along her ass crack. Then spit on her star fish for a little extra lube. “Are ya ready to become engorged again?”
“Mhm impale me” she said trying to push my dick back in her snatch. But I redirected my dick to her asshole, and drove it in before she could say anything. I put one foot on the bed and grabbed her hips again with one hand and the other on the back of her head pushing it into the bed and proceeded to slam her even harder.
I thought she would be more complaining but by the look of ecstasy on her face it wasn’t her first cock in her ass. She had a mile wide smile on her face.
I shot my load into her ass quickly as the tightness of her anus was very stimulating. She collapsed on the bed on her side. She took my hand and pulled me down behind he were we spooned till we passed out.
I awoke the next morning to Sarah giving me another blow job.
“I guess you have no regrets about last night then” I said as I came in her mouth.
“None whatsoever” she said licking come off her lip. “And we still have two nights together” she said kneeling over my face and began rubbing herself on my nose. Knowing what she needed I put my hands on her ass and began eating her pussy. She ran her hands through my hair as I lapped and tongued her pussy. As she squirted her juices all over my face she giggled with glee.
“Oh baby you are loving being my bitch ain’t ya?”
I just nodded and this continued for two days only stopping for her to do her show.

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