getting steamier in the steamroom

i had had a fantastic work-out in the gym and had nothing planned for the rest of the day so i decided to make use of the facitlities for a change, i went to get undressed and showered and wondered down to the steamroom. i had never been in a steamroom before and was shocked by how the heat hit me as i walked in and how low the visability was, i fubbled around to find a seat and sat at the back of the room. i was totally relaxed and felt myself dropping asleep so i got out and jumped into the showers just outside to wake myself up, no-one was around at all, the place was deserted. so i went back into the steamroom and sat again towards the back and let my towel drop, again the feeling of total relaxation came upon me to i laid on the bench and let myself slip into sleep. i thought i had heard the door click closed and i woke with a start, “hello?” no-one answered so figuering i had dreamt it i laid back down and closed my eyes, i had the feeling i was being watched but just put it down to paranoia and left it at that.
i began to dream that i was on a sun bathing on a beach, the beach was magnificent white sands and greeny-blue sea. whilst soaking up the sun a guy cast a shadow over my body i looked up but could not make out any of his features due to the sun in my eyes, he sat knelt beside me and ran his hand up my thigh, i looked around to see if anyone was about and as the beach was empty so i raised my hips towards him indicating he can carry on exploring my body, he leant down and kissed me then gradually moved down my body taking my nipples in his teeth and licking them both in turn. whislt his mouth worked on my upper body his hand had found my pussy and he began rubbing my clit, i became wet very quickly, so turned on by the fact that we could be seen at anytime and also that i knew absolutly nothing about him! he was finger fucking my aching cunt hard and i was close to cumming, his mouth left my breasts and he moved down and began eating my dripping pussy, he was content greedily eating my juices making pleasurable moans just like myself, but the moans seemed too real, i woke up as the moans were getting louder but they weren’t only mine from the dream someone was with me in the steamroom eating my pussy making the same content yet greedy noises from my dream, i couldn’t make much out about him as the room had even less visability than before i had gone to sleep. he was eating real good so i thought ‘what the hell we’re both enjoying it’ and let him carry on, he soon pulled away from my pussy as i was about to cum and stood up he grabbed my legs and in one movement rammed his thick cock inside me i let out a yelp and he began pumping “fuck i’m gonna cum” i whispered “good” he replied “cum around my cock you dirty little bitch” and with that i came harder than ever before my whole body shaking uncontrolably and he pulled his cock almost all the way out and rammed it back in and came inside me, a few more shot sharpe pumps and he released my legs, i went limp and then he was gone, the door clicked shut again and i smiled “good bye” i said knowing he’d never hear anyway.

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