Older Couple Has Sexy Fun In The City – Saturday Night – Part Two

I had just ordered another beer and was wondering why I was waiting so long again when my answer showed up. I was watching the tv when I saw the bartender do a double take towards the door. I looked in the mirror behind the bar which was not exactly a clear mirror but good enough to see a women standing in the doorway surveying the bar. It turns out it was my wife and she had changed into a new dress that I had not seen before. The neckline was plunging, not so much low but wide and it showed how her bra held her breasts firmly in place so her dress could frame her large creamy breasts perfectly.

Her dress accented her flared hips and round firm butt. As I watched in the mirror every head in the bar turned to check her out and some of my fellow bar stool patrons watched her in the mirror or turned to look directly at her. I saw her eyes acknowledge me as she saw me on the bar stool and she headed my way but moved past me without so much as a glance and took a seat on a stool next to Gary.   The bartender moved quickly to take her order and quickly mixed and placed a margarita in front of her. He smiled as he gave her the drink and my wife smiled back and turned her head to look in my direction. The bartender, Gary and the men beside her took that opportunity to check out her cleavage. I’m not sure but I got the impression that she was aware of the admiring glances as she looked at me nonchalantly. I winked at her to let her know she was okay and she turned back to talk to Gary.

As she reached out to take a sip from her drink I noticed that she sat straighter than normal on her chair, which only pushed her breasts out further, making even more of her luscious melons available for viewing.

Gary immediately started in where he had left off last night.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying but it was easy to understand the conversation from watching them. He was touching her shoulder as he greeted her and smiling as they made small talk.  Her new dress had a slit part way up the side and as she crossed her legs her dress fell open revealing her legs right up to mid thigh. My wife has beautiful tan legs. Gary  glanced down with a new appreciation and as their conversation continued it wasn’t long before his hand found it’s way back to Margaret’s thigh and he caressed her leg gently and slowly.

Margaret and finished her first drink rather quickly and Gary asked if her could buy her another and she nodded her head and smiled. She is not a big drinker and can easily get tipsy and she sipped  her way through her second drink very quickly.  She was already starting to relax by the way she laughed and touched his arm when he used one of his cheesy lines on her. As the next round arrived a small two piece band which had been setting up began playing and invited the bar’s patrons to hit the tiny dance floor. One couple from one of the tables headed up and I could tell Gary asked my wife if she would like to dance as he nodded towards the dance floor.  She, at first, seemed to say no and looked ahead into the mirror and caught my eye with a questioning look. Without giving anything away I looked back and winked at her. She held my eye for another second and then turned to the man, grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor.

The first couple of songs were fast so they moved to the music but apart from each other on the floor.  Gary was doing everything he could to get close. Touching her arm as they chatted  and bending down to talk into her ear so he could caress her arm or the small of her back. They returned to the bar and worked their way through a third round of drinks. Soon, my wife excused herself to go to the bathroom, which meant she had to walk past me to get there. While she was gone Gary ordered another round of drinks. This is definitely more than she would normally consume but I was enjoying the charade so much that I wanted to see where it would go.

Margaret returned and when she saw the drinks she gave Gary a dirty scowl but then smiled and grabbed the drink and took a long sip. Her dress and fallen open again and he now touched the inside of her thigh as he continued with what appeared to be funny story as they both smiled and laughed frequently. My wife now leaned into his shoulder as they talked and her hand rested on his arm longer as their conversation became more serious. Still lots of smiling but they were definitely getting to know each other.

The music changed and they were playing a slow song now and the man jumped up and invited my wife to dance again. This time they moved together as he put his hand on the small of her back and pulled her gently to him. My wife at first leaned away from him so their conversation could continue but by the second song she had melted into his chest and her head snuggled into him as his hand moved ever so slowly toward her firm round ass.

The band took a break at the end of the song, much  to the disappointment of the two dancers. They returned to their chairs at the bar and I could tell the close contact had an effect on my wife as her hard nipples were sticking through the  thin material of her dress. She looked absolutely beautiful as she walked back to the bar. She sat down again and her dress fell open even further than it had been and her friend took advantage by smoothly sliding his hand to her knee and gently stroking her leg towards what I assume was a very hot, very wet pussy. As his hand caressed her thigh, he leaned in to say something into her ear and she gave him another dirty look and smiled  as her now somewhat glassy eyes looked into the mirror. She turned slightly toward him and uncrossed her legs and I saw his hand move further up her thigh slowly and steadily. As he did this, she leaned into him and rested her breasts on his arm and her head tilted toward his shoulder. It must have been at that point that his hand reached her flaming pussy because she suddenly shuttered slightly, sat up straight and put her hand on his to slow him down.

Margaret leaned into Gary and said something to him and then got up off the chair and headed down the bar past me and towards the bathroom still without making any suggestion that we knew each other. She returned a few minutes later and as she passed behind me I felt her reach over and slide her hand into the outside pocket of my jacket. She quickly removed her hand and walked back down the row of chairs to sit beside Gary again.

As soon as she sat down Gary reached over to caress her leg again and was getting bolder by the minute. As I watched the two of them work themselves into a controlled lather, I reached into my jacket to see why Margaret had put her hand in there. I had trouble keeping my jaw from falling open when I discovered her soaking wet thong bunched up in my pocket. Obviously Margaret had gone to the bathroom to remove it so she could give it to me and let me know that Gary now had open access to her dripping snatch.

My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing as I watched Gary slide his hand up Margaret’s leg. He was moving slowly so as not to attract too much attention from the patrons in the bar but Margaret had swiveled her chair toward him and allowed her legs to open to give him room to reach her pussy. I knew when he reached her cunt because he startled slightly and his eyes opened wide and his smile got bigger, along with his cock I imagine, and as he looked at Margaret I saw her give him a devilish smile. His hand went back to a gently stroking and Margaret’s face began to get flushed. She was doing her best to remain calm, she had learned that from her masturbation session at the restaurant last night, but I guessed when she suddenly straightened in her chair that Gary had slid a finger or two into her. She held herself ramrod straight for about five seconds and then slowly relaxed to lean into Gary. Her arm moved down to grab his hand and move it out of her.

Margaret had a mellow but concerned look on her face as she looked around the bar to see who had watched her as she came on Gary’s fingers. She put her hand on Gary’s arm, who was very interested in moving this game along at this point and said something in his ear. She grabbed her phone and started typing. A few seconds later I could feel the vibration in my pocket telling me I had received a text. I discreetly pulled out my phone and read the message. “Meet me at the elevators now.”

I drained the rest of my beer and turned to leave when the bartender said “you guys have fun tonight okay.” I turned and gave him a questioning look since I was alone and he winked and nodded his head toward my wife. I nodded back, smiled  and made my way out of the bar and headed for the elevators as instructed.

I assumed that Margaret would be along very shortly but I waited and waited and was about to head back to the bar to see what was taking so long, I had an idea what that might be, when Margaret rounded the corner and headed towards me. I smiled at her and was about to say something when she gave me a stern look and said simple “not now.”

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