The DC Escort

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Michelle got the cab drivers attention right away. She always did when she went out on the town. She was wearing a black leather skirt, not scandalous, but definitely short. Her blouse was so delicate that one could see the black bra she was wearing under it. Somebody whistled as she got into the cab.

At least I got the right look, Michelle thought. The night promised to be an interesting one. Michelle had a date. A professional date kind of date.The cab only took ten minutes to get her to a Japanese restaurant on 21st street.

“That will be fourteen dollars,” the cab driver said. Damn zone system, Michelle thought. Washington DC is the only place on earth that charges cab fares according to a zone system rather than by distance. A zone system that no one understands. Michelle gave the driver fifteen bucks, a lot of money for a student in this city. But then, everything cost a lot of money in this town. Especially a date with Michelle didn’t come cheap these days. She got a receipt from the cab driver for her tax records and walked up to the restaurant. She looked sexy and confident when she entered the place.

The attendant showed Michelle to her table. Her date was already waiting. He was wearing a dark suit with a red tie. He looked relatively young, maybe early forties. A businessman, sales or marketing, Michelle thought. Stephen got up when he realized she was heading for his table.

“Michelle? Hi, I’m Stephen. Nice to meet you. Here, have a seat.”

He had a good look at Michelle while she sat down. Michelle was rather tall for an asian-american girl, made taller by the heels on her pumps. Middle twenties, he guessed. She smelled nice, a very light type of perfume, sweet. The leather skirt tightened and stretched as she sat down. Definitely a very nice ass.

The dinner was a little awkward at first, those dates almost always are. But Michelle kind of liked Stephen, he was interesting. Director for International Marketing at a software company. Asian culture specialist. Less shy than the usual technical people. Entertaining. Michelle had to make up her mind. Her obligation with the agency ended with the dinner. Everything that might happen after dinner was between her and him. Stephen knew how to ask for further services. He handed Michelle a small white envelope across the table. Michelle opened it and found five crisp hundred dollar bills. All she had to do was to put the envelope into her purse to seal the date for the rest of the night. What might he want? This was quite a lot of money even by DC standards, she thought.

Stephen opened the passenger door of his Land Rover. Michelle climbed in without effort. He had asked whether she would mind meeting another couple. This was a new type of situation for Michelle, usually she just did single dates. Stephen convinced her that it would be OK, that she had nothing to worry about. The club was north of DC, in Bethesda, Maryland. It looked like any larger private house, except for the automatic iron gate that was opened by someone from inside the villa after Stephen talked through the intercom. He parked the Land Rover between a Lexus and a Mercedes and helped Michelle out of the car. The heavy wooden door of the villa had a small brass plate that read Villa Sapporo.

Anthony and Pearl were sipping champagne in the salon. Pearl was small, almost looking like a little girl. Anthony was short too, but he looked strong and muscular. They introduced themselves as friends of Stephen. Pearl’s eyes inspected Michelle from head to toe, then she asked Michelle to turn around slowly. Michelle was a little perplexed and just did as she was told.

“You have a very pretty ass, Michelle,” Pearl said. “Are you ready to have some fun?”

They went down a corridor and entered what looked like a sauna or pool. It was made out of wood. A large wooden hot tub blew inviting bubbles. Pearl was the first to get undressed. She took off her skirt and underwear, opened her blouse. She stemmed her hands into her sides and proudly showed off her tits.

“Like my little tits?” she asked Anthony and threw him a mischievous look with her slanted brown eyes. Anthony’s answer shocked Michelle. He gave Pearl a slap in the face and called her a slut. A dirty little girl. Naughty. Nothing but sex on her mind. He told her that she needed her ass thrashed like a school girl. Then he turned to Michelle:

“What do you think, Michelle? Does she need to be punished?”

Michelle remembered how Pearl treated her when she first met her.

“Yes,” she answered. “Pearl needs her ass thrashed like a school girl.”

Anthony tied Pearl’s wrists to a rope that dangled from the ceiling. He took off his shirt,then unbuckled his belt and pulled it off the loops off his pants. He rolled up the thick leather belt, told Pearl to stick out her ass, and started to smack her behind with the flat end of the belt. Again and again Anthony whipped the belt across Pearl’s little ass. She looked like a school girl that had to be punished, tender, small thighs and buttocks on a girl wearing a pink bow in her hair. Anthony paused, picked up a bucket of water, and emptied it over Pearl, showering her with the cold liquid.

Stephen and Michelle had been watching from inside the hot tub. Stephen had turned her towards the spectacle, made sure she was watching. His hand was caressing her wet ass that stuck out from the water. Michelle had her legs spread and arched her back to please Stephen. Watching the spanking excited Michelle, she thought about how much pain it must cause Pearl, that little slut. Michelle watched Anthony soak the belt in the water. She watched Anthony and enjoyed Stephen’s fingers playing inside her hot pussy as Anthony prepared to continue Pearl’s lashing with the wet leather belt. Michelle watched intensely, it took her a second to realize that Stephen had started to push his finger deep inside her, into her ass. Michelle was moaning with pleasure, still watched Pearl, listened to the wet lashes. Pearl was twisting and turning, she tried to save her tender schoolgirl ass. Anthony stopped and inspected Pearl’s ass. It was red, undoubtedly hot. But he didn’t untie her. He lowered the rope from the ceiling and tied Pearl’s ankles to the rope, tied the rope around her waist with her wrists behind her back, then pulled her up again. Poor Pearl. Her ordeal was far from over. But Michelle’s wasn’t either. Stephen had withdrawn his finger. She missed the invasive finger, it had given her pleasure. It was replaced by Stephen’s hard cock that entered Michelle from behind. Michelle gasped, it entered so suddenly, she wasn’t prepared. She felt his orgasm, his pulsating cock exploded inside her pussy. He pulled out and gave Michelle a slap on her ass, then climbed out of the hot tub.

“It’s my turn to punish Pearl,” Stephen said to Michelle.

Anthony sat down at the edge of the hot tub, he dangled his feet in the water. He still had the belt in his hand.

“Won’t Stephen need that?” Michelle asked, looking at the belt. The belt fascinated her. Thick leather, soaked with water. Just minutes ago it had whipped a beautiful girl. There was no need for an answer from Anthony. Stephen went over to a trunk, just next to their discarded clothes, and got out a long leather whip. He snapped it through the air, like a practice swing. The whip was four feet long, just two flat leather straps attached to a wooden handle. It was designed to inflict pain without cutting the skin. Stephen grabbed a hold of the dangling Pearl and gave her a twist. Pearl was spinning, the soft backs of her thighs exposed for the lash. Michelle had to remember to breathe while she was watching. The prospect of Pearl being lashed with that whip excited her.

Anthony gazed at Michelle’s pretty ass that stuck out just above the water of the hot tub. He could see the remaining cum of Stephen’s orgasm run down between Michelle’s legs. A sudden smacking sound rang out, a smack so hard that it echoed from the walls. Michelle’s hea

flew around, her mouth and eyes were wide open, staring at Anthony, while the heat and the pain of the blow still intensified. Michelle dipped her ass under the water instinctively. Anthony held the belt tightly between his hands.

“I need your ass above the water Michelle. Raise it, and I will lash you again. I will whip your ass as long as you can keep it up above the water.”

A challenge, Michelle thought, he is challenging me. Michelle saw the second lash coming. She had raised her ass, she still faced Anthony, she looked defiant, she invited the lash. She saw him swing the belt over his head and lashing it down until it hit her cheeks with another earsplitting smack. This time Michelle kept her ass raised. “Yes,” she said with a husky voice. Blow after blow landed on Michelle’s behind, she managed to keep her bottom just above the water, water that splashed all over the tub with each blow. Anthony didn’t stop until her ass was crimson, until every inch of her bottom was hot from the lashing.

Stephen, who had been watching Michelle receive the whipping, turned his attention to Pearl. He snapped the whip one more time with a practice swing.

“How many lashes Michelle? How many does Pearl here deserve?” he shouted across the room. He had an erection again. Watching Michelle suffer had turned him on.

“Fifty,” Michelle managed to say. She didn’t know why. Fifty just seemed right. Anthony was standing next to Michelle in the hot tub, his palms caressed her hot buttocks. He loved to feel the heat of a young girls behind under his hand, a behind that had received the punishment it deserved.

Stephen cracked the whip hard across the backs of Pearl’s thighs. Pearl moaned, the leather straps curled around her legs, angry red marks appeared instantly. Michelle could only imagine the pain that Pearl must have felt. Another cracking blow landed a little higher on her thighs, another red stripe. The next one fell across Pearl’s ass, then another across her thighs. Pearl started screaming, screams that were like music in the ears of the others. That included Michelle who was watching intently. First Michelle’s eyes had been blurry from the tears that remained from her own recent flogging, but after a few minutes that went away. She saw Pearl clearly, the way she twisted in her ropes, red stripes that turned purple, every hard blow that Stephen delivered with the whip. Inside the hot tub Anthony was amazingly gentle when he pushed his cock into Michelle from behind. She was hot and wet, needed Anthony, encouraged him. Michelle’s mouth and eyes were wide open, too many sensations went through her body. She watched Stephen as he whipped stripe after stripe on Pearl’s ass and thighs. Anthony’s thighs were slapping against Michelle’s ass faster and faster. Michelle reached her limit, she moaned and had an orgasm. She grabbed Anthony behind her, she wanted him deeper.

Anthony continued to fuck Michelle who was wet inside with her own cum. Anthony held back. He was not going to come until Pearl had received all fifty lashes. He was glad he had whipped Michelle’s pretty behind, but he also wanted to fuck Michelle until her pussy was raw. The whip-smacks continued to echo from the walls and Anthony continued with Michelle, his thighs still slapped against Michelle’s buttocks.

When Stephen delivered the fiftieth blow across Pearls behind, Anthony came. He came inside Michelle, a Michelle who was as wide open as she had never been before. She almost collapsed in the hot tub. Anthony held her and then helped her out. Stephen had lowered Pearl from the ceiling and had untied the rope. Pearl was crying. Nobody fucked her. Both men were spent. Pearl’s behind was a pattern of welts. She wouldn’t sit down on her ass for days. The party was over. It was time for Michelle to take her leave for the night.

Stephen dropped Michelle off at Dupont Circle, like she requested. He handed her two additional hundred dollar bills as a tip. He said that he thought she was great. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and got out of the car. Michelle watched him leave before she flagged down a cab to go home. She had trouble walking. The leather skirt felt much too tight on the raw skin of her behind. She had been whipped with a belt and had her pussy fucked raw. It’s gonna be OK, she thought. Actually, she had enjoyed the whole thing. That was what scared her the most. She had liked everything she experienced that night.

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