Day 2 At The Resort

The next day we lazed around and cuddled and then did some sight seeing and shopping.  When we got back to the room we got in the Jacuzzi.  I was holding you with your back against me and caressing your tits.  I got hard and was rubbing my prick on you then I turned you around and put my prick between your tits.  You started sucking me.  I started the dirty talk, reliving last night.  We went into the bedroom.  I got your vibrator and dildo out and continued the dirty talk.  Soon you were playing with your cunt.  I was lying beside you and told you what a dirty girl you were and how much I loved you.  I started masturbating and caressing you.  Soon we were both groaning and coming.  We napped.

That night we had dinner at the resort nightclub under the moonlight.  You had on a caftan top with deep cleavage and you wore it like a very short skirt.  We sat at a table with two other couples and two single men.  We ate, drank and flirted.  You were the most beautiful woman there.  Your breasts swayed and were falling out.  Once dinner was over they started playing dance music.  We got up to dance.  I held you tight against me and told you how much I loved my dirty girl.  You pushed into my leg and humped me.  We were both horny again.

Then you danced with one of the single men, first a fast dance with your breasts swaying.  A slow song came on and you stayed dancing with him.  I saw you rubbing against his leg while he was rubbing your back down to your ass.  Soon you were dancing with the other single man and he was touching your tits.  You were being sexed up on the dance floor with everyone watching.  Then the music changed to a conga.  We got in the line and as you shook to the music your tits came out.  You shrugged your straps down and flashed your hard nipples.

After a while it was so hot someone yelled skinny dip.  Dozens of people were stripping and jumping into the pool.  You and I stripped and jumped in.  Your nipples were still hard and I got an erection.  All around us there were people fondling and fucking.  I pulled you to me and turned you around so that I could cup your tits.  You floated with your legs up.  Suddenly a man came up out of the water standing near you.  He reached out and started caressing your legs and thighs.  You sighed.  We moved to a dark side of the pool and he moved between your legs.  I was still fondling you and my erection was rubbing between your legs.  He moved closer and his erection was pointed directly at you.

You put your legs around him and pulled him to you and as he got closer I could feel his prick rubbing against both of us.  You reached out and started caressing his prick then pulling him into you.  I was rubbing my prick between your ass cheeks and as he was thrusting into you, our pricks were rubbing each others.  We all moaned and made sex noises, oblivious to the world.  The moon was full, the water warm and the distant sound of the dance music.  He was soon pushing and pulling into your sex and I was caressing your body  and the warm water soothed us.  He came with a grunt, flooding you with his cum.  We all cuddled for a few minutes and relaxed in the afterglow.

We were worn out so we headed back to the room.  We got into bed and then you knelt up and put your wet cunt onto my face and humped it.  I could taste you and his cum in you.  You then turned around and started sucking my cock.  I was so hard and wanted you so much.  Soon you lay down beside me.  Your skin was glowing.  I ran my hands all over you then I lovingly sucked your breasts.  I rubbed my prick all over you.  Then I started talking to you about what a wonderful adventure we were having.  I whispered in your ear about all your flirting and dancing with other men, then the man you fucked in the pool.  I got up on my hands over you and started slowing fucking you.  You were all flushed and your toes were curling.  You came.  I pulled out and came all over your tits.  We fell asleep naked, wet and satisfied.


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