When A Plan Cums Together Part Two

You came out of the bathroom about the time that I came  through the door. It was shortly before noon, and as promised, I was back.  

I came over to you taking my shirt off and gave you a big kiss.  “I have a surprise for us.”

Just then you looked toward my friend, thinking that this might be a little awkward. Did you forget she was here? She was wearing a black teddy that made her look stunning. While you were admiring her, I had stripped down to a teddy that matched hers. 
As I led you to the bed, I admitted that I had this all planned for our threesome since getting the conference brochure three months ago. I asked if you were game for it? You didn’t really have to say anything; I knew you were up for the ride.

sat you on the edge of the bed, and got on my knees in front of you, slowly unbuckling your pants. Meanwhile, she was on the bed on her knees behind you, unbuttoning your shirt and kissing your neck. In no time, your shirt and pants were on the floor, exposing your rock hard cock that had barely a moment to respond to what was happening. As she continued to kiss your neck her hands were wandering all over your chest and down to your cock where I was  sucking the full length in and out of my mouth. How you didn’t cum I’m not sure.

You felt her pull your shoulders downward onto the bed, and as you laid down you saw that she was completely naked now, her teddy on the floor. Without saying a word, she mounted your face with her shaven pussy. It tasted magnificent and she wiggled like a woman who hadn’t had sex in a very long time. She was moaning loudly, as if she hadn’t been serviced in a while and you could tell that she was enjoying the ride. Your cock  was now inserted deeply into my pussy and I was thrashing around in passion.

As you blew your load into my pussy, we came in unison. After a minute or two, we rolled off of you, now lying on the bed. Both of us were caressing one another’s breasts and nipples. You were still lying across the end of the bed, and I said that I  had to return to classes, but would  be back afterwards for more. I told my friend that she could use you in any way that she pleased until I returned. 

I got up, quickly dressing and heading out the door. My friend said, “Kevin, you heard the lady… get up here.”
You crawled up next to her naked body. She began to fondle your balls and cock in a way that was different than the way I do, and that aroused you quickly. She dove under the covers and wrapped her mouth around your cock, taking the entire length of the shaft well into her throat. She left a thick coating of spit on it and threw her leg over you, mounting you with one quick motion.
All she said was, “Oh, shit that feels good!”
You laid there as she did all the work. You reached up pinching her nipples… they were beginning to stand out a full half inch. She laid down toward your chest allowing you to put a tit in your mouth and she squealed as you gently bit on a nipple. Up and down your shaft she continued to ride.
Getting off you she  fell on the bed onto her back and said, “Fuck me hard, like you do Risa.”
She spread her legs apart, inviting you in, unconcerned that you were unprotected. You stayed on your knees and put her legs over your shoulders, inserting your cock into her like she wanted. You drove into her hard, back and forth, making the king-sized bed creak and moan. Her breasts were tossing about, as if asking to be manhandled.
“Oh Kevin, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”
And with that she let out a loud growl and she began to shudder. You released a load of sperm into her that seemed like it would never stop.
“Oh Kevin, that was wonderful; thank you. But I hope you have more for me.”
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