A Night Out, Part One

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Dave and Cindy haven’t been out on a date since baby Daniel was born six months ago and their marriage was starting to become strained. Dave had finally found a babysitter that was recommended by a friend from work so Cindy decided to go. Dave ran to answer the door while Cindy finished dressing. Dave is six feet tall and in great shape for a guy in his early 30’s. He has sandy blonde hair and big blue eyes. Cindy is five feet six inches, brunette with green eyes. She has a small frame but is still trying to loose the last few pounds from her recent pregnancy. The only thing that seems to help is having Daniel nurse from her engorged tits every 3-4 hours.

Dave opened the door to a striking young woman who introduced herself as Diane. Dave was at a loss for words as he took in her beauty. She stood on his porch in a short mini skirt and cut-off white tank top. It was very clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her huge nipples were visible through the thin cotton. Her golden mane cascaded down her sexy tan body. Dave invited her in and fought his pending erection.

He showed her around the house and introduced her to Daniel who was having a nap in his swing. “My wife is breastfeeding him but she pumped earlier and the milk is in the fridge. Just warm the bottle and feed him when he’s hungry.” Diane crossed her legs and rubbed her nipples lightly while saying “I wish I could breastfeed, my mother says that she had some of her most intense orgasms while breastfeeding me.” Dave nearly fell off his chair. His dick was so hard that it hurt now. Just then Cindy walked into the living room. She stood for a minute looking at Diane and immediately looked at Dave’s crotch, knowing that it would be hard. Annoyed, she quickly gave Diane strict rules and turned to leave. Dave looked Diane over once more while arranging his dick, then turned to walk out the door.

On the way to the restaurant Cindy was furious. She had felt a little self-conscious since the baby was born. Her body was beautiful with large milk-filled tits and a round ass, yet she was still worried that Dave would cheat now that she wasn’t a size 3 anymore. “How could you bring her into our house to take care of our baby? I mean as soon as you saw her your dick got hard.” Cindy said angrily. “Baby I’m a man, of course my dick is going to get hard when I see a hot girl, just look at how often my dick gets hard around you.” He said with a smile. He reached over and pinched at her left nipple. “Take that bra off baby. I want to see those big beautiful tits tonight. I want to see your sexy cleavage and those hard nipples that make every man in the place nearly cum in his pants.” With that Cindy smiled and removed her black lacey bra. She adjusted her tits against the thin fabric and Dave immediately began to pinch and play with her nipple. Cindy had been waiting weeks for this date. She shaved and groomed like she had before the baby was born, paying special attention to her pussy area. She dressed in a short, low-cut, thin black dress with black stockings and a black garter belt. She didn’t bother to put on panties, she didn’t like to wear them and they would only get in the way. By the time they got to the restaurant, Cindy was slightly dazed from the euphoric feeling between her legs.

Dave gave the maĆ®tre d’ a tip and a wink and they were seated at a very secluded table that was hidden behind a wall in the back of the restaurant. In fact, it was only visible if you intended to visit it. The booth was a half moon around a round table. Cindy and Dave slid in and Dave requested a bottle of Champagne. While they waited for the waiter to return, Dave held Cindy close while kissing her softly and caressed her arms, neck and face. She was on fire. The waiter, a young sexy college kid, returned with the Champagne and took their orders. Dave popped the cork and poured their glasses. “To the night of our lives” he said and they each downed the glass. Dave quickly filled them again and encouraged Cindy to keep drinking. He held her thigh in his arms and gently stroked her perky nipples. Cindy loved the attention. “I love that you let me touch you in a public place. I am so proud of my sexy wife, I want the world to see your big sexy tits.” He said as he pulled the dress off her shoulder just enough to expose her nipple. He still held her close and pinched and pulled at her hard cherry. Cindy was barely able to contain herself. Dave exposed her entire tit and leaned down to suckle the milk that was dripping from her hard little bud. His tongue danced as he sampled his son’s dinner. His hand slid up her thigh and lifted her dress to expose her shaved pussy and Cindy spread her legs.

Dave began rubbing the outer lips of Cindy’s pussy when the waiter returned. He stood in awe as Dave pleasured Cindy, his own dick becoming rock hard. When Dave noticed he asked him to sit the food down and join them. The kid seemed a little scared until Dave suggested that Cindy had two very beautiful tits that needed to be sucked then dropped the other strap off her shoulder. The waiter sat down and leaned over cautiously, as if waiting for Cindy to sit up and slap him. Cindy looked up and smiled as the young man took her left nipple into his mouth and began to suckle. Dave watched for a moment and then began sucking and nibbling on her other nipple. He traced her slippery slit and pushed his fingers inside. Cindy released a low moan. Dave ssshhhhed her and told her that their friend would have to leave if she couldn’t be quiet. She agreed to try and he continued to finger her pussy while she nursed them both. As the waiter continued to suckle her milk his hand found her hard little love button and trace circles around it. The circles became smaller and smaller until he centered on the crown of her nub. With the duel feeding, the fingering and the clit massage, it was just too much and Cindy’s little body exploded into a mind-blowing orgasm causing her to buck and convulse beneath their attentions.

When Cindy was finished she could barely sit up straight. Dave looked at the waiter and told him that they’d take their dinner to go. The waiter stood, licked Cindy’s cum off his fingers and gathered up the plates to be wrapped. After Dave paid the bill and left a large tip, he helped Cindy outside. He told the valet that they would get their own car even if it was raining. By the time they reached the car, the rain had woken Cindy up a little. Dave put the food in the car and came around as if to let Cindy in the car. Instead he held her there and kissed her hard and passionate, telling her over and over how sexy she was and how exciting it was to watch her breastfeed the young waiter. He pushed her straps down again and the rain fell softly on her round tits. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up onto the hood of the car. “Dave, it’s getting late, maybe we should be getting back to Daniel.” “Oh sure, let the waiter get you off but expect me to go home with my balls aching. No fucking way. Come on baby give some of that sweet wet pussy. Let me taste you. I mean you don’t want me going home horny and having to drive our babysitter home.” He said as he kept kissing her and nibbling at her nipples. She knew he was right. She had gotten off and it was only fair to get him off.

Dave pushed his way between her legs and she spread them wide for him. She lay down on the car and he pushed her dress up high to expose her pussy to the rain. He spread her lips and began lapping at her sweet juices. His tongue probed her deep hole and danced over her clitty. Cindy arched her back as the rain fell cool against the raging heat in her pussy. She came against his face, grabbing his hair and bucking her pussy against his eager mouth, her rhythms moving the entire car.

Dave flipped her limp body over onto the car and entered her pussy from behind. Cindy climaxed immediately, screaming out with each blow. Dave continued to fuck h
is wife from behind, pounding her
pussy as warm milk flowed from her tits down the hood of the car. He palmed her clitty, rubbing it hard and fast while he pinched her nipples and milk sprayed onto the ground. Cindy’s pussy hurt but despite the pain her clitty gave in to one more orgasm and Dave joined her this time filling her pussy with white creamy cum. When he finished he pulled his dick out of Cindy and carried her lifeless body to the passengers side. She was exhausted. He didn’t bother to put his dick away, he actually liked it hanging out and it became hard again before they reached the house.

When they got home he got out of the car with his dick hanging out of his pants and went to carry Cindy to the door. Cindy’s dress was still around her waist leaving her tits and pussy fully exposed. He opened the door with Cindy in his arms and Diane came in to greet them. She stopped and observed as the two of them, Dave disheveled with his erect dick hanging fully out of his fly and Cindy with her dress condensed around her waist. Dave smiled and said, “It was kind of a wild night. Let me put her to bed and I’ll be right back to drive you home.” Diane watched as Cindy’s wet raw pussy passed by. Diane noticed that Cindy’s tits were bigger than before, filling with milk. Oh how she wished to suck them.

Dave took Cindy’s dress off and laid her sleeping body in bed. “Dave, when did we get home?” Cindy asked in a groggy voice. “Just a few minutes ago. Did you have a good time tonight?” He asked as he gently stroked her exposed nipples. They were erect as usual, the warm bed caressing her naked body. “Oh yes Dave, I haven’t felt like that in years.” Dave smiled and gave her a rectangular red box with a black ribbon. She smiled, untied the ribbon and opened the box. Inside was a large black vibrator. It was soft and textured just like a real dick. Dave took it from her hands, slid his hand under the covers and pushed it into her raw wet pussy. “Oh no Dave, my pussy is so soar already, please wait until tomorrow.” Dave ignored her plea and turned the vibrator on low. Cindy’s objections quickly stopped and she settled into the bed. “This won’t hurt baby, it’s just a little something to help you sleep till I get back. My dick is so hard that I need to know that you will be waiting for me, otherwise I might want to fuck Diane.” Cindy grabbed his dick, stroked a few times and told him to hurry back. No matter how much her pussy hurt, she wouldn’t share him with Diane. He stood, kissed her softly on the lips and each nipple and walked away.

Dave quickly changed into a pair of cotton gym shorts and a t-shirt and went into the living room. His dick was still pronounced due to the lack of underwear and the thin fabric of the shorts. He sat in the chair across from Diane and opened his legs a little. Just as he expected his dick peaked out of one leg opening and he acted as if he didn’t notice. Diane’s eyes immediately went to the purple head hanging out of his shorts. Oh how she wanted to suck it. “How was Daniel?” He asked. “Oh he was fine, he ate twice while you were gone and I just put him down. I have to tell you, each time I fed him I thought about your wife breastfeeding him and it made me so horny. I really don’t want you to be mad but I have to tell you something, he started to cry and I couldn’t find a pacifier so I took him in my arms and put my nipple in his mouth. He took it right away and sucked for a while and I actually came twice. It felt so amazing that I didn’t want him to stop. I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t know what else to do and I was really curious about what it felt like.” “I don’t mind at all, I think my son is very luck to get to suck on your beautiful tits. He just doesn’t know it yet. I only wish I could have been here to watch.” Dave said with a laugh. “Maybe we should get going so I can drive you home.”

Dave and Diane walked out the door and got into the car but the evening was only just beginning.


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