My Journey to Ecstasy – Chapter 6

My Journey to Ecstasy – Chapter 6 (The laundry lady – further encounters)

I next met her a few days after the car incident. When I came home from office I saw her in the lobby waiting for the lift. I walked up to her and smiled at her. She smiled back and asked how I had been the last few days. I understood from her behavior that all was well and there would be no repercussions of the last encounter. When the lift arrived only both of us were waiting for it and we got in. She was carrying a huge bundle of clothes. The lift is of the modern type with steel interiors and not the old grill type doors. So once you are inside the lift no one can see you from the outside.

As soon as the lift got on its way she turned around, put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She pushed her tongue into my mouth insistently and kissed me hard as if there was no tomorrow. I pushed her against the wall of the lift, while continuing to kiss her and taking both her breasts in my hands, squeezed them hard. She was not wearing a bra and I could feel her nipples hardening under my moving fingers. I took each of her nipples between the forefinger and thumb of each hand, pinching and rolling them lightly.

She moaned deeply in her chest and sat down on the bundle of clothes she had brought along. She pulled me towards herself and started to open my belt. When I protested she gave me a look that silenced me. She opened my belt and pant and pulled it down. Now I was standing with my pant around my ankles and an erect cock straining to come out of my underwear. She then pulled down my underwear also and my erect cock jumped out in from of her face. She took hold of the hard shaft, gave me a sexy smile and licked the swollen glans. I moaned deeply in my chest. She then licked the shaft and the twin balls slowly. Taking the cock in her mouth she licked all around the head and started sucking the cock lightly. I was aware that the lift would reach its destination any moment and in an effort to speed up things I took hold of her hair and tried to push my cock into her mouth. Realizing my intention she backed off a little and told me to have patience. She resumed sucking my cock and used her tongue to massage the underside of the glans and the sensation was exquisite. I suddenly realized that the other two lifts in the building were also working and no one would miss this lift if I stopped it midway. So I pressed the stop button and the lift came to a halt somewhere between the sixteenth and seventeenth floor.

By now she had taken the entire head of the cock into her mouth and was sucking it earnestly while using her tongue to stimulate the underside of the cock head. She was using one hand to rub the cock up and down while the other hand was lovingly fondling my balls turn by turn. I in the meanwhile had unbuttoned her blouse and was squeezing the naked globes of flesh. I was also pinching the nipples turn by turn and moaning deeply in my throat. After a few minutes of her sucking my cock I wanted her to take my entire cock into her mouth. So I took hold of her hair and pushed my cock into her mouth applying pressure on her head. She loosened her throat muscles and accepted me into her mouth. I started fucking her mouth, pushing my cock in and out of her mouth. I was controlling the movement of her mouth using my hands in her hair. After what seemed like eons I was ready to come and I said so to her. She immediately ceased sucking my cock and pressed it at the base with her fingers and asked me to control myself and wait for her.

She got up and pulled up her sari and petticoat to her waist. She was breathing hard and her breasts were going up and down with each breath she was taking. I could see solid thunder thighs and red panties with a big wet spot at the crotch. I sat down and pulled down her panties to her ankles. She turned around and bent over using the bundle of clothes like a chair or sofa. I could see her small ass hole and swollen pussy lips which were a deep red in color and wet from all the fluid she had emitted. Already the fluid had started dripping down her thighs. I licked the drops of come from her thighs and pussy lips and then pushed my tongue into her pussy, moving it around and pushing it in and out in a continuous motion. Locating the clitoris I pinched and caressed it lightly with my fingers and then licked it. By now she had also started moving her ass in tune with my tongue. She was moaning loudly and when I licked her clitoris she groaned and asked me to fuck her as she could not wait any longer.

I then positioned my cock which was hard as a rock at the opening in her pussy, took a firm grip of her hips and gave a push by which half my cock entered her pussy. I pulled it out a little and then gave another hard push thus burying my cock entirely in her pussy. I then started giving her strokes of my cock, initially at a slow pace. After a few strokes I bent over and took both her breasts in my hand, braced my self and increased the speed of my strokes. I was simultaneously squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples with my fingers, while continuing the in and out strokes of my cock. She was using one hand to balance herself on the bundle of clothes and the other to stimulate her clitoris. Moaning and groaning loudly she was moving her body in tune to my strokes. She was answering each push of my cock with a push of her ass. We were moving in complete harmony.

I felt my orgasm approaching and I took firm hold of her hips and increased the speed of my strokes. Sensing I was about to come, she extended one hand between her legs and started giving light squeezes to my balls. This brought on my orgasm and I shot jet after jet of come into her pussy. I must have come for at least two minutes. She was using her hand to empty my balls, squeezing them till my orgasm stopped.

She then got up and started straightening her clothes. She put on her panties, pulled down her sari and petticoat, and buttoned up her blouse. Taking a cue from her I also buttoned up my pant and clipped on my belt. She then scrutinized herself in the mirror in the lift and finding everything was prim and proper pressed the button to restart the lift. On the next floor she picked up her bundle of clothes and walked out without a word. I was astounded with this strange behavior, but kept quiet as I was sure of further encounters. And we did meet again, but that is another story ……..

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