sandy’s office part three

A new day. Sandy slips the Bluetooth into her ear just before she unlocks the front door. Walking into the office dresses in a grey skirt that comes to her mid thigh, nearly revealing the tops of her smokey grey stockings along with a rich purple silk blouse.
She enters, placing her things near her desk.. wondering when Stephen will call.
She would never say it out loud but there is a feeling of depraved pleasure that burns in her stomach as she knows she’s being watched.
Sandy does the usual paperwork, makes the usual calls.. all the mundane bullshit and is finished with her tasks just before lunch.
The Bluetooth beeps, startling her as she answers.
“Good morning my little whore. Your choice of clothing is acceptable only you must unbutton your blouse further, at least half way. Now, take the toys into the conference room along with the tie I’ve placed in the drawer.”
Juggling the devices and toys as she moves into the conference room.. she feels strange carrying all of these sex toys. She places them upon the polished table when she hears him continue, “pull your skirt up around your waist and sit on the table. Use the tie, place it over your eyes and tie it around the back of your head.”
Sandy’s heart feels as if it will leap from her chest, breasts heaving as she follows the instructions. Sitting on the table, blindfolding herself after pulling her skirt up to reveal the gartered stockings.
“Reach for the lube and dildo. You are gonna fuck yourself. I am gonna watch. If I’m pleased that will be all for the day, if not the day will continue til I’m satisfied.”
Her hands tremble as she reaches blindly for the dildo and lube, using her legs to push herself back toward the center of the long table. Her legs spread open she lubes up the tip, rubbing working the lube around the head of the thick long dildo.
The only sounds she can hear are the sound of her heart pounding and Stephen’s voice.
“Now slide that in your pussy, whore.”
She guides the huge dildo to the lips of her cunt, applying some lube to her pussy then a tender insertion. She gasps as she feels this oversize fake cock sliding in and out of her slit.
“Unbutton your blouse then take the vibrator and stimulate your clit as you fuck yourself”
Her large breast exposed as she shoves this massive dildo up her cunt, tapping her clit with the vibrator. Sandy is surprised at how quickly she feels excited by this, hips undulating.. grinding into the rubber cock, she circles her clit with the vibrator.
The only thing missing she thinks is someone to play with her tits. Within mere moments she is taking every inch of that dildo in her gash, stretching herself open as she bucks on the table, cumming on the sex toy. Slowly pulling it out, surprised at how much she took and how quickly she came.
“Now lick it clean.”
Sandy grasps the toy with both hands and licks the length of it, sliding the head into her mouth, she is able to wedge it halfway down before she gags. She continues to suck until prompted.
“If only you could deep throat, your day would be done. Now slide off the table and take off the blindfold.”
Sandy slips off the conference room table and pulls the blindfold off to find two of the interns from another office down the hall. She tries to cover up, backing away from the two twenty-something interns. Anyone could tell they were trying to hide the hard dicks in their pants.
“Get on your knees. Pull out their cocks. Suck them.”
She hesitates, again trying to think her way out.
“If you aren’t sucking cock in 10 seconds, your mother is gonna see you fucking yourself in my conference room.”
She weighs the choices as her body moves toward the young men. Sandy falls to her knees in front of them. Unzipping and pulling out their dicks.
“Two seconds.”
Sandy plunges her face into one of their crotches, slurping on his meat as she jerks the other off. She switches up as a strand of precum reaches from the her lips as she swallow the other dick.
This one larger but nowhere near the size of the dildo she just fucked herself with..
The one she just sucked on turns his body, groaning.. he grabs her head as he squirts his white hot load onto her face as she continues to suck.
“Moan. I wanna hear you enjoy those dicks.”
Sandy moans loudly.. it may sound fake to anyone not getting sucked off but her pussy is dripping wet. In fact, if either of these guys bent her over the table she would beg them to fuck her, to slap her shapely ass, choke her and pound their cocks in her dirty fucking holes.
As her hips grind the nothing between her thighs, the second intern grabs the back of her head as his dick throbs thick ribbons of cream into her mouth, sandy tries to pull away at first only to realize that he wasn’t gonna pull out until she swallowed his gift.
The taste is bitter and hot and… fucking exciting
“Thank them. Tell them to come back one week from today.”
She fulfills her orders and they pull themselves together as they leave.
“Your day is over, pull your skirt down button your blouse.. you can leave.”
Standing, she gathers the sex toys and shoves them into her desk before she leaves, locking the outer office behind her.
Sandy felt humiliated and more alive than any other day she can recall.
Quietly curious as to what tomorrow will hold.

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