Masturbation Office Theater Part 1


I own several rental properties. Mostly professional office space and retail. When the recession hit, I lost a few tenants, but I have managed to fill all of them again except for a small office in a five unit building I own. It’s not a bad space, but I have become reluctant to rent it out. The reason is a bit unusual-the view is fantastic. The building is U-shaped with a courtyard, and each business has a rear exit with access to the courtyard. The courtyard has a covered smoking area with picnic tables. When the previous tenant moved out, I went in to clean and paint. After the painting was finished I started to clean the windows in the conference room and made an exciting discovery when I opened the blinds, the windows directly faced the smoking area. You may wonder why this is exciting. Two of the other units have been combined into one retail space, a women’s clothing store!! This is a fairly upscale store and it has several very attractive employees from their early twenties to mid-forties. When I realized the windows had an unobstructed view of the smoking area I remembered many of the women who worked there not only smoked there but also ate lunch out there regularly. My mind came up with a naughty idea. I decided to install one way mirror film on the conference room windows. After the installation I checked the mirror effect from the smoking area. with the lights off in the office you could not see in from the outside at all, but from the inside the view was perfect.

When Monday came I went into the conference room, set up a desk chair, stripped naked, and eagerly waited with a bottle of lube for someone to take a break. About fifteen minutes later the assistant manager walked out. She is an attractive blonde in her late thirties. she was wearing a sexy flower print dress with no stockings and strappy heels. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tanned, toned legs and sexy pedicured feet as she smoked and chatted on her phone. My cock was like stone knowing that she didn’t know I was stroking myself about ten feet away, only separated by a piece of glass. I was almost overcome with sheer excitement and nearly came then and there, but I stopped stroking and held back. Pre-cum was flowing heavy and my cock was twitching, but I wanted to see more before I exploded. I gently teased myself while she went back in. I repeated the next two women who came out were ok looking but they were good enough to keep me hard, that and the fact they didn’t know what I was doing right by them, then Ann walked out. Ann is the sexiest woman who works at the store, a busty redhead with brown eyes. She’s about 5’3″ with large C/small D tits, a nice round ass and perfectly sculpted legs she has no problem showing off. That day she was wearing a red, form fitting blouse, a short black skirt and open toe slides. I felt a jolt through my balls when she walked out but I almost lost it when she sat down. She sat on the bench facing away from the table and directly at me! I know she couldn’t see me, but it was so exciting I had to slow down to a slow stroke to keep from cumming. I ran my eyes all over her body still slowly stroking my aching cock, then she did something that destroyed what little control over my dick I had left. She slipped her sexy little feet out of her shoes and began flexing her toes. the site of her perfect bare feet and soft soles was all I could take. I had no control as the cum started spurting out all over me, the floor and the chair. I started enjoying my shows three or four days a week for several weeks, then I got an idea to make it even more exciting. I decided to find some other guys to enjoy the show with me.

Legs Nylons and Feet

I started using local online classifieds to find suitable candidates to join me in watching. I was very cautious to find some guys who were serious, sane, and discreet. After a few weeks I found my first audience member. Mike is a nice college age guy who shares my love of sexy legs and feet. after I talked to him and was comfortable with him I invited him to join me at the office. We got there shortly after the store opened and sat in chairs still dressed to wait for the first woman to take a break. The first woman who came out was one of the less attractive ones and Mike seemed disappointed but I told him it would get better, and it did. About ten minutes later Ann walked out for a smoke. Mike said “holy shit she’s hot!!” He started to squeeze his crotch while he stared at Ann. I decided to take off my clothes and lubed up my cock. Mike got naked too and started stroking. Ann was on the phone which meant she would be there longer, plus I had noticed something about her since i had been watching her, she liked to slip off her shoes a lot, and she did. By this time, mike was totally hard and pumping his cock, which i noticed had to be over eight inches. Ann was joined by another one of the younger women, a cute blonde with a nice tan. Mike and I continued to watch them talking while we talked about their legs and stroked our cocks. About twenty minutes passed before Ann and the blonde both walked back inside. Mike told me how awesome my setup was while him and I both stroked to keep hard while we waited for the next woman to come out. A few minutes later the assistant manager walked out. I knew Mike really like her because he stood up to get a little closer and started to stroke more vigorously. Who could blame him? This woman has the fit, toned legs that only come from years of wearing high heels Plus she has very well maintained feet she always shows off with revealing shoes. Mike was breathing hard staring at her and tensed up as his cock began to spurt cum. I did not know it at the time but Mike cums A LOT! It seemed like he would never stop. The sight of him cumming to this woman’s legs sent me over the edge and I shot my load in strong bursts.

Needless to say Mike became by regular viewing buddy. I have made a couple more friends as well, I’ll continue in part 2.

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