Her Boy Toy Part 1

Me and my friend Ashley were great friends for about 3 years. She was two years older than me and i met her through her brother, Max, whom was my age. Me and her flirted alot the first few months we knew each other. Eventually we hooked up one night when i stayed the night at their house (while max was asleep). Me, Max and a few friends had gone to a party not far from campus that night and i was designated driver so i stayed sober. It payed off when everyone was passed out at Max’s house, Ashley and I had some fun.

Since then me and Ashley had been in touch alot. We tried a serious relationship but it didnt really work out, so we decided that we were just good friends, who liked to have some “fun” once in a while. One day on IM we were talking and I asked her how things were and how everything was going with her and her boyfriend Bryan. She said it was pretty pathetic. He rarely enjoyed having sex, and she admitted that she missed how much fun we used to have. I said, “look, how bout you stop by and we’ll have some fun, for old time’s sake”. I could tell she really wanted to, explaining how she could use this time pretty well. And what Bryan doesn’t know won’t hurt him. She said she’d give me a call on friday.

Ashley worked at the ice cream parlor a few miles away from my house. She called me that friday and said she’d gotten off work early and she was on her way to come pick me up and go to the mall. She came by and when we got to the mall she took me into the bottom floor of the parking structure where it was dark and cool. I immediately started thinking “what a great place to hook up in a car”. As she turned off the car, we both glanced a look and immediately locked lips. As we made out for a while, I moved to the back row of the SUV, where there was room in the middle of the two seats in the middle row for someone to lay down on. As she straddled me in the backseat, I undid her shirt and bra as she undid my jeans. She kneeled in the gap of the two middle row seats and just went down on my prick. She was the most experienced cocksucker i had ever met. She stroked the base as she sucked hard on the head, then she’d just go all the way down, taking it all in. I grabbed her head and began fucking her face hard. She loved it, she was moaning so damn hard. I came in her mouth and she cleaned all up. “My turn now” she said. I quickly undid her jeans and had her stand, legs spread above my face. I yanked off her Black Lace undies and quickly began ravishing her pink. I loved it, and i could tell she was loving it even more. I licked her clit harder and harder. She began to gyrate and buck her hips, squeezing her C cup titties and biting her lips. “Oh My GOD!!” she yelled. “Bryan could never do anything like this” “OOOH!” within a few more intense seconds, she came, splirting her juices all over my face. She gave my cock a few more licks and sat on me, riding me hard for several minutes. She began screaming and she came again. Now, i turned her around and layed her on the back row as i knelt on the floor and did her missionary style. I loved her pussy! i slipped into her and it felt like pure excstasy slipping into her warm pussy. I started out slow, just to tease her abit and then i really started railing her. i put everything i had into every push. It was almost too much for her to handle. I know had both hands on her tits and was using full body force, fucking the brains out of Ashley. She was screaming and screaming. “God this feels so good!! It’s been so damn long!!” As i crammed a few more pumps into her tender pussy, she came, and then i took out my cock and came all over her face. We cleaned up with a few paper towels near the seat and went inside the mall. Afterwards, we went home. Max was gone to Lacrosse Practice, Her dad was at work, And her mom at Pilates…

to be continued…

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