Here I am sitting here thinking of what I can write, something hot, and something so filthy it will make you cum in your pants. I knew you would log onto this site, I told you that I write in here, I knew you wouldn’t be able to help yourself, the intrigue got the better of you didn’t it? You will not believe that I, Mrs married and sensible would dare write anything as filthy as this,………… and yes about you!! Can I do it? Can I make you see what I see? Can I make you feel what I feel? Can you visualise my fantasy and join me?
So here I sit thinking about you, feeling warm and tingly, getting wet between my legs just at the mere thought of you. I’m thinking about yesterday, when we spent the day laughing and mucking around. The sexual tension was there we both could feel it, with every accidental touch, every glance at my breasts, the staring at each others face only for a second but long enough to see the lust in each others eyes.
Don’t think I didn’t notice that you were wearing denim jeans and a T-Shirt. I love the way a guy’s crotch and butt looks in denim jeans, especially when the guy wears no underwear but you knew that, I have told you that many times on E-mail. You dressed for me didn’t you? I bet you wore nothing underneath just to tease me. Did you feel my eyes on you every time you walked in and out of that room?
Do you want to know what I wanted to do to you, what I was fantasing about?

I saw myself follow you into that room, closing the door behind me, walking slowly over to where you were sitting. You were reading a manual. I took the book and put it aside, I sat myself on your lap, no I straddled you, I began to rock myself on your crotch slowly forwards and backwards, enjoying your prick rubbing on my throbbing bud. You tried to grab my waist and kiss me, but I pulled back, I grabbed your hands and I held them down, your were not to touch me.
Slowly I moved my head closer to your face, you thought I was going to kiss you, but as my head came closer I moved slightly to the left, only to glide my wet tongue along your ear, and nipping your lobe, I felt you shudder and your hands trying to embrace me. I pushed them back down. Slowly I found myself looking straight into your face, without closing my eyes I slid my wet tongue over your trembling lips, I could feel your warm breath as you opened your mouth. As we kissed I cupped your face and pushed my tongue as far down your throat as I could; your hands were now around my waist tightening as your excitement grew. We were in a frenzy, we had waited for that kiss a very long time, and it was happening now, I moved faster and faster on your throbbing prick, the kiss was becoming more and more urgent, …… then you stopped. You picked me up and lay me on the desk it was so quick I didn’t see it coming. As you proceeded to raise my skirt and spread my legs, a smiled appeared on your face as you realised I wasn’t wearing any underwear, you didn’t believe me did you? I was breathing very quickly in anticipation and as you knelt down between my legs you could see the wetness of my pussy glistening, and inviting you to a taste, a taste of me.
I closed my eyes and gave up to the desire burning throughout my body. I felt your warm breath coming closer and closer to my saturated mound, as you blew out a breath of air, I tingled with excitement, but never was I prepared for the jolt of pleasure as your wet tongue glided along the length of my cunt, and when it began to flick my bud side to side I was ready to explode one more lick, just one more flick, that was it!! I could feel the waves wash over me slowly over and over again, and as you proceeded to fuck me with your tongue I came again gasping for air, over and over I came drowning in the waves of ecstasy. But I wanted more, I wasn’t finished yet (This is my fantasy isn’t it?) I slid myself off the table until I was on my knees. I grabbed your waist and I pulled you over until your were standing in front of me. I could see your rigid cock straining against the denim of your jeans. Slowly I proceeded to pull down your zip, my eyes never leaving yours. As the zip opened, your enormous (like that?) prick sprang out, hard as a rock, the tip glistening with cum, that had escaped. Slowly my tongue began its moist and eager path from the base of your prick, as it came to the tip It eagerly lapped up the moisture It found there, I began to circle your head with my tongue slowly until I could hear your breathing become heavy gasping, you were so close. I stopped. I looked up you were looking straight back at me waiting………I lowered my head again, but this time to make my snail path along your balls slow and steady licking and tugging at the sacks with my teeth until you could bare it no more. Then I took your wet hard cock into my mouth, sucking and licking faster and faster your body thrusting it further and further into my mouth where I could feel it reach the back of my throat, Finally I felt you tense and then shudder, a groan escaped your lips as you spilled your cum into my awaiting mouth.
We sat there for a while both spent, drained and satisfied, when we were composed we left the room.

So this is my fantasy, and yes it was about you!!
Do you want it to become a reality?

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  1. swagsta

    Lovely story & excellent writing to match, you’ve definitely got me as a Fan

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