Is this just a fantasy ?

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For several years now I have been into dressing up to convey the appearance of a feamale.Some refer to this as crossdressing, however,I’ve never been able to get into the aspect of makeup application.So,from a bit of a distance and at night,I can be mistaken for what I appear to be.This time frame(at night)is when I prefer to meet and step out of my vehicle to go for walks into conservation areas and parks.A habit I have got into is to shave all my body hair as I enjoy the luxurious sensation and feminine appearance when dressed up.This usually consists of:garter belt attached to black lace top stayup type stockings,bikini panty’s,underwire pushup bra with gel bra/bust enhancers in the bracups,a top or blouse,slim fitting black skirt,brunette wig and three inch black heels.Sometimes like to wear a few accessories of:gold/silver colored watch,matching silver colored necklace,bracelet,anklet,two small rings on my fingers and like to apply Vanilla Musk perfume for a feminine scent.Some nights when nobody else is around,I like to step out and go for walks into conservation areas and parks.I like to sit at a picnic table on a bench and have fantsies where a man approaches me and is receptive to how I am dressedup.Well,a variation is where there are two males.They sit on each side of me,perhaps by asking for a cigarette and a light.While sitting there,they compliment me on having nice legs and take to gently caressing each.They also admit that they know what I really am and it turns them on.I in turn put each of my hands on the crotch of their pants and find nice hard cocks.After a bit of this,one undoes his pants and takes out his cock.When I see a cock-I want to suck it.So,I am soon leaning over sucking his cock.Slurping and sucking away as my head bobs up and down enjoying giving him a blowjob.The other fellow takes out his cock too,Only,he rubs the back of my panty’s in a very enjoyable way that has me squirming around wanting him to fuck me in the ass.He seems to have figured this out and soon pulls my panty’s down.I turn slightly where one stocking leg is down on the ground,the other kneeling on the bench.He rubs his cock along the crack of my ass,then slowly eases it into my hole a bit at a time.In and back,in more and back over and over slowly until his cock is all the way in.He then slowly pulls back and just as slowly pushes his cock back in.He continues fucking his cock into me and gradually picks up the pace until he is vigorously fucking his cock into me horny hole.Meanwhile I moan and groan around the cock I have in my mouth that I am enjoying sucking on.The one in my hole thrusts in and back with shortjabs as he starts to cum.Only he pulls out and cums on my ass.The one I am sucking,I feel his member throb and pulse,soon followed by a cum gushing explosion as he shoots his load into my eager sucking mouth.I gulp and swallow each burst of his cum.Only he suddenly pulls his cock out of my mouth,takes hold of his shaft and jerks himself off a few times squirting some of his cum onto my face.He moves a bit closer and uses his cock to rub the cum around on my face.The one who had fucked me pulls my panty’s back up causing the cum on my ass to make the panty’s stick to my butt.They both stand in front of me as I wipe the cum on my face up with my own fingers and reach over to lick cum off one cock.They both call me a cocksucking slut and they hope to find me around again.I will be for sure now.

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