She was tall and hot and mine today

Lori was the new assistant to the bookeeper. She was only 22. She stood 5’11” and was incredibly pretty. In spite of her height, she was well proportioned. She had dark eyes and hair. Every guy turned their head when she walked by them in the hall. She was the topic of many discussions at the water cooler. All the guys, young and old, wanted to fuck her. Lori knew it too. She flirted with all of us. The best days were yet to come as Lori wore the skimpiest of outfits when Spring arrived. She was that hot. She had the longest legs any man would want. We all were going crazy. One night as spring was turning towards summer, I had to work late to set up stuff for the quarterly budget meetings. At around 9 PM as I was about to leave, Lori showed up to visit her friend in the computer department. She was wearing this really nice and simple sun dress. She was sizzling. She must have seen the delight in my eyes as I gave her the once over. Lori looked kind of unusually playful. I decided to get out of there before I got into the kind of trouble I kind of fantasized about when it came to her. As I headed towards my car, Lori walked me to it. She said to me that I seemed fearful of getting caught being with her so late at night at the office. I told I really wasn’t, even though I was. Lori said we have nothing to fear. Unless of course I do this. With that comment, Lori removed her sun dress and stood there in front of me with just a leopard thong on. Whatever Lori looked like in clothes, she was 10 times hotter without them. I stood there for a moment frozen from whatever any man would feel when he saw the girl of his dreams nude in front of him. Quickly I pulled Lori into my car and forced her to get dressed. She put her long legs up on my windshield and told me to go for it. She knew I was intimidated by her and she was getting off on it. I wanted to bad to fuck her but I was married as was she plus I was a manager in the company. I wanted no part of any scandal. Lori got dressed but it took a lot of coaxing by me to get that done. I also knew that if I said I would go for it that Lori would back off. She was a tease and a huge flirt with tons of nerve. From that day on Lori would see me in the hallway and purposely bump into me so that I could feel her tits. She would come by my desk and purposely put her tits in my face or use her ass to get me aroused. I wanted her to stop some times and other times I wanted to just say fuck it and do the deed. One time in early summer, Lori needed a lift to work because her car broke down. She called me and I obliged. She lived not more than 5 minutes from the office. She invited me in and I knew that being alone with her outside of the office would spell trouble. I wasn’t there 5 minutes when she took my sports jacket and tucked part of it into her groin area, obviously rubbing it by her pussy. Laughingly she told me she wanted me to smell the jacket all day long and think of her wet pussy. Once she stopped that craziness, she took out a photo album that contained all nude shots of her that were professionally done. She was doing all she could to frazzle me and she was doing a super job. I thought that it was about time that I turned the tables. After all, she was nothing more than a flirt and someone who I knew for a fact was all talk and no action. When I asked her for the last time to put away the album, she asked me if I could handle a woman like her and if all this sexual stuff was too much for me to handle. She loved to itimidate. I had enough. With her comments, I reached under her blouse and to my surprise found I was touching bare tit already since she had no bra on. I began to caress her tits and play with her nipples, expecting her to make me stop. Instead, she removed her blouse and asked me to do more. “Lori, I did not think you would let me go this far”, I said to her. I kept stroking her tits and she reached over and unzipped my pants. How far would this charade go? She looked at me and said I don’t know if this is right or how far I can take it. If I chickened out now would you hate me?, she asked. I never thought you would become aggressive back with me and I was just having fun with you she said. Now I am very turned on and feel like going to bed with you but I know it’s wrong she said. All I kept doing was rubbing both her tits. She unzipped my pants and grabbed my cock, which by now was all ready for anything. She smiled at me and said surprisingly “You’re hard already”. I laughed because I thought that was supposed to work that way. She turned so shy that it was kind of cute. She wrapped her long fingers around my cock and started to really give me a very nice hand job. She was so funny now. She looked at me and asked me straight out if we do anything could I keep it a secret. Her next remark was really funny. She said if I blow you we don’t have to fuck, right? I laughed and said we can do or not do anything you want. At this point all I wanted was to get my cock into one of her holes because she was driving me crazy with her words and perfect hand job. I mean she knew how to stroke a man’s cock to perfection. Without another word, she slipped my cock into her mouth and immediately deep throated me. She was the best of the best. I slid off her pants but she would not let me pull down her thong. I knew if there was a way I could fuck Lori today I had to do it. I found the side of thong and began to play with her clit and she was sucking me like no woman had ever sucked me off before. As I began to finger her, she began to moan. She kept on begging me not fuck her, making it even more excting. Somehow Lori, with all her size and might maneuvered me into a 69 position. Please eat my pussy she begged. My husband never does it and I love it. Maybe we can fuck too but just not today, she smiled. I am just really scared she moaned. Lori smelled great. She probably just stepped out of the shower. I began to tongue her pussy and play with clit. She was moaning as she was sucking my cock. Both of us were in heaven. She almost came immediately from feeling a man’s tongue on her pussy. I felt her hold back. I was ready to cum and she knew it. I still wanted to fuck her and did not know if we came from 69 if she would let me fuck her. All of a sudden she pulled her mouth off my cock and pulled me back around. Fuck me now she said. Without saying a word, she plunged my cock into her pussy. She looked up at me smiled. I want us to cum together baby and look at each other while we do it, she said. This was so hot. She wrapped her 36 inch legs around me and fucked me so hard. I cupped my hands under her really nice ass. We were really fucking hard when she said that she was about to cum. She looked up at me and said cum with me baby, please. Her pussy felt 10 degrees warmer now. All of a sudden she began to cum and with that I did too. I felt like I was cumming for a full minute before it was over but it was the best sex I ever had. I lied next to her and was in total disbelief. She looked at me and said that this was not supposed to happen. She hugged me and we kissed. We both got dressed rather quickly as we all of a sudden realized that we just fucked and we were had to go back to work. I drove her to work but chose to stay away from the office the rest of the day because my face had guilt written all over it. The next day when I saw Lori she said that she really just wanted to flirt with me and that we should never do what we did again. With that she planted this awesome sloppy wet kiss on my face, reached down in my pants one last time and put my hands on her tits. She smiled again and said well maybe we can fuck again but let’s not make this into an affair. A month has passed and Lori and I still tease each other but have never taken it beyond that. Jokingly one day she said to me that she was pregnant and that I could be the dad. Gotcha she said. You think I would have fucked you without contraception? No way! There is a second chapter to this story a
even better than the first, at least for Lori and me. Stay tuned.

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She was tall and hot and mine today, 3.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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