It was the day of the big game, and I was on the field early. No, I’m not a player, though I was 25 years ago. My name is Biff Brody, and I write a sports column for The Chronicle. I’ve seen a hell of a lot of football games in my life, and this figured to be one of the biggest. The stadium would be packed. Already quite a few fans had filtered in.

As I roamed about, chatting with some of the players who were out for pre-game practice, I couldn’t help but notice a hot blonde cheerleader who was also on the field early. And, miracle of miracles, she was noticing ME, even though I was old enough to be her daddy.

I sauntered over. “Hi, beautiful,” I said. “Are you ready to do the splits for the team?”

Now some girls might have taken exception to that, although I said it with my most charming smile. This babe smiled back, and her green eyes spoke of sexy delights. “You’re Biff Brody, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Goddamn, I’m sure flattered, honey! You read the sports pages, do you?”

“Only when the picture of a handsome columnist happens to catch my eye.” She was coming on to me, and I was excited.

The babe with the long blonde hair was tall and tan and perfectly proportioned, with tits that must have measured 36C. I am a titty connoisseur. But, of course, I like everything they’ve got, and this babe definitely had it all.

“What’s your name, sweetie?” I asked.


“Well, you know, Allison,” I said, moving right up close to her so I could take a deep, sensual dip in those beautiful green eyes of hers, “you and I oughta get better acquainted.”

“Just what I was thinking,” she replied, and pointed a slender forefinger down the sidelines. “See that doghouse there?”

It was one of those inflated buildings like the kind they set up for kids’ birthday parties, only this one was small and it had “doghouse” written on it. It was going to be part of a stunt where a guy who was dressed up as the visiting team’s mascot, a silly looking beagle, would take refuge after the home team’s tomcat took after him. The “building” was barely big enough for two people to snuggle inside…but, hell, it was right down on the fucking field of play in front of all the fucking fans. (I had fucking on the brain by that time.)

There was something else about the inflated plastic house that bothered me: Its moorings seemed a little loose, and the stiff breeze that was blowing across the field that day caused it to lift every once in awhile and hang about a foot above the ground for a few seconds before it settled back down again. What if a gust came along and took it away entirely, or at least lifted it high enough for the early arrivals in the stands and the players on the field to see what was going on inside?

Still, the eager look on Allison’s pretty face told me I’d be missing out on the thrill of a lifetime if I didn’t take her up on her implied offer. “Let’s go for it,” I grinned. “But how do we get into the thing without everybody seeing?”

“Well…in addition to that little door in front that everyone can see, there’s a flap in back. We can disappear around the utility shed right next to it, where the sideline markers are kept, and crawl under the flap.” Allison’s eyes sparkled mischievously. She must have checked this out when she first saw me on the field, I figured. Boy, did my ego get a boost from that! In fact, I was about ready to pop a boner and I hadn’t so much as touched Allison yet.

“Who goes first?” I asked eagerly.

“Let me,” she said. “We’ve got nothing happening now. You amble over in a couple of minutes.”

Just to convince me that she meant it, she surreptitiously ran a hand down between our bodies and grabbed my package. Such a thrill shot through me that a boner became inevitable. I jammed both hands in my pockets as Allison took off, jogging gracefully in her short cheerleader’s skirt, her tanned legs flashing.

Talk about my lucky day! It just went to prove the advantage of fame. My picture is in the daily paper, and I get interviewed on TV a lot, so I guess this pretty babe just dug me. Maybe she saw me as a potential notch on her baton. (She did have one of those, didn’t she?)

Anyway, I waited no more than a minute after Allison disappeared in back of the utility shed before I headed over. My dick, which had been idle for quite awhile, was anxious for a workout and was throbbing down the left leg of my boxers. I rounded the shed, saw the flap on the back of the “doghouse”, and dropped to my knees to crawl in. Sure enough, pretty Allison was huddled inside and smiling at me. Not only that, but she had removed the top of her cheerleader’s outfit and her bra as well.

Talk about titties! Wow, did she have ‘em. They were round, firm beauties, and they shoved right out there with perky nipples at their tips. “Have a suck, big Biff,” she said, and shoved her tits at me. What a babe this Allison was!

I snuggled right up to her, basketed her boobies between my hands, and went from nipple to nipple. As I sucked at those firm and tasty protrusions, my cock swelled in my clothes. God, how it wanted to get out! Allison immediately took care of that by unzipping my fly, dipping inside with a delicate hand, and surrounding my throbbing cock with her fingers. “Can I suck this, Mister Biff?” she asked saucily.

“Be my guest,” I responded hoarsely. Damn, but I was worked up!

Allison swung my rigid cock out through my fly, and it stuck straight up, its purplish knob having swollen to twice its usual size. My shaft is not especially long, but it’s thick, and some girls appreciate that more than length. Or so they tell me.

Allison bowed her blonde head right away and licked the head of my dick all over. Then she glided her soft, slick lips fully around my knob. She began to suck heatedly while her tongue lapped at the sensitive underside of my organ. I reached and toyed with her titties.

Blasts of pleasure slammed into my brain, and I no longer cared that the wind was lifting the edges of the flimsy little structure where we were hiding–in front of thousands now, since the stands were filling up. We could hear the sounds of the crowd and the P.A. system making announcements.

Allison raised her head from sucking my cock and gasped for breath. She looked around quickly and said, “Shit, it looks like this little house is about to take off. Then the whole fucking crowd will see us!”

Was I wrong or did her voice have an especially excited edge to it, as if she secretly wanted the doghouse to blow away so that she might be seen sucking the cock of her favorite sports-writer? I have to admit that possibility added an extra dimension to my excitement, as well.

When Allison bowed her head once again and emitted an excited little groan as she resumed sucking Mister Happy, I feared for an instant that I might climax right now. But I brought myself under control and just enjoyed the sweet thrill of this young cheerleader’s lips on my cock, and the wet warmth of her loving mouth around me as she pumped up and down. I continued to tug at the tips of her titties.

Meanwhile, the wind was increasing and the doghouse was lifting higher and higher on its tethers which were staked into the ground. I felt sure that, if people in the stands or on the field were looking our way, they could see us huddled in the silly contraption. But could they see what we were doing? That was the question.

Anyway, the risk of exposure was not about to stop me. As for Allison, I could tell that she loved the risk as she bobbed her head excitedly on my cock and played with my balls, making contented little sounds in her throat, which were muffled by the man-meat that stuffed her mouth.

“Oh, sweet baby,” I growled, caressing her blonde hair, “let me have a taste of YOU now.”

>She lifted her head off my wet, throbbing pillar of lust and looked at me through eyes that were a bit glassy. She was very work
ed up. Rather than attempting to lie down in the cramped space that we occupied, she merely shifted from her knees to her butt on the grass and lifted her legs, bending them and bracketing my head. She leaned back on her hands, her tits quivering.

I made for her nipples, holding a titty in each hand and squeezing them, thus forcing her pink nipples to stick well forward. I took long, wet sucks off each nipple in turn, and Allison stroked my stand-up pecker with her hand. Then I let my mouth skid down, across the rumpled skirt of her uniform until I was kissing the front of her uniform panties which were green–a practical color for cheerleaders who sometimes sat on the grass.

I quickly yanked the uniform panties off Allison as she raised and bicycled her bare legs to help me, and that left her in the tiniest white string bikini. I pulled it to the side, and Ma Brody’s little boy stared at a feast far better than any she had ever put on the table. Man, did Allison’s pussy look delectable! It made my mouth water!

And speaking of wetness, the lips of her lovely little cunt were awash with excitement. She had her legs on my shoulders, and I parted her folds with my thumbs, exposing her luscious pink center. I had only to lean forward a few inches and, with a glutenous groan, I began to slurp up her sweetness.

Allison wiggled her hips and moaned pleasurably, pressing her wet, tasty snatch against my face as I sucked and licked it. Sighting along her flat belly, I could see her eyes rolling, looking from one tethered edge of the plastic doghouse to the other as the breeze blew under it and tried to lift it right off the field, leaving the two of us on the stadium floor, having sex in front of thousands.

Also, the game was going to start soon, and that meant the guy in the beagle suit might be wanting to use his “house” where we were hiding. But was I about to quit eating Allison’s sweet pussy because I was worried about that? No chance!

I gripped the backs of her thighs, spreading them wider and pushing them back more, thus elevating her lovely crotch and making everything she had accessible to me. I licked up and down the satin crack of her buttocks, tickling Allison’s crinkly little asshole with my tongue.

“OH!” I heard her exclaim, and I think she had a small climax. But she may have been climaxing all along. She was that excited, with the risk of exposure threatening us every moment.

Because of the risk, I knew the time had arrived to fuck. As sweet as Allison’s pussy tasted, and as much fun as I was having nibbling at her labia and sucking on her clit, I knew that if I didn’t get my dick into her now, I might lose my chance.

“Come on, baby, jump on my lap!” I said, because that seemed like the best way to do it, considering our confined quarters. Her string bikini was no problem, pulled to the side, and I barely had time to shove my pants down and work them out from under my ass before she sprang astride my lap, her sweet tits jiggling in front of my face.

Allison speared herself on my dong and began to bounce up and down, tits bobbing. I wrapped my hands around the back of her ass and tried to catch her bobbing nipples in my mouth while her hot, tight pussy stroked down and up, down and up on my happy cock. She was slick as butter and hot as a depot stove.

“Ooh, fuck…fuck…FUCK!” she panted as she moved up and down then in a circular way, tossing her head and causing her blonde mane to brush against the roof of the little plastic house in which we were screwing. Her eyes were hot. Her tits swung and swiped across my face, her stiff nipples popping in and out of my mouth.

“Ooh, Jesus Christ, but your cunt feels good!” I rasped lewdly. I could feel Allison cumming as she ground her hot pussy down around me and her intimate muscles grabbed at my throbbing dick.

The doghouse lifted and flapped, rising a little higher with each gust of wind that got under it. We could hear the crowd noises outside, and the players yelling as the stadium announcer introduced the teams. Allison keep fucking like mad, bouncing up and down on my lap. I grabbed at her titties and squeezed them. I pulled sucks on her stiff nipples. I repeatedly launched my rocket cock up into her hot, roiling cunt, and I knew that I couldn’t last much longer.

“I’m going to cum!” I announced in a raspy voice, warning her in case she didn’t want me to finish inside. She didn’t.

Quickly Allison dismounted from my lap, scooted back, and bowed her head. My twitching boner was about to shoot, and she barely clamped her hot mouth down around it in time. I let out a triumphant growl as the juice rose up from my balls and spurted into Allison’s mouth. She gulped fast, sucking madly, and swallowed every burst of my male juice as it splashed into her throat. I was thrilled and gratified like never before in my life.

The pretty cheerleader raised her head and licked some flecks of foam from her lips. I pulled her against me and kissed her sweet mouth. We hurried to restore our clothes, and I let Allison leave first through the back flap of the little tent, with me right behind her. Many persons in the crowd, and on the field, must have noticed us, but what did it matter now?

As Allison ran in front of me, down along the edge of the field to re-join her cheerleading squad, she looked over her shoulder and exclaimed, “Ooh, shit! There goes the fucking doghouse!”

I looked back and, sure enough, the wind had snatched up the flimsy structure and was carrying it away. And to think that we had been in there fucking just moments before! I believe Allison came again with that thought because she stood stock still and seemed to waver, her lips parted and her blonde head tilted back.

As I made for the stairs leading up to the pressbox, I knew I was in for some kidding because some of my colleagues had no doubt seen me with the pretty cheerleader. But they couldn’t prove that anything had happened. Looking down at the sidelines, I saw that Allison was laughing with her girl friends on the squad. I wondered what she was telling them about her escapade, if anything. What if she said she had just gone to get a drink…of water. Ha!

That day, the big game was a definite anti-climax for the two of us.

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